Arrow “Crucible” 2×04 recap

At one point in our lives, if not multiple, we are put in a situation to make a decision in which we do not know which decision will be best.  There are situations when either decision you choose is the right one.  Other times it’s situations when one is completely wrong and the other completely right.  But what do you do in the situations when you must make decisions about the ones you love and care for?  You face your “crucible.”
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Arrow “Broken Doll” 2×03 recap

How ironic is it that back in season 1, Laurel believed in the vigilante was good and her father didn’t, but now it’s the completely opposite? Laurel is filled with so much hurt and guilt that she has blinded herself from the truth.  Her father, was Detective now Officer Lance, has given in to Arrow (the hood/vigilante/Oliver). That’s right!  Oliver is now Arrow! He believes in doing good for the city and needs help from Arrow and because Felicity trust in Arrow, Officer Lance can too.

Last week’s episode ended with Arrow surrounded by a full team of cops, red laser dots all around. How is he going to escape this by himself? He doesn’t. The blonde chick in black leather and mask, from 2×01, comes dropping in from the ceiling. She uses a sonic weapon that radiates sound waves loud enough to disrupt the cops and crack all the windows making it possible for Arrow and herself to escape.  According to the comic book, this blonde chick is Black Canary.  Arrow asked Black Canary why she helped him and she doesn’t answer.  He continues to flee the scene.
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Arrow 2×02 recap

In last week’s recap I failed to mention the flashbacks of Oliver Queen’s life back on the island because I felt it had no importance to the episode.  This week’s episode gave me a better understanding into last week’s flashback and of Oliver.

Last week’s flashback showed Oliver smashing someone’s head in with a rock to save Shado (Celina Jade), Yao Fei’s daughter.  Oliver looks down at his bloody hands and to me that had no significant until this week’s episode.  Continue reading