The Walking Dead “Indifference” 4×04 recap

Was anyone expecting Rick to leave Carol out to survive on her own? I wasn’t! Carol has become a strong woman and a fearless character in the show. She is a survivor and will do whatever it takes to stay alive. Her late husband, Ed, was abusive and she survived that. Her little girl, Sophia, turned and she’s living life as best as she can caring for others. She’s like the team mom back at the prison.

Is Carol’s character on the show going to be similar to Morgan’s character? A character we have no idea what happened but will find out later on in later episodes? Will she join the Governor and his crew? What about Lizzie and Mika, the two girls she promised to look after? How is Daryl going to react once he finds out Rick kicked her out of their group and out of the prison? Better yet, how is Rick going to tell everyone what he did to Carol? Will Rick also tell everyone Carol killed and burned the bodies? There’s so many questions to ask!!

But that’s what’s great about this show.  All these questions goes to show there’s just no telling which direction the show will take. But here’s what happened… Rick and Carol are going out on a run for food and supplies but before they do Carol visited Lizzie while Rick is going through the thought process of how Karen and David might have been killed.  Carol tells Lizzie there’s no more food in Block D and that she’ll be going on a run with Rick.  Lizzie told Carol no one has died yet but they will.  Lizzie believes walkers get to come back and when they do, their just different.  Is it possible Lizzie is the one feeding the walkers at night?  Anyways, Carol tells her she can’t be afraid and has to do whatever it takes to stay alive.  Rick and Carol go on their food/supply run.

Daryl and the others are still alive!  Tyreese, at this point, probably wished he was dead.  He’s just angry.  He thinks everyone back at the prison is probably already dead.  He needs to have a little hope that they’re still alive.  After all, Sasha is counting on him and the others to come back with medicine.  Hope is all they really can do because they don’t know for sure if they’re all dead.  They can only know for sure, if and when they get back to the prison.

Continuing to make their way to the college, Daryl spotted a van hidden in some vine bushes next to, what looked like a convenience store.  He tried starting the van but the battery was dead.  So they tear down the bushes surrounding the store to go look for a battery.  Ty, angry at the world, starts hammering away with his machete and cut loose some wires that kept the walkers locked in.  Walkers jump out of the bush at each of them.  Daryl and Michonne killed walkers but Ty kept holding onto his walker and wouldn’t let go.  Ty yanked the walker out as he falls to the floor with the walker falling on top of him and kicked the walker off.  Bob shoots the walker.

Michonne and Ty are outside trying to get the rest of the bushes off the van.  Michonne tells Ty, he should have let go of the walker.  I would be so scared to talk to him knowing he can just hit me for no reason all because he’s just angry but props to Michonne.  She’s just all up in his face but I think she knocked some sense into him.  She told him she doesn’t want to see him die and asked if that’s what he was trying to do; get himself killed or does he even know what he’s doing.  She added, “Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed.”  Ty gets in her face and asked her if she was still angry at the Governor. She said she was but she’s not angry anymore.  “Then why are you still going out looking for him?” Ty asked.  “I don’t know.” Michonne replied.

Daryl and Bob are inside the store looking for a battery and some water.  After the finding the battery and water, they go out to the van to install it.  As Daryl is putting on the battery, Bob confessed to Daryl about picking up the bottle of wine that caused the rain of zombies to happen and eventually the death of Zach.  Daryl tells him, he and Sasha chose to let him go on the run with them.  There’s no way he could have known what was going to happen.  Bob starts the van and they’re off.

They finally arrive at the college.  They raid through the cabinet looking for medication ending in -cin or -cillin.  But it looked like Bob had grabbed a little more than just medication.  They freed themselves from walkers by breaking a window and jumping out onto the side rooftop.  Bob had let his bad slipped but wouldn’t let go of it as he’s fighting for it from the walkers.  Daryl and the others are telling him to let go as they pull him away.  Bob pulled the backpack up onto the roof top and out comes the bottle.  Daryl is angry!  I’ve never seen Daryl get upset like that before.  He threatened Bob and they leave to make their way back to the prison.

On Rick and Carol’s car ride to the nearby town, we learned Rick had specifically asked for Carol to make this run with him.  Maggie wanted to go but Rick wanted someone he trusted to stay back and keep an eye on the others.  Carol began to defend what she had done.  She explained her action as a way to end their suffering quickly and to stop the spread.  But as it turned out, the spread happened anyways.  She further said, somebody had to try and save lives and that’s what she did.  “Maybe” is all Rick had to say at the moment.

They met a couple hiding in the house they had entered.  Rick tells them about the prison and asked them the three questions.  He decided to bring them back to the prison.  Rick told them to meet back at the house in 2 hours. Rick asked Carol if he did the right thing telling the couple they can come back with them.  She doesn’t give him a direct answer.  Eventually we find out the couple don’t make it back.  The girl had become the walkers dinner and the guy just never showed up.

Carol killed two people and Rick has not said a word about it so she broke the ice and asked him.  She tells Rick he was a good leader and she needed to do what needed to be done so the “we” can survive.  Is she referring to the old group?  Rick said that he never killed two of their own.  Carol fired back with “just one”.  In Rick’s defense, Rick had no choice but to kill Shane or be killed.  That we know for sure.  What we don’t know for sure is if Karen and David would have killed everyone at the prison.

It’s as if Rick brought Carol to keep her close so he can further examine and or evaluate Carol and her actions.  Carol was very persistent and asserted herself.  As they waited at the house for the boy, Carol was eager to get back.  It didn’t matter that he couldn’t make it back because they need to go.

They’re packing up the car and as they are finishing up Carol goes to open the door but Rick has it locked.  She knows she isn’t going back to the prison with Rick.  Rick said to her “they might have lived and now they’re dead. That wasn’t your decision to make.”  He added, Ty will kill her and that the “others” won’t want her there once they find out what she did.  I know Rick can speak for the majority of the people but how is he so sure the “others” won’t want her there?  Maybe it’s just him because he has his children to think about.  Carol said to him, “I thought you were done making decisions for everyone?”  He replied, “I’m making this decision for me.”

Carol continued to tell herself she had to do something but frankly, I agree with Rick.  She didn’t have to do anything.  She could have waited.  I would have let them turn and then killed them.  That way you knew what needed to be done and no one can blame you for it.

Rick tells her she’s no longer the woman afraid to be out on her own and that she’ll be fine.  She’ll find others that she don’t know and she’ll to survive.

Do you think Rick and Carol are indifferent about how they handle things.  Do you think what Carol did was right?  Do you think Rick made the right call in letting Carol go?

Although I agreed with Rick, I don’t believe he made the right call in letting Carol go. Everyone stayed by his side when he went crazy and they are still on his side even when he gave up his gun.  They could possibly be on his side because he’s a great leader and has kept them alive all this time but still, friends are supposed to look out for each other.

What did you think about “Indifferent”?  How do you think Carol leaving the group will effect everyone?  Share your thoughts by commenting.







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