The Walking Dead “Isolation” 4×03 recap

Carol did it! She burned the bodies! Which explains why she was so upset after Tyreese had came up to her asking if she can keep an eye on Sasha while he goes out on the run with Daryl for supplies.  We know Carol burned the bodies because after putting his cop skills to use, Rick asked her if she burned the bodied and she said yes.  Carol is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the people healthy and alive.  Does this mean she is the one feeding the walkers at night?  I’m not sure. I have a different theory to share this time.Tyreese, Rick, Daryl, and Carol are outside staring at the burned bodies.  Rick asked Tyreese if he found the bodies like that.  Tyreese said he was going to see Karen but then he saw blood on the floor and smelt it.  Somebody killed them and dragged their body outside to burn them.  Carol is completely calm and doesn’t say a word.  Tyreese is demanding Rick to find whoever did this is bring them to him.

Rick tried to empathize with Tyreese and calm him down but Tyreese was just filled with too much anger and hatred.  Rick said to him Karen wouldn’t want him like this and Tyreese punched Rick in the face and then punched him again.  Carol is yelling for Tyreese to stop.  Daryl pulled Tyreese away just giving Rick enough time to get up and go after Tyreese.  Rick has him down on the ground and is punching away.  Rick could have killed him but Daryl pulled him off.  Carol is at a lost of words and can’t believe what had just happened.  Can you imagine what would have happened Carol would have admitted to killing them?

Hershel tends to Rick’s sprained hand.  Cleaned and bandaged it up.  He tried making a joke but Rick doesn’t laugh.  He asked if Rick was okay.  Hershel talked about the outbreak and everything they’ve tried to keep out is finding it’s way in.  Rick doesn’t agree because he says it was always been there and stared out at his gun.  Why is he staring at his gun? Bob tends to Tyreese but Tyreese refused the help.  Is Bob earning his place to be one of them?

Sasha has caught the flu or whatever it is that is going around.  She takes herself to isolation where the rest of the people are.  She’s calling out for Dr. S.  Dr. S comes out and says “We have to tell them.  It’s starting.”

The council meet.  The discuss the spread and need to make a run for antibiotics.  They have been to almost every possible pharmacy there is.  Hershel tells them about a veterinarian college about 50 miles away.  Daryl doesn’t want to waste anymore time.  He wants to get a groups together and make a supply run.  Michonne is in.  Hershel knows his way around the college and wants to go too but Daryl says they run when things get bad and Hershel decides to draw them a map and stay.  Glenn is getting sick.  Carol will have to separate the people and put them in isolation.

Rick and Carol are trying to get some clean water but the line is clogged with mud.  They talk about going to fix but Rick says they should do it tomorrow.  They see Tyreese burying the bodies.  Rick makes his way over and talked to Tyreese.  He apologizes for everything and Tyreese said its on them both and they Rick needs to find who did it.  Rick concluded that Karen and David were the only two that were sick and the person who did it might have been trying to stop it from spreading.  Tyreese said “they didn’t.”  Does Rick already know that it is Carol who did this before going back to the site of the crime scene?

Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese make the run.  Daryl is surfing through the radio and there’s a voice.  He’s trying to get a better signal and isn’t looking at where he’s driving.  He hits a walker and swerve pass a few more.  But there are way too many walkers blocking the road that they make a run for it.  Daryl and Michonne goes out first, then Bob and eventually Tyreese.  Tyreese gives them enough time to run away as he’s axing away at the walkers head.  They make their way to the woods and behind them are walkers.  Daryl shoots down a walker and behind that walker is Tyreese.  He made it!  They grab him and start running.

Hershel is in quarantine but doesn’t feel like he should sit and not do anything.  As he makes his way to the exit Carl stops him.  Carl tells him if he’s going out to the woods he has go with them.  Out in the woods, Hershel is picking berries.  He asked Carl when his father gave his gun back and tells Carl he has learned a lot and is more responsible now.

Maggie talked to Beth through a door.  Beth is becoming one of my favorite character this season.  She knows what have to do what you have to do to help and that’s what she’s doing.  Maggie tells her Glenn is sick and all Beth says to her is she can’t be upset and she has to continue to do her part.  Just like Daryl and them will bring the antibiotics back in time and Glenn will be fine.

Hershel is back from the woods.  Maggie is upset he isn’t in quarantine.  Glenn is already in there, she can’t have her father get sick too.  But Hershel can’t sit around and not do anything.  Most of the sick people won’t last long enough for Daryl and them to get back.  Hershel can try to help them fight the illness.

Rick shows up and wants to know what’s going on.  Hershel tell them he got some berries.  His wife used to make him some tea with the berries, they are natural flu remedies.  Rick doesn’t like the idea of Hershel going in to treat the sick because he will get sick himself.  Hershel doesn’t agree because they don’t know for sure if he will get sick. He says, “What we do know is these people symptoms need to be controlled.”Rick interrupts but Hershel isn’t having it.

Hershel said, “Listen damn it.  You step outside, you risk your life.  You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breathe and you risk your life.  Every moment now.  You don’t have a choice.  The only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for. Now I can make these people feel better and hang on a little bit longer.  I can save lives.  That’s reason enough to risk mine and you know that.”  Hershel goes in and give the people tea.  Hershel hands Dr. S a cup of tea to drink.  He drank it and continued to cough.  He coughed up blood over Hershel’s face.  Is Hershel going to get sick now or is he immune to this illness?

Rick goes observe the crime scene and noticed a hand print on the door.  He compared it to his and the hand print is smaller.  He then goes out and see Carol beyond the fence cleaning out the mud from the water line.  She’s making too much noise and attracted some of the walkers.  Good thing Rick is there.  Rick runs towards Carol and shoots off a walker.  Carol threw the line back in the water and fight through a few walkers.  Rick and Carol makes it back safely.  Rick talked to her about what she do for the people and asked if there wasn’t anything she would do and she said no.  He then asked if she killed Karen and David and she said yes.

We know who burned the bodies but we still don’t know who is feeding the rats to the walkers.  My sister is now thinking that it’s Hershel.  To her, Hershel makes perfect sense.  His character hasn’t changed much, he’s a veterinarian and he used to feed walkers back at his ranch.  It’s possible he make be experimenting on rats and feeding it to the walkers.  What do you think?  I don’t think it is Hershel.  I mean, it just can’t be him.

Let me know what you think?


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