Scandal “More Cattle, Less Bull” 3×05 recap

Oh My Goodness! Where do I even begin?  “Scandal” continually gets better with every second of every episode!  If you aren’t a fan of the show, you should be!  The writing and acting is incredible and this week’s episode (10/30/13) of “More Cattle, Less Bull” is no exception.

Last week’s episode ended with Fitz visiting Rowan.  Fitz, Cy included, have no idea just exactly who Rowan is, Liv’s father.  How crazy is it to have worked and is in some way continually working with a man you barely know anything about?  I mean, Rowan is the father of the woman Fitz love and Fitz doesn’t even know it.  How will their relationship be affected when Fitz find out Rowan is her father?  Will he still love her?

[Just to clear things up.  I will use “Eli”, “Rowan” and “Command” interchangeably, depending on which character I feel Joe Morton is portraying.]

It’s Sunday night dinner with the Popes and compared to their last dinner together a few episodes ago, this one wasn’t too bad.  During dinner Eli said he’s surprise Liv hasn’t accused him of any crimes against humanity.  Liv replied, “Instead of being the brave outspoken girl my mother taught me to be, I’m chewing my food, fulfilling my contract…”  Eli responded, “I’m fascinated that you think that’s your mother’s legacy being brave and outspoken when everything you’ve become, everything you are is clearly because of me.”  Is Eli suggesting that her mother knew about his work and is exactly like her father and Liv just doesn’t know it, just like she didn’t know about her father?  But Eli is right, Olivia is a lot like her father even if she doesn’t want to admit it.

So they had their little argument at dinner but that was expected and it wasn’t one that left feelings being hurt.  I genuinely, believe Rowan is speaking the truth when he said that he will leave Huck and Jake alone so long as they leave him alone.  But it doesn’t look like Huck and Jake will be leaving Command alone anytime soon.

As Rowan is out for dinner, Huck and Jake are trying to download and steal information off his computer at home.  Jake nearly got caught.  Can you imagine what would happen to him this time?  I’m pretty sure they would kill him.

Cy and Mellie are looking to hire someone that will run Fitz’s reelection campaign. First up is Leo Bergen (Paul Adelstein).  Leo rejected the offer. Before he did, he definitely left his mark.  Leo sandwiched them with the good and bad and bad.  He said, the President has a few things going for him but he has some problems.  According to Leo, the President has “character problems, credibility problems, penis problems as in he can’t keep it in his pants, and he’s also got a marriage problem as in his wife is a frigid shrew problem.”  But he isn’t done. He continued and called Fitz a loser and he refuses to work with losers.  Leo leaves, but before he does he tells them he’s meeting with Congresswoman Josie Marcus (Lisa Kudrow).  Cy and Mellie are not too happy about that.

At Josie’s home, Liv is being interviewed for the presidential campaign manager position.  Candice, Josie’s protective little sister, comes in to interrupt the interview but Josie hired Liv on the spot.  Josie doesn’t even meet with Leo.  Josie is a smart woman for hiring Liv, but she didn’t just hired Liv to run her campaign.  She hired Liv because Liv fixes problems and Josie has a huge problem.  At 15, Josie had a child and gave up that child and never looked back.  Liv told her they can spin the story in any way to favor her but Josie doesn’t want that.  Josie wants to keep it a secret and not bring in the child’s private life into politics.  Liv asked how many people know.  Josie said her mother did a great job in covering her little girl’s track and only 5 other people know.  Liv makes a call to the Gladiators and they pack their bags and head out to Red Springs, Montana.

The Gladiators arrived at their suite and they get to work.  Abby and Harrison go out to talk to the 5 people who knows about Josie’s baby; the doctor, nurse, high school best friend, cousin and ex-boyfriend.  They visited the doctor but he had died a couple weeks ago.  They make their way to Josie’s high school best friend, cousin and ex-boyfriend’s house.  They bribed each of them to stay quiet about Josie’s child, but the ex-boyfriend isn’t okay with the idea because it doesn’t feel right.

At this time, Olivia has been staring at the phone waiting for a phone call from Fitz but instead she gets a call from Cy on her personal phone.  She answered the call and Cy is offering Liv a job to dig up dirt on Josie.  Wrong person Cy!  Liv is already working for Josie and Cy’s called just gave Liv the upper hand.  Liv called Harrison to warn him about Ethan being in the Montana area.

