Scandal “Say Hello to My Little Friend” 3×04 recap

Everyone can always use a friend.  Lisa Kudrow, actress from the TV show “Friends” made an appearance on Scandal this episode and it looks like she will continue to stay on.  Another dominate woman character in the show.  It will be interesting to see what she can bring to the show.

Olivia is kicking Jake out of her apartment.  She wants to put the past behind her and pretend as if she doesn’t know anything.  She just wants to be daddy’s little good girl and go back to having Sunday night dinners with him.

Harrison has landed a new client and does a happy dance.  Why? Because they can use the money.  Olivia’s reputation is going down the drain and they can use what they can get.  Harrison called up everyone to tell them about the new client.  Abby is currently out with David. YAY! I think they’re good together as long as they aren’t trying to screw each other professionally.

Their new client is Senator Richard Meyers.  He’s a sexting perv.  He is accused of having killed a woman in cold blood.  His wife believes this is only a one time thing and that they can get pass it.  She is his alibi.  On their behalf, Olivia tells the press this is a one time mistake, which isn’t true.

Once in court, David was able to prove Olivia was wrong about the Senator.  All his secrets came out.  Senator Meyers had multiple girls who he would text and send dirty pictures to.  His wife is mortified.  She can’t believe there was more than just one girl.  Olivia counters this by digging up dirt on the dead girl.  It turned out, she had multiple men just like Senator Meyers.  Any one of them could have been her killer.

Olivia’s plan was working because the media began to change the point of focus on the way the victim had lived, having multiple suitors. But Senator Meyers couldn’t help himself.  He sent out another sext of his “little friend” to another woman who went on air reading the text sent to her.  How is he getting all of these girl’s number?  Anyways, this upset his wife even more and she takes off.

Olivia and the Gladiators are trying to stall for time while they try and find Shelley, his wife.  Shelley is his only alibi and without her he will be sent to jail.  Olivia was able to find her and get her to take the stand.  She was very convincing on the stand.  When asked if she loved her husband she replied no.  How can she love a man that is as sick as him?  She doesn’t love him but doesn’t want him to go to jail for something he didn’t do. The jury comes to a verdict and finds Senator Meyers not guilty.

Senators Meyers speaks to Olivia and tells her, Shelley lied.  He was home alone while Shelley was out shopping.  Olivia then realized that it was Shelley who needed an alibi because she is the one who killed the girl.  Shelley learned about her husband’s activities and took action.  Olivia approached her and told her she knew she is the killer.

Kudrow plays, Congresswoman Josephine Marcus who is a viable presidential candidate for the Democratic party after Mellie badmouthed her off camera while the mic was still on.  Cy is not happy.  He demands Mellie to apologize.  Mellie does and Josephine accepted her apology.  Cy sends Ethan to Josephine’s home state, Montana, to find out all he can about her.

Fitz is reading the newspaper and is stunned to see an article about Peter Foster’s death.  He makes arrangements to have Foster burial service held and paid for at Arlington National Cemetery.  He attended the service and spoke with Foster’s sister.  He told he Foster was an American hero and deserved to be buried with honor.  Then we see that Huck is watching the service from afar.

Cy learned Fitz attended Foster’s funeral.  He contacted Rowan.  He wants to know why Rowan had Foster killed.  They meet up and as they are talking Jake is recording and listening in on their conversation.  Jake does a little more digging.  Cy also confronts Fitz about attending Foster’s funeral.  He tells Fitz to leave the past in the past.

Huck attended an AA meeting and as he was telling his story Quinn’s phone goes off.  So much for trying to not get caught.  Huck confronts Quinn and tells Quinn she needs to stop following him because she isn’t worried about him.  She interested.  He tells her she shouldn’t be interested in what he does.

Jake brings Olivia the files he gathered about Foster and the tape recording of Cy and her father’s conversation.  Again, Liv tells Jake she wants nothing to do with it and for him to take it and leave.  Jake leaves the files on her desk and walked away.  Huck grabs the file while Liv is out and looks through it.  He recognized the numbers and letters on the sheet of paper.  Foster had those same exact numbers and letters tattooed to his body.  Huck and Jake go to Liv’s apartment and tell her they need to speak.  They show her the files and tell her there is a mission missing.  Foster recorded 86 flights but only 85 are showing.  Jake then tells her there is a mission his went on only Foster wasn’t the pilot.  The pilot was Fitz.

Let me know what your thoughts are.



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