Elementary “Ancient History” 4×05 recap

In “Elementary,” episode titled “Ancient History,” Watson is helping an old friend, Jen, find the man she believes to be “the one”. Jen met this man, Tony, a year ago and she can’t stop thinking about their one night stand. Since Watson and Sherlock have no other case at the moment she agreed to help her friend.

She brings this up to Sherlock but he’s not going to help her find this mystery man. He already knows who it is but he doesn’t let Watson know that.

Sherlock would rather look through a bunch of cold case files to see if maybe there is a case he can get his hands on but the trail for those files continues to stay cold. He and Watson go to the morgue.

They pull out dead bodies one by one looking through their files to see if there is a possible case. Sherlock examined a man by the name of Leo, who died in a motorcycle accident hitting a minivan also killing another person. Watson looking over the files and sees nothing out of the ordinary but Sherlock believes they have found themselves a case.

While examining the body Sherlock noticed the tattoo on Leo’s chest and the cut on his hands. The tattoo suggested Leo was apart of a Russian mob. There is no way Leo could have suffered the type of cut on his hands from the crash if he was wearing gloves. It turned out, Leo’s real name is Vitaly Andropov. They take this to Captain Gregson but Gregson can’t go off a hunch. No body no case.

Sherlock and Watson visited Leo’s wife, Lara. Sherlock empathized with her and told her it’s hard to believe that the one you knew and loved isn’t the person you thought you knew. That moment showed just how Sherlock felt about Irene Adler and how much he was hurt by her. Lara mentioned she and her husband planned on opening up a senior care facility together.

At home, Sherlock is calling around trying to find a contractor that might have worked with Leo. Sherlock comes up with the name Travis Hardwick. They find out Travis and Leo had an argument. They track Travis down at a hotel. Sherlock thinks Travis is dead but when they knock on the hotel door Travis opened it.

They question Travis about Leo, what went wrong and why they were arguing. Travis tells them Leo didn’t have the money financial to finish the care facility. The day Travis and Leo argued Leo handed him $25,000 in cash that he had borrowed from a loan shark. Sherlock noticed the cash is all old dollar bills and takes it into custody as evidence. Detective Bell runs a trace on the bills and tracked it back to a robbery that happened in 2011 where the money was never found.

Although they are trying to find a dead body Watson have not given up on helping Jen find “the one.” Sherlock can’t take it anymore and tells her he is Tony. Back then, he was keeping tabs on Watson to learn more about her. After she left Jen he approached her and one thing lead to another. Sherlock apologized for breaking their trust but promises to never do it again.

They find the loan shark and talked to him about Leo. The loan shark tells them Leo fled because he stole $30,000 from the Russian mob. A man named Grigori had came in the other day looking for Leo too. Leo had been in hiding for years without anyone being able to discover his true identity. Who could have possibly found out?

Sherlock and Watson make their way back to the accident because they now believe Leo was the target but had to used force to stay alive. Leo killed Grigori and fled the scene. Someone else was there shooting at Leo driving away causing him to swerve and eventually hit the minivan. They find Grigori’s body and call Gregson to the scene.

Eugene, a guy that works at the morgue tells Sherlock that Grigori was on anti-anxiety and heart medication. The only way Grigori would have been able to balanced these medication was if was seeing a psychiatrist. They go see Dr. Glassman, Grigori’s psychiatrist. Glassman wouldn’t see them until Sherlock decided to tell the secretary he’s thinking about jumping out of the window and killing himself. It is mandatory for the secretary to alert Glassman about Sherlock’s fake “suicidal thoughts.” This gives them time with Glassman. Glassman reveals Grigori had an associate, Marco Zupkof.

They visit Marco and questioned him about his whereabouts. Marco tells them he was in the hospital because he was stabbed. His story checked out. But Sherlock noticed the cloth used to stop the bleeding. It was the same cloth in Lara’s home. They take Marco into the station.

Sherlock visits Lara. Sherlock tells her, she was the one who shot at her husband. She found out he used to be involved in a Russian mob. Leo came home and Marco was there waiting for him. Leo fought him off by stabbing him in the leg. Lara then helped stopped Marco’s bleeding, he pulls out the cloth. The same kind of cloth you have for your curtains. They take her in.

Gregson, along with Sherlock and Watson questioned Lara. Sherlock shows her a picture of Marco. He is able to get her to nod her head and answer yes to a couple of question. Sherlock tricked her. He got her to say yes so that Marco will think she is helping the cops. This way Marco will be more willing to talk.

Joan goes to meet up with Jen. She is about to tell her about Tony but Sherlock has already told Jen himself. He gave her the closure she needed. Watson knew exactly what she was implying. Jen and Sherlock slept together again. But nonetheless both mysteries solved.

Let me know what your thoughts are.


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