The Walking Dead “Indifference” 4×04 recap

Was anyone expecting Rick to leave Carol out to survive on her own? I wasn’t! Carol has become a strong woman and a fearless character in the show. She is a survivor and will do whatever it takes to stay alive. Her late husband, Ed, was abusive and she survived that. Her little girl, Sophia, turned and she’s living life as best as she can caring for others. She’s like the team mom back at the prison.

Is Carol’s character on the show going to be similar to Morgan’s character? A character we have no idea what happened but will find out later on in later episodes? Will she join the Governor and his crew? What about Lizzie and Mika, the two girls she promised to look after? How is Daryl going to react once he finds out Rick kicked her out of their group and out of the prison? Better yet, how is Rick going to tell everyone what he did to Carol? Will Rick also tell everyone Carol killed and burned the bodies? There’s so many questions to ask!!

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Grey’s Anatomy “Thriller” 10×07 recap

It’s Halloween and while most people spend it just like an ordinary day, the doctors of “Grey’s Anatomy” didn’t.  Have you ever spent Halloween getting bit by a zombie?  Or spent it literally getting scared to death?  Or have your leg infested with maggots?

Well, none of the doctors were scared to death and or was infested with maggots.  However, one of the interns did get bit though.  How crazy is that?  Did the intern turn?

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Scandal “More Cattle, Less Bull” 3×05 recap

Oh My Goodness! Where do I even begin?  “Scandal” continually gets better with every second of every episode!  If you aren’t a fan of the show, you should be!  The writing and acting is incredible and this week’s episode (10/30/13) of “More Cattle, Less Bull” is no exception.

Last week’s episode ended with Fitz visiting Rowan.  Fitz, Cy included, have no idea just exactly who Rowan is, Liv’s father.  How crazy is it to have worked and is in some way continually working with a man you barely know anything about?  I mean, Rowan is the father of the woman Fitz love and Fitz doesn’t even know it.  How will their relationship be affected when Fitz find out Rowan is her father?  Will he still love her?

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Arrow “Crucible” 2×04 recap

At one point in our lives, if not multiple, we are put in a situation to make a decision in which we do not know which decision will be best.  There are situations when either decision you choose is the right one.  Other times it’s situations when one is completely wrong and the other completely right.  But what do you do in the situations when you must make decisions about the ones you love and care for?  You face your “crucible.”
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