Grey’s Anatomy “Map of You” 10×06 recap

The brain is a complex organ with many different pathways to send signals to our body. But when that pathway becomes disrupted our body may not function to its full capacity. What if there was a possibility to regain that pathway back? Would you take that possibility?

Zola is drawing a bunch of lines and dots. What may looked like a bunch of scribble scrabble to others looked like a connected pathway of signals to Derek.

Derek and Callie are working on a research study.  This research was originally Callie’s idea but since her falling out with Arizona, she doesn’t have the drive to continue because Arizona was the reason she started the project in the first place.  This project requires Derek to make a map of the human brain with sensors and electrodes.  Derek and Callie has a patient known as Mickey. Mickey is a quadriplegic who sustained permanent injuries from a car accident he caused while driving drunk. He killed two teenage girls.  He has people feeding, shaving, and caring for him and he feels he doesn’t deserve it.  Being apart of Callie’s research made Mickey feel like he can do some good.

Derek had Mickey skull cut open.  He placed his human map onto Mickey’s brain.  Mickey was able to tell his mind to open and close his hand.  How amazing it that: to be able to feel like you can finally move a body part. But looking at Mickey’s brain activities, Derek noticed Mickey had no activity in his temporal lobe.  Derek thought he could use glue to stop the blockage so that Mickey can gain activity in his temporal lobe but after furthering reviewing Mickey’s case Derek backed out because it is too risky.  The chances of Mickey surviving the surgery isn’t likely.

Derek tells Mickey he has decided to not go on with the surgery.  Mickey refused and demanded Derek to do the surgery.  Derek wants Callie to talk to Mickey to get him to change his mind.  Callie is backing out of her research and Derek calls her out on it.  After some thinking, Callie talked to Mickey and learned about his story and why proceeding with the surgery is something he wants to do.  Callie tracked down Derek before he leaves home and he performed surgery that night.  Mickey doesn’t make it but he brain is donated to research.

Alex is avoiding Jo.  We have no idea why Alex is avoiding Jo.  Jo is going nuts.  Is Alex cheating on her?  Does he think Jo is pregnant and doesn’t want any part in it?  Jo finally confronts him and he tells her its none of her business.  Alex leaves.  He has been cheating on Jo with his father.  For the last couple of nights he has been going to the bar where his father played every night.  After his father’s show, Alex buys his dad a drink and they talk.  Alex and his father have a little jam session and his father continues to talk about his little boy.  This whole time I thought Jimmy was talking about Alex, but I was wrong.  Jimmy asked Alex if he would like to see a picture of his son.  He pulled out the picture and it wasn’t a picture of Alex.  Alex is furious and tells Jimmy to stay out of his son’s life because he will be better off without him.  Jimmy is confused and doesn’t understand why Alex would say that.  Alex punches his father and there’s no doubt that Jimmy now knows who Alex really is.

Alex, back home, talked to Jo and Jo is trying to figure out why Alex is avoiding her.  He is frustrated and hurt.  He blamed Jo for how he feels.  If she would have just stopped pressuring him to get back in touch with his father he wouldn’t be feeling this way. He throw a glass and scattered it.

Alex wasn’t the only one avoiding someone.  Arizona is also avoiding Murphy, again.  What happened this time?  Alex told Arizona that he slept with Murphy a couple of times and she became very clinging.  Murphy is as happy as she’s ever been.  Murphy and Arizona kissed!  Murphy is ready to experience other things with Arizona but Arizona decided to stop.  Arizona approached Murphy and tells her it was a one time mistake and will not happen again.  Just like that Murphy feelings are hurt.  Arizona couldn’t keep it to a one time mistake.  She alone and and hits up Murphy with a text asking her what she up to.  Will Murphy respond or keep it professional?  I hope she keeps it professional.

Owen brought his girlfriend to work.  Even though it’s not with Cristina, I’m so happy that he’s starting to be happy again!  Owen is dating Emma.  Emma came to observe a surgery Arizona and Alex performed.  Cristina and Emma run into each other and Cristina tells Emma she’s Owen ex-wife.  Emma is surprised at the news.  Owen hasn’t mention Cristina to Emma.  What can this mean?  I hope to see more of Emma and Owen together.

Speaking of Cristina, she is beginning to feel like she doesn’t exist.  Owen doesn’t mention her to Emma, it’s as if she wasn’t apart of his life.  She saved a man’s life but the man isn’t too happy because now the couple has to pay off their debt.  But living a long life with the one you love is worth every penny and they’ll work something out.  Cristina finds Meredith and tries to talk to her about her day but Meredith is too busy to pay her any attention.

Cristina is sitting there talking to Meredith but Meredith isn’t giving her any of her time.  Their relationship hits a turning point.  Meredith tells Cristina that she was always there for her and in last week’s episode Cristina wasn’t there for her.  To Meredith, Cristina pushed her away for having baby Bailey.  She also called Cristina out for not having “time for people who don’t want the things” she wants.  Does this mean they will no longer be each other person?  I don’t think so.  They care and have so much love for each other they will work things out.

Meredith has been trying to come up with a research idea to submit.  She doesn’t want to continue her mother’s unfinished work but everyone is telling her she should.  Her mother was a bright and intelligent surgeon.  Meredith will be dumb if she passed up a great idea.  She eventually decided to do her mother’s portal vein study.  She stayed up all night writing up her proposal to submit for funding (the reason why she was too busy for Cristina).

At home, Derek tells Meredith he wants to spend more time with the kids.  This way Meredith can work.  Derek has decided to focus on his research to give Meredith some free time.  How sweet of Derek!

Other things that happened:
Jo finally cracked the case on Richard and solved his pain.  Richard is an awesome teacher!!

Shane stole Derek’s glue idea and gave it to Cristina to perform a surgery never done before.  She doesn’t want to work with Derek anymore.

The interns passed their exams and are given their white coat with their names embroidered on them.  Heather Brooks received a white coat as well.  Shane sees it and takes off.

Let me know what your thoughts are.


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