Elementary “Ancient History” 4×05 recap

In “Elementary,” episode titled “Ancient History,” Watson is helping an old friend, Jen, find the man she believes to be “the one”. Jen met this man, Tony, a year ago and she can’t stop thinking about their one night stand. Since Watson and Sherlock have no other case at the moment she agreed to help her friend.

She brings this up to Sherlock but he’s not going to help her find this mystery man. He already knows who it is but he doesn’t let Watson know that.

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Elementary 2×04 recap

In this episode, Sherlock is practically reliving his very first case.  Only, this time, Sherlock is physically involved and not just solving the case by exchanging letters.  By the way, did any of you know Sherlock boxed?

At the gym, Sherlock received a phone call from someone he calls Mistress.  He tells Mistress to call 911 and ask for Captain Gregson.  He and Watson make their way over to the crime scene.  Its a nice change to see Sherlock in a sweater and sweat pants.

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Elementary 2×03 recap

Sometime it seems as if work becomes your life and you can’t find the time to get out and have some fun outside of work.  This is the life of Sherlock.  This was the story of Watson until she decided to get out there and meet new people.

I enjoy watching the life of Sherlock because I find his work interesting.  In fact, I find Elementary getting more and more exciting to watch.  But I agree with what Watson had to say to Sherlock at the end of the show,  “I think it’s sad that you’ve given up.  I think you have a lot to share, if you cared too.  You shouldn’t be the only one who knows you.” Continue reading