Scandal returns tomorrow!!!

Hey fellow Gladiators!!

I hope you’re just as excited, if not more, than I am that TGIT is back, especially SCANDAL!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Greys too. Before it comes back, I want to share a little recap of what has happened and give a little insight into what I think we can expect. The mid season finale of Scandal, back in November, left us Gladiators in OMG!, jaw dropped moments. It’s as if we live for those moments in Scandal that we can’t even put into words and we’re just like “WHAT!!???“. Anyways, Olivia is gone once again, only this time not by her choosing or her father’s. Liv’s father, Rowen, is also MIA, but I suspect him to be back and ready to unleash his wrath on the Vice President, Andrew, and whoever else may have aided in Liv’s kidnapping/disappearance.

Before I get into more details about Liv and her father, here’s the gist of what’s going on. Cy and Michael are now engaged. Rowen is issuing out kill cards, a B-613 shut down procedure, to clean house.  Abby revealed to David, under oath, that she spent an entire night with Leo. Jake is out hunting for Rowen, but no has luck.  The first lady, Mellie, found out that she and Elizabeth are “at risk for the same STDs” because they’re both sleeping with Andrew. Huck is still trying to get Kim, his “wife”, to believe his crazy stories and maybe this time she will after reading his files. Quinn figures out Andrew wasn’t the target of the bomb attack but that he knew about it and or probably planned it himself. Also, she and Huck still can’t figure out why people have been following and taking photos of Liv.

Back at Liv’s place, she tells Jake she wants Vermont with Fitz, but she also wants the sun with him. So she’s not choosing either of them, she’s choosing herself. While that is happening, Andrew is having a conversation with Fitz, in the Oval office, to explain how he isn’t surprise that Fitz decided to not declare war on West Angola. Andrew continues the conversation with “what’s one thing in the world you can’t live without? The one thing that if it were taken away from you, you would do everything in your power to get it back?” Fitz knew exactly who Andrew was referring to and demanded to know what he had done with her. The response he gets is “how you liking that war now, sir?”

Why go through all this trouble for war? Or should I say money? What assets can West Angola have that Andrew so desperately want?

Even with all of that I want to focus this recap on, Liv and Rowen’s relationship, because I feel it will go a long way to finish out the rest of the season. Liv enters her home only to find her father waiting at the table, looking through some records with a glass of wine in his hand. Rowen pulls out a gun to get Liv to sit down. They chat and then they argue. Rowen gets up from his chair and places the gun on the table. Seriously!?! Even I knew it was a trap to test Liv. Anyways, after Rowen’s mini monologue about how ungrateful Liv is, she reached and took hold of the gun. Now holding her father at gunpoint, all he has to say to her is “watch yourself”.  Should Liv pull the trigger or put down the gun??? You can see the hesitation in her face and when she pulls the trigger to find out the gun was not loaded, I couldn’t tell if she had taken a breath of relief or of NOOOO, he’s still alive or maybe even both.

Honestly, I don’t think I could ever pull the trigger. I mean, when I watched that scene I was thinking to myself don’t do it and I still think that when I watch it over.  Therefore, I agree with Rowen, when he said never in a million years did he think she would be willing to pull the trigger. His own flesh and blood. Rowen continues and gets sentimental and recalled the time he played Stevie Wonder for her as a child and how it put her to bed after 10 minutes. It’s crazy how one can recall the little moments that meant the most and how sad to know and or feel it doesn’t matter to the other person. He finished with, “no matter how hard you try, to deny it, you will miss me when I’m gone.” It’s so true though because I know when Mama Pope put Rowen in the hospital, we were hoping he would survive it. So, if we are going to miss him, so will Liv. =D

My side notes:

Joe Morton (actor who plays Rowen) is incredible. The tone in his voice every time he says a word is like how do you make is sound and feel so real?? He’s just great and I can’t wait for Scandal to come back on tomorrow.

I’m expecting for Jake and Fitz to reach out to Rowen for help now that Liv is gone and if I’m right Rowen will help. Rowen said it himself, “despite the many ways that family can hurt you, and manipulate you, it is impossible to wipe away the pleasant memories, no matter how hard one tries.” Liv is Rowen’s daughter and he’s going to be there for her.


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