Ethan showed up to the front of the ex-boyfriend’s home with a news crew.  Abby goes out to stall for time and Harrison makes a call to Huck to dig up some dirt on the ex-boyfriend.  Huck is amazing and just like that the Gladiators worked their magic and made Ethan looked like a fool.  “We got POPE’D, sir.” Ethan said to Cy on the phone.  That’s going to be my new favorite saying for “Scandal”!

Huck hacked into a surveillance camera and watched the meeting between Fitz and Rowan.  At their meeting, Fitz is not happy that Rowan ordered to have Pete Foster killed.  Fitz has no idea that someone is looking into Operation Remington and believed there is no reason why Pete needed to be murdered.  Rowan proved to him otherwise.

Huck quickly called Jake to tell him about the surveillance footage and that Command knows someone is digging but doesn’t know who.  Jake replied “I think he does” as a black SUV pulled up and took Jake.

It wasn’t Command’s people that had taken him.  Jake was taken to the White House by Fitz’s people to play a pick up game of basketball with the President.  It was like watching a game of “love and basketball” to win Liv’s heart.  Who do you think is going to win?  I love the game of basketball and seeing these two sweaty hunks play it is even better.  As Fitz go up to take a shot to possibly win the game Jake pushing him to the ground.  “I thought you didn’t play dirty?” Fitz said.  “When in Rome, right?” Jake replied, adding “I’m not talking about Olivia”.

After Fitz and Jake’s pick up game of basketball, it dawned on Fitz that Jake might be the one digging into Remington.  Fitz called Rowan to tell him to lay off Jake.  Rowan doesn’t take order from people, not even the President.  Fitz doesn’t like the fact he can’t give orders to Rowan and wants that to change but Rowan isn’t going to allow it.  Fitz further told Rowan not to test him but Rowan responded, “No Mr. President, it is you who should not test me!” and hangs up the phone.

Jake called Huck to tell him it was the President who took him.  Fitz is on to him.  Jake and Huck needs to find out where Fitz was during Operation Remington.  Fitz is hiding something and they need to find out what.  What can Fitz possibly be hiding that is so bad?  Anyways, Huck tells Jake he can’t hack into anything using the motel’s DSL and that Jake will have to do it from inside Huck’s office on his computer.  Jake goes to Olivia Pope and Associates.

Jake gets on the Huck’s computer and is trying to pull up all the flight information on Fitz but is having a hard time doing so.  He said to Huck, “Were you even in B-613? Maybe we should search by plane type?”  “It is searching by plane type and date” Huck replied. Finally a list comes up and you’ve got to be kidding me Jake, he asked “How do you print?” Really Jake?

As Jake is about to leave the office, Liv walked in.  Jake lied to her that he was worried and wanted to check up on her.  Liv said she forgot her phone.  Liv was clearly holding her phone in her hand, so what phone is she talking about?   “You forgot your secret Fitz phone” Jake said.  Liv has been waiting to hear from Fitz about the Correspondent Dinner, but has not gotten a ring.  She throws the phone in the trash and Jake said to her “C’mon I’ll buy you a burger?” Olake (Liv and Jake) leave together holding hands.

The Gladiators finally found the nurse and talked to her.  She tells them that the child never left Red Springs.  Josie’s mother took care of the child and raised the child.  Liv gets news of this and goes talk to Josie.  Liv said to her, it only took her team a day to figure this out and the people she’s going up against will tear her apart and the only way she can win this is if she address this issue head on.  Josie does not like the idea of destroying her family and the relationship she has with Candice because Candice doesn’t know.  “How bad do you want to be president?” Liv asked her.  “Not that bad.” Josie replied and walked away.

At the Democratic Primary Debate, Cy has leaked the story of Josie’s child to Governor Reston.  Liv warned Josie that they will target her and that is exactly what they did.  Josie made her life fair game and addressed the issue head on.  She told the people that she was young and stupid and thought she was in love.  She wasn’t ready to be a mother and she knew that and her mother knew that and when the time came her mother helped her give the baby up for adoption.  She pretty much “just won America’s heart”.  Cy has just been POPE’D!  But it looked like Liv just POPE’D herself because Josie fired her.

