The Walking Dead “Indifference” 4×04 recap

Was anyone expecting Rick to leave Carol out to survive on her own? I wasn’t! Carol has become a strong woman and a fearless character in the show. She is a survivor and will do whatever it takes to stay alive. Her late husband, Ed, was abusive and she survived that. Her little girl, Sophia, turned and she’s living life as best as she can caring for others. She’s like the team mom back at the prison.

Is Carol’s character on the show going to be similar to Morgan’s character? A character we have no idea what happened but will find out later on in later episodes? Will she join the Governor and his crew? What about Lizzie and Mika, the two girls she promised to look after? How is Daryl going to react once he finds out Rick kicked her out of their group and out of the prison? Better yet, how is Rick going to tell everyone what he did to Carol? Will Rick also tell everyone Carol killed and burned the bodies? There’s so many questions to ask!!

But that’s what’s great about this show.  All these questions goes to show there’s just no telling which direction the show will take. But here’s what happened… Continue reading


The Walking Dead “Isolation” 4×03 recap

Carol did it! She burned the bodies! Which explains why she was so upset after Tyreese had came up to her asking if she can keep an eye on Sasha while he goes out on the run with Daryl for supplies.  We know Carol burned the bodies because after putting his cop skills to use, Rick asked her if she burned the bodied and she said yes.  Carol is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the people healthy and alive.  Does this mean she is the one feeding the walkers at night?  I’m not sure. I have a different theory to share this time. Continue reading

The Walking Dead – “Infected” 4×02 recap

In this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” the days without an accident continues to stay at zero.  They have lost more lives this episode than they have in the pass few months.  An unknown illness has begun spreading among the people within the prison.  To make matters worse, someone has been feeding the zombies, which explains the huge build up of walkers to concentrate in one area.  Continue reading

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere recap

“The Walking Dead” premiere title, “30 days without an accident” suggest that things have been going well.  From the looks of things at first glance, things are better off than expected.  There’s a farm, a garden, a council and a slow build up of what seems like a little civilization.  And no one has died in the last 30 days.

Here’s how it all went down… Continue reading