Grey’s Anatomy “Thriller” 10×07 recap

It’s Halloween and while most people spend it just like an ordinary day, the doctors of “Grey’s Anatomy” didn’t.  Have you ever spent Halloween getting bit by a zombie?  Or spent it literally getting scared to death?  Or have your leg infested with maggots?

Well, none of the doctors were scared to death and or was infested with maggots.  However, one of the interns did get bit though.  How crazy is that?  Did the intern turn?

Looks like Leah responded to Arizona text as we see her waking up in Arizona’s bed.  What happened to keeping it professional?  If I was Leah, I wouldn’t have gone over especially after how Arizona treated her.  The first time Arizona ditched her was understandable but the second time not so much.

Meredith and Derek are trying to be super mom and super dad and right now Derek is doing a much better job at it.  But we would expect him to be since he is taking time to do research.  Meredith asked Derek to put together Zola’s butterfly wings because Meredith’s grant got approved and she needs to order a 3D printer.  Will we be seeing a 3D portal vein surgery in the coming episodes?

After their conversation, Meredith stopped Alex and asked him if he has the house ready.  Her idea and his idea of having the house ready are two completely different ideas. No candies, no pumpkins, no spider webs and no decorations are up but who needs that when there is a keg? Cristina over heard their conversation and you can tell she was a little hurt because she wasn’t invited.  Meredith invited her to come over.

Stephanie looked goofy in her Lasik goggles. She had laser eye surgery and should be at home recovering but no.  It’s better that she goes to work.  She’s a smart woman but this was a stupid idea on her part.  She needs to stay home and recover otherwise she just might make things worse.  She’s getting better alright by running into the door.

Callie goes up and talked to Owen and April and asked them about their plans for Halloween.  Owen told her, he has no plans because he and Emma are no longer a thing.  Emma doesn’t think he’s ready because he didn’t mention Cristina to her.  She wants him to call her when he’s ready.  Callie thinks he’s ready and he should give her a call but before she can it he had already walked away.

Arizona walked up and asked Callie where they were going to meet up because she has Sophia’s astronaut costume in the car.  Callie is confused because she has the princess costume.  Callie doesn’t want to argue and tells Arizona she can have Sophia for the night.

Richard has decided he wants one of the interns to operate on him under supervision.  Stephanie has no chance of getting chosen because she can’t even see well with those eyes of her right. So it’s down to Jo, Shane, and Leah.  Bailey and supposed to keep an eye on the interns in the ER and come up with a decision as to who she feel is capable to perform the surgery.  Bailey does not like this idea at all.  She wants to perform the surgery because Richard is the most important patient she has ever had and she doesn’t think any of the interns are ready.  Richard doesn’t agree and begins to ask the interns about the procedure and they answered flawlessly, even Ben, Bailey’s husband, answered correctly.  Bailey is surprised and happy to see him.

In the trauma room, two patients are rushed in.  One of them was bitten in the face by a zombie or a person who very much seems like a zombie.  April and Jackson treats the other guy who had his face bit.  The zombie patient is a crazy one.  There is no way he should even be alive with two bullet shots to the chest.  Leah can barely hear his heartbeat, but there is one, so we know he’s not a zombie or is he.  He grabbed Leah and bit her on the neck.

Jo and Stephanie tend to Leah’s bite wound.  Leah just wants them to patch her up so she can get back to work and not miss out on Richard’s surgery.  Bailey pops out of no where and scared them.  She tells Leah, there’s no way she will be entering an OR with an open wound.  Stephanie took a closer look at the bite and pulled out a piece of tooth.  Bailey wants Leah to get tested for any infection.  One down, two to go. Who will get to perform surgery on Richard, Jo or Shane?

Another patient was brought in by her son.  She is terrified of hospitals and just wants her son to take her home, but her son isn’t going to because she needs her leg treated.  Stephanie tends to this patient.  She unwrapped the wound and is her eyes deceiving her.  There’s maggots on her wound.  How gross!!  Stephanie asked how longer ago did it happened and the patient said 4 months ago.  Stephanie goes get Callie and Meredith.  They tell Stephanie see can no longer aid patients because she can’t literally see them.  Meredith is able to calm down the patient using a blindfold and get the patient to the OR. Callie said the maggots might have saved her leg.  It’s still creepy to think maggots can live on your flesh wound.

