Elementary “Ancient History” 4×05 recap

In “Elementary,” episode titled “Ancient History,” Watson is helping an old friend, Jen, find the man she believes to be “the one”. Jen met this man, Tony, a year ago and she can’t stop thinking about their one night stand. Since Watson and Sherlock have no other case at the moment she agreed to help her friend.

She brings this up to Sherlock but he’s not going to help her find this mystery man. He already knows who it is but he doesn’t let Watson know that.

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The Walking Dead “Isolation” 4×03 recap

Carol did it! She burned the bodies! Which explains why she was so upset after Tyreese had came up to her asking if she can keep an eye on Sasha while he goes out on the run with Daryl for supplies.  We know Carol burned the bodies because after putting his cop skills to use, Rick asked her if she burned the bodied and she said yes.  Carol is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the people healthy and alive.  Does this mean she is the one feeding the walkers at night?  I’m not sure. I have a different theory to share this time. Continue reading

Scandal “Say Hello to My Little Friend” 3×04 recap

Everyone can always use a friend.  Lisa Kudrow, actress from the TV show “Friends” made an appearance on Scandal this episode and it looks like she will continue to stay on.  Another dominate woman character in the show.  It will be interesting to see what she can bring to the show.

Olivia is kicking Jake out of her apartment.  She wants to put the past behind her and pretend as if she doesn’t know anything.  She just wants to be daddy’s little good girl and go back to having Sunday night dinners with him.

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Grey’s Anatomy “Map of You” 10×06 recap

The brain is a complex organ with many different pathways to send signals to our body. But when that pathway becomes disrupted our body may not function to its full capacity. What if there was a possibility to regain that pathway back? Would you take that possibility?

Zola is drawing a bunch of lines and dots. What may looked like a bunch of scribble scrabble to others looked like a connected pathway of signals to Derek.

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Arrow “Broken Doll” 2×03 recap

How ironic is it that back in season 1, Laurel believed in the vigilante was good and her father didn’t, but now it’s the completely opposite? Laurel is filled with so much hurt and guilt that she has blinded herself from the truth.  Her father, was Detective now Officer Lance, has given in to Arrow (the hood/vigilante/Oliver). That’s right!  Oliver is now Arrow! He believes in doing good for the city and needs help from Arrow and because Felicity trust in Arrow, Officer Lance can too.

Last week’s episode ended with Arrow surrounded by a full team of cops, red laser dots all around. How is he going to escape this by himself? He doesn’t. The blonde chick in black leather and mask, from 2×01, comes dropping in from the ceiling. She uses a sonic weapon that radiates sound waves loud enough to disrupt the cops and crack all the windows making it possible for Arrow and herself to escape.  According to the comic book, this blonde chick is Black Canary.  Arrow asked Black Canary why she helped him and she doesn’t answer.  He continues to flee the scene.
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Hart of Dixie – “Take This Job and Shove It” 3×03 recap

Open wide! Joel has become the only patient of Zoey and she’s going nuts. Currently, she isn’t allowed to practice medicine but it’s not stopping her from helping the people of Bluebell.

Zoey has developed this three step plan to get Brick to come to the realization that she can possibly open her own practice.  Brick would then have no choice but to take her back. Joel comes up the with crazy idea that Zoey should open up her own practice.  She tells him she doesn’t want to open her own practice.  She wants to go back to that [Brick’s] practice. Continue reading

The Walking Dead – “Infected” 4×02 recap

In this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” the days without an accident continues to stay at zero.  They have lost more lives this episode than they have in the pass few months.  An unknown illness has begun spreading among the people within the prison.  To make matters worse, someone has been feeding the zombies, which explains the huge build up of walkers to concentrate in one area.  Continue reading