Fitz finally called Liv on their secret phone, which is currently in the trash.  After a stressful day, Liv grabbed it from the trash and answered the call.  Fitz is calling Liv from the bathroom trying to hide from Mellie.  They talked about the Correspondent Dinner and Liv gave him a few jokes to tell.  He told her he loves her and she doesn’t say anything back.  They continue their conversation and anyone can tell Fitz is a man in love with Liv by the way he laughed and smiled talking on the phone with her.  Mellie witnessed all of this and knows in her heart Fitz doesn’t love her.

Jake and Huck are still working on figuring out Fitz’s secret.  They find out that Fitz was in Iceland during that time.  Their work get interrupted by Liv.  Liv called and asked Jake to take her to the Correspondent Dinner.  He leaves Huck to work on it alone.  Huck is glad Jake is going to take Liv to the dinner.

At the dinner, Liv leaves to talk to who she think is Fitz but turned out to be Mellie.  These two women are goddesses.  First off, Mellie jumped the gun and was like is you’re date married?  Seriously?  What a way to start a conversation especially when Mellie is going to ask Liv to help run Fitz reelection campaign.

She apologized and pleaded saying, “He needs you, Olivia. He’s tired and broken and it isn’t the job, it’s doing the job without you. He’s not alive when you’re not here.  He can’t breathe, when you’re not here.  He doesn’t have the will to run, much less win, when you’re not here because you, you’re everything to him Liv.  He needs you. So I need you. Come back. Come back to us. You and I, we’ve always wanted the same thing Liv, for him to be the man we both know he can be. After what we did, we owe him this. A chance to run on his own and win.”  It must have been hard for Mellie to admit all of that and tell her this was her idea and that Fitz will of course get on board and be okay with it.

Wow!  Good thing Josie fired her, right?  Will Liv get on board and run Fitz’s reelection campaign?  How is Cy going to feel about this?

Jake tells Liv he’ll take a cab.  “What?” Liv exclaimed.  He begins to tell her, she didn’t asked him to the dinner to be her date.  It was so she can see Fitz.  Jake doesn’t play second to anyone including the President.  He takes off as Liv received a call from Harrison.

Liv meets Harrison at the office.  He’s there with Josie.  Josie wants Liv by her side when she wins on election night.  Liv tells Josie she’s isn’t the right person to run Josie’s campaign.  Josie disagreed and told Liv to sleep on it.

Will Liv choose Fitz or Josie???

There has been multiple shockers in this episode but here’s the one that trumps all the other.  Jake entered into his apartment and found Huck sitting there in the dark.  Huck slides him a file with a list of passenger names.  Huck has come to the conclusion that the reason Fitz was in Iceland was because he shot down a plane.  One name that stood out to Huck on the list was Maya Lewis.  Jake is confused.  Maya never took her husband’s name.  “What was her husband’s name?” Jake asked.  “Pope,” replied Huck and he added, “Liv’s mom.”

They go to Liv immediately, and….until next week.

We have all been POPE’D!!!!

This is getting all too crazy!  The writers continuously keeps me guessing.  Is it possible that Liv’s mother is still alive and well?   Is her mother also apart of B-613?  Why would Eli want to kill his wife?  Will this change Liv’s decision to work with Fitz?  Will she still love Fitz after this?  I don’t know how she can because Liv took it pretty hard when she foudn out Fitz kill Verna Thornton.  So many questions I want the answer to but I’ll wait until next week.

Let me know what you think.

Other things to note:

David has been trying to get Abby to go to the dinner with him but she has been lying to avoid going.  She truly wanted to go to the dinner but didn’t want to go because her ex-husband was going to be at the dinner.  Anyways, after the dinner, David goes home and finds Abby in a stunning silver dress.  David explained to her she doesn’t need to be sorry for not telling him her ex-husband was going to be there.  He wants her to start telling him things. “That’s what normal people do.”  They are not normal people. There’s nothing normal about “Scandal” at all.

Sally is thinking about running for President as an independent and wants Leo to run her election campaign.



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