Stephanie and Leah keep themselves away from the patients and they have their bonding moments.  Arizona walks in on a crying Leah and Arizona tells her it’s not the time to be tough.  She further tells Leah about the time she had a scare when she poked herself with a needle that had been used on a patient who had HIV.

Shane is in the ER helping the patients. He comes across a patient who is wheezing and out of breathe, but that patient will only see Brooks. After hearing Brooks name it was as if Shane has seen a ghost. He tried to explain to her that she wasn’t in and he had to be her doctor but she said no and that she will wait for Brooks. Shane couldn’t keep an eye on this patient that she went roaming around the hospital looking for Brooks. Two down, one to go. Will Jo screw up too?

Jo and Alex have a little girl who has abdominal pains. The little girl’s father is a busy man who travels for work but would do anything for his little girl. Jo knows that but Alex have been giving him a hard time. Just because Alex had daddy issues doesn’t mean everyone else will have it too. The little girls test results showed that she wasn’t producing adrenaline, so if she got scared then her organs would shut down. Talk about being scared to death. Alex and Jo make their way to the little girls room but she wasn’t in her bed. Alex freaks out on the dad and yelled at him for not being able to keep his eyes on her for 5 minutes. Alex seriously needs to calm down because the father was changing his flights plans on the phone.

Alex frantically goes running into the halls of the hospital looking for the little girl. The little girl was by herself in the dark hallway with flickering lights. Where are the nurses? The little girl is scared by Shane’s lost patient and goes into shock falling to the floor. Alex comes running in to the rescue.

Cristina gets a treat for Halloween. The zombie patient’s organs are completely backwards. This explained why he is still alive.  He suffered to gun shot wounds but they didn’t hit his heart because his heart is on the other side.  How cool is that for any doctors?  I think I would be pretty ecstatic just like Cristina.  Cristina and Owen perform surgery together.  She spoke to Owen about Meredith and asked him what she should do. He told her to don’t over complicate it and just go to the party. Cristina agreed.

Ben and Derek help each other out.  Ben is trying to find one of those head mirrors that mad scientist used to where because that’s what Tuck wants to be for Halloween.  Derek is working on thought control prosthetic and trying to figure out how to insert sensors onto a small brain.  Ben looked over and see the crappy job Derek did putting back Zola’s butterfly wings.  Ben tells him how he can do a much better job by fanning it out.  This have Derek the idea to fan out the sensor so that the entire brain can receive information.

Bailey goes talk to Richard about how incompetent the intern are and Richard fired her. Richard explained to her that he can’t do anything but stay in bed all day. The least he can do is teach these kids and Bailey isn’t helping by restricting them. Richard paged for Meredith. He asked her to help supervise his surgery. Meredith refused at first but changed her mind. Richard apologized for what he had said to Meredith and thanked her because if it wasn’t for her he would be dead.  Meredith finds Jo and they perform the surgery together.

Bailey goes home to a mad house.  He son has brought Ben back to life.  Bailey is so happy to see her son happy and thanked Ben for making it possible.  Ben then told Bailey he quit his residency and Bailey is disappointed in him.  Will this stop Bailey from loving him?  She loved him before he had plans to be a doctor she can still love him now right?

Cristina goes to the party but noticed a bunch of kids with their parents and felt out of place.  She leaves the cupcakes and heads over to Joe’s.  At Joe’s Shane offered buy her a drink.  I hope nothing happens between them.

Owen finally called Emma and boy, he most be really interested in her.  The message she left her was hilarious!  Just delete it he said at the end of his voice mail.  Emma called back immediately and Owen’s face lit up.

There’s hope for Alex and Jo.  Jo showed up to the house dressed in a Tinkerbell costume.  She looked stunning!  And is it me or has the interns been stealing a few lines from their patient/patient’s parents?  She took a line from the little girls father and said to Alex, it was one mistake that will never happen again.

Just my thoughts on the show.  I know Cristina will eventually leave the show but they are not wasting anytime in writing her off.  I feel bad for her.  It’s like she’s losing all her friends or is she?  Meredith noticed the cupcakes so she knows Cristina came by the house so maybe next episode we’ll see them work things out.

Let me know what you think.


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