Arrow “Crucible” 2×04 recap

At one point in our lives, if not multiple, we are put in a situation to make a decision in which we do not know which decision will be best.  There are situations when either decision you choose is the right one.  Other times it’s situations when one is completely wrong and the other completely right.  But what do you do in the situations when you must make decisions about the ones you love and care for?  You face your “crucible.”
Arrow unmasked Black Canary! Black Canary is a Lance.  Not Laurel Lance, though.  It’s Sarah Lance, who we thought had died because that’s what Oliver said.  Oliver clearly does not know the difference between the living and the dead.  I’m just kidding.  I couldn’t agree with Oliver anymore than I already do.  He may have seen her a year later on the island after he thought she had drowned, but since coming back home, he was sure she had died some other way, just not from drowning.  He spent five years on an island that completely changed him and, apparently, it has changed Sarah too.  Nothing good came from being on that island except for acquiring some major skill tactics.

What will Oliver do?  Tell Sarah’s family she’s alive?  Diggle and Felicity thinks he should.  I love Diggle’s character!  “Secret have weights.  The more you keep, the harder it is to keep moving,”  Diggle told Oliver.

Like father, like son, but only in this case it’s like father, like daughter.  Laurel has buried herself in her work.  She drove drunk and luckily was pulled over before anything major happened.  Don’t drink and drive!! The officer lets her off the hook but called her father.  Quentin is trying so hard to get through to Laurel but she’s completely shutting everyone out, including Oliver.  Quentin doesn’t want to see Laurel go down the same path he did.  He goes to Oliver and asked him for help but it doesn’t work.

When Quentin came to ask Oliver to check up on Laurel, Sarah was there undisguised in the back room.  She heard everything her father had to say.  That was heartbreaking to watch!  She just continued to listen and I’m sure she thought about opening those doors and walking toward to father but she didn’t.  What do you do? Stay put or go out and hug your father?

There’s a new mayor in town.  He literally calls himself the Mayor.  The Mayor has been stealing military weapons and distributing it out to his people.  He has every intention on taking over the Glades.  But Arrow isn’t going to let that happen!  He is able to bust and stop one of the Mayor’s crew from getting the weapon.  With the help of Diggle and Felicity, he was able to pinpoint the location of the Mayor.  Arrow makes an appearance and was able to get the crates of military back, but the Mayor got away.

Alderman Blood is back in this episode and Oliver is continuing to offer his help.  Oliver propose to hold an event anonymously with the help of Blood.  Oliver will give Blood some funds and Blood will host the event where they pay cash for guns.  The Mayor showed up and began firing on everyone.  Oliver saved Blood.  Blood is thankful.  If only Oliver could have ran into an alley way and become Arrow, the Mayor would have not gotten away.

Arrow asked Black Canary for help.  They go and take out the Mayor and his crew.  They secure the weapons and the Mayor in police custody or at least we think he is.  I mean I thought Black Canary had killed the Mayor but I guess I was wrong.  The Mayor was taken to some place by an officer, the same officer that pulled over Laurel.  Next, we see a guy walking out with a masked completely covering his face.  Is it Malcolm?  No, it’s alderman Blood.  He killed the Mayor by giving him a shot of something which caused his eyes to bleed out.  Is Blood good or bad?

Oliver approached Sarah and talked to her about Laurel and Quentin.  Laurel has definitely resorted to drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with her pain.  Why Laurel???  You’re supposed to stay strong!!! Break down and cry and get back up!!! Nothing good can come from drugs!! As for Quentin, he is going to an AA meeting.  Good for him.  Anyways, Oliver speaks to Sarah about leaving the past and forgive herself and come home.  He tells her she can do it because they need her and they’re the reason she came back and stayed.  He extends his hand and Sarah takes it.

Do you think Sarah will return home and confront her family?  If she does, how do you think it will go down?  Let me know what you think.


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