Grey’s Anatomy “Thriller” 10×07 recap

It’s Halloween and while most people spend it just like an ordinary day, the doctors of “Grey’s Anatomy” didn’t.  Have you ever spent Halloween getting bit by a zombie?  Or spent it literally getting scared to death?  Or have your leg infested with maggots?

Well, none of the doctors were scared to death and or was infested with maggots.  However, one of the interns did get bit though.  How crazy is that?  Did the intern turn?

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Grey’s Anatomy “Map of You” 10×06 recap

The brain is a complex organ with many different pathways to send signals to our body. But when that pathway becomes disrupted our body may not function to its full capacity. What if there was a possibility to regain that pathway back? Would you take that possibility?

Zola is drawing a bunch of lines and dots. What may looked like a bunch of scribble scrabble to others looked like a connected pathway of signals to Derek.

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Grey’s Anatomy 10×05

Is this the beginning of the end for Grey’s Anatomy beloved couples and relationships?  Is this leading to how Cristina will eventually leave the show?  Will Meredith and Derek call it quits?  “Grey’s Anatomy” just got better and more interesting!

The alarm goes off and wakes up Callie.  Meredith and Derek have been back at work for the past 4 days and clearly don’t know how they have manage to pull of work and parenting.  Callie yells out coffee is ready.  Callie is the reason Meredith and Derek has made it through.  What will they do without her!?  Callie, Meredith and Derek are in a “relationship,” but it’s more like Callie is their full time mom and nanny.  Continue reading

Grey’s Anatomy 10×4 Recap

There’s nothing like celebrating the 200th episode of Grey’s Anatomy than with a party.  The doctors are all dressed to impress, hoping to raise some money for the hospital. It’s a nice change to get away from the white coat and blue scrubs.  With a little charm and sparkle and a whole lot of flirting it looks they might get the job done, but something have to give to make it all happen.

But professionally, who can take a board of doctors seriously if they throw a gala that seems to be something that is more of a Vegas circus show?  Not many.  Nonetheless, what looked like a total disaster turns out to be a success.

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Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10×03

Trouble at the hospital.  Trouble with the doctors.  Trouble with the board.  How is a board of doctors supposed to run a hospital without trying to be doctors at the same time? Owen Hunt!! That is the answer!!

In last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy more relationship are coming together and or falling apart.  We learned the reason why Webber chose Meredith as his medical power of attorney.  Also, we learn who is in charge! Continue reading