Scandal “More Cattle, Less Bull” 3×05 recap

Oh My Goodness! Where do I even begin?  “Scandal” continually gets better with every second of every episode!  If you aren’t a fan of the show, you should be!  The writing and acting is incredible and this week’s episode (10/30/13) of “More Cattle, Less Bull” is no exception.

Last week’s episode ended with Fitz visiting Rowan.  Fitz, Cy included, have no idea just exactly who Rowan is, Liv’s father.  How crazy is it to have worked and is in some way continually working with a man you barely know anything about?  I mean, Rowan is the father of the woman Fitz love and Fitz doesn’t even know it.  How will their relationship be affected when Fitz find out Rowan is her father?  Will he still love her?

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Scandal “Say Hello to My Little Friend” 3×04 recap

Everyone can always use a friend.  Lisa Kudrow, actress from the TV show “Friends” made an appearance on Scandal this episode and it looks like she will continue to stay on.  Another dominate woman character in the show.  It will be interesting to see what she can bring to the show.

Olivia is kicking Jake out of her apartment.  She wants to put the past behind her and pretend as if she doesn’t know anything.  She just wants to be daddy’s little good girl and go back to having Sunday night dinners with him.

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Scandal 3×03 recap

Don’t you just love a little Scandal in your life? I mean, I love Kerry Washington’s character and the way she portrays Olivia Pope.

I can’t help but come back to the question of who holds all the power? Who is running the show? Who is in charge? And for me, this week’s episode answered these questions. Eli Pope is the man in power! Will he continue to have the power throughout this series or will we see a swift in power later on in the season?

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Scandal 3×02 recap

The way Scandal chooses to reveal the lives and truth about the characters on this show is amazing!  I can’t get enough of Scandal!  With each episodes the story and characters develop and that’s what I love to see.  And still, the question remains, who has the power to make things shift in their favor?  Liv? Fitz? Rowan or should I say Eli?

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Scandalous Power

OMG!!! If you have yet to watch the season 3 premiere of Scandal, you are in for a treat! I highly encourage you to watch it before reading any recap including mine.  That was your only warning because I am about to jump into what I thought was a jaw dropping premiere.

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