Hart of Dixie “Help me make it Through the Night” 3×04 recap

There could not be a better title for this episode than “Help me make it through the night.”  Everyone has those days and nights where they can’t wait for it to be over.  This episode of “Hart of Dixie” is no exception.

Grandma Breeland is back in town.  Lemon was set up on a horrible blind date.  Wade is being hunted down by a man twice his size.  Annabeth, AB, just found out there’s a lump on her ovary.  Everyone is just hoping to get away from everything and everyone.Wade is a complete wreck. He’s back to his old habits but this time probably worse than before. He’s sleeping around with women who are unavailable.  Right off the bat, Wade’s in bed with a random woman from last night.  Randall, the girl from last night’s boyfriend, comes knocking at Wade’s door looking for him, but Wade lies saying Wade no longer lives there.  Randall is twice his size and can probably crush Wade with one arm, that’s how big he is.  Wade continues to avoid Randall at all cost.  Later on, Wade sleeps with the judge’s wife at a masquerade ball.  George is upset and drives him home but they run into Randall.  George takes off driving in his truck and was able to lose Randall. George told Wade straight up that the only reason why he’s sleeping around with unavailable woman is because the one he really wants to be with (Zoey) is unavailable.  Wade finally comes to his senses and stopped.

At the Rammer Jammer, Lemon is trying to get Cricket to put her back on the list for the masquerade ball before bringing in reinforcement, but Cricket just isn’t giving in.  George offered to take Lemon as his plus one but Lemon doesn’t want people to think she’s unavailable.  She wants to find herself a man.  Angry that she can’t get on the list she takes her anger out on a guy who is looking for help with his flat tire.  Lemon has no choice but to call grandma Breeland.  No one says no Grandma Breeland!

After pulling some strings Grandma Breeland was able to get Lemon on the list and she’s going with Tanner Hughes.  It doesn’t seem like Grandma Breeland cares for a guy with a sense of humor or an overall great personality.  Tanner turned out to be an “insufferable tool”.  Grandma Breeland doesn’t care that Tanner has no likeable manners.  Tanner comes from a great family name and grandma Breeland went to great length to get him to be Lemon’s date, so Lemon just needs to deal with it.

Luckily for Lemon, the man she was so quick to brush off earlier at the Rammer Jammer becomes her knight and shiny armor.  Robert Buckley plays Peter, the man who comes to  rescue Lemon from the “insufferable tool” Tanner.  Peter’s character is very likeable.  He has the charm and smile to draw any woman and knows exactly what to say.  He’s funny and can make a girl laugh.  Despite Lemon talking about herself and making herself sound like a snob, throughout the night Peter is constantly reminding her just how great of a woman she is.  Lemon basically told Peter her entire life story and he’s a complete stranger, but Peter doesn’t care.  What Peter sees is an endearing woman.  Not knowing when Peter will ever make his way back to Bluebell they have a one night stand.  Who can blame her.  I don’t.  She finally meets a nice guy, who’s a reporter and travels for work and doesn’t stay too long in one place.  After all she’s been through, she deserves a little happiness.  Peter doesn’t even leave for his flight the next morning.  He chose to stay a little while longer.  I’m hoping he stays and becomes a key character in this show.

Lemon makes her way back home to confront her grandmother.  She thanks her grandmother for one of the best days of her life and gives her a hug.  Maybe this will soften Grandma Breeland a little.

Poor AB.  The entire episode I couldn’t help but feel why do something bad happen to good people.  Lavon considers the day they faked their relationship to be their anniversary and has planned a secret surprise for AB.  I’m thinking he’s going to propose.  I mean it didn’t take him long to propose to Ruby (Golden Brooks) so what’s taking him so long this time.  AB can’t help but think that Lavon may be proposing as well.  She goes to find Zoey back at the clinic and Brick tells her she needs to have her insurance physical done.  She asked for Zoey to perform the physical.  They gossip about the possibility that Lavon is going to propose and then Zoey finds a lump on AB’s ovary.

Zoey scheduled an appointment for AB in Mobile.  Zoey goes with her to the hospital to do further testing.  AB is in distraught and can’t think of anything else but the worse possible scenario.  She has dreamt about the day Lavon would propose and who she would react.  She wants to have children with Lavon.  She wants to have a football team of children.  The thought of possibility not being able to bear a child is eating AB alive.  AB doesn’t want Lavon to propose to her tonight.  Zoey tickets them tickets to the Queen B concert but Lavon turned it down.  He doesn’t want anything to come in the way of their special night.

AB is freaking out and calls Zoey.  Joel and Zoey make their way to Lavon’s place.  The facial expression on Lavon’s face is not inviting but that doesn’t stop Zoey.  Zoey comes up with the crazy idea of playing celebrity.  Joel and Lavon are having a hard time getting along and just when it looked like they might Joel makes it impossible.  Trick or treaters are at the door.  As AB is handing out the candy to the little girl she begins to cry.  I feel bad for AB.  AB runs by Lavon and Lavon wants to know what happened.  Zoey can’t tell Joel or Lavon what is going on but Joel is such a nice guy.  He lies and said they he may have offended AB by saying she has big feet.  Lavon just wants to punch Joel but doesn’t.  He demands that Zoey and Joel leave.  AB insist on Zoey taking her home.

The next day they get the results from Mobile and everything’s okay.  The lump on AB’s ovary is only a cyst and is treatable.  She can go back to dreaming about have a full football team of children with Lavon.  She finds Lavon and asked if they can continue their special night.  He says no because they can’t watch a scary movie the night after Halloween.  Are you serious?  That was his big surprise.  It was supposed to be a night AB will never forget.  Lavon needs to try a little harder next time.

Hart of Dixie has all these complicated relationships that I love to watch evolve because as their relationship evolves so do the people in the relationship.  I’m still hopeful for Wade and Zoey, but Joel is slowly starting to grow on me.  So I don’t know what to think.  I’m hoping George will find someone suitable for him as well.  What do you think?


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