Arrow “Broken Doll” 2×03 recap

How ironic is it that back in season 1, Laurel believed in the vigilante was good and her father didn’t, but now it’s the completely opposite? Laurel is filled with so much hurt and guilt that she has blinded herself from the truth.  Her father, was Detective now Officer Lance, has given in to Arrow (the hood/vigilante/Oliver). That’s right!  Oliver is now Arrow! He believes in doing good for the city and needs help from Arrow and because Felicity trust in Arrow, Officer Lance can too.

Last week’s episode ended with Arrow surrounded by a full team of cops, red laser dots all around. How is he going to escape this by himself? He doesn’t. The blonde chick in black leather and mask, from 2×01, comes dropping in from the ceiling. She uses a sonic weapon that radiates sound waves loud enough to disrupt the cops and crack all the windows making it possible for Arrow and herself to escape.  According to the comic book, this blonde chick is Black Canary.  Arrow asked Black Canary why she helped him and she doesn’t answer.  He continues to flee the scene.

Oliver made his way back to the basement of the club, where he meets up with Felicity and Diggle.  They are stunned to know see Oliver and asked him how he got out.  Oliver tells them about the masked blonde chick in black leather and how she used a sonic thing.  He doesn’t believe she is a copy cat vigilante because she was skillful and trained.  Felicity begins trying to find the mystery woman.  Diggle, on the other hand, is worried and asked Oliver why he went to go see Laurel.  Oliver was trying to make Laurel understand that he isn’t the bad guy and is trying to do things differently but there is no talking to a hurt Laurel.

The flashback takes us back to when Oliver was on the island and they had discovered and brought back a dead corpse to the airplane.  Shado is left alone to examines the corpse while Slade and Oliver make there way up to higher ground to get a better view of the area.  To see if they can locate where the enemy is.  Eventually, in later flashbacks, they spot a ship and all of a sudden it’s like a game of “Battleship”.  Somehow the enemy had discovered their location and began firing missiles.  Oliver is freaking out because Shado is by herself that he begins to run frantically in the middle of all the missiles being launched at them.  Slade is trying to stop him but fails. Slade is hit and is on fire.  Oliver endured a massive impact from a missile that hit close to him.  He goes unconscious and when he awakes he is locked up in a cage on the ship.

Back in present time, Officer Lance is radioed a possible case but is called off.  Officer Lance is furious and makes his way to the crime scene anyways.  He wants to know why he was called off and then he realizes it was one of his old case.  A criminal by the name of Mathis, who Lance had put away for murdering 8 girls has escaped because of the quake.  Mathis is a serial killer that turns the women he kills into dolls.  Lance wants nothing more than to take him down but last time he was to emotionally involved therefore is off the case.  But this doesn’t stop him.

Lance makes a call to Felicity.  Felicity sets a meeting up with Lance and Arrow.  Lance is asking Arrow to help him find Mathis and put him back in jail.  Lance brings Arrow his personal file on Mathis.  Arrow tells Lance “maybe its just not that file that’s personal.” Lance responded saying he doesn’t want another dead girl on his conscience.  Arrow is trying a different way of helping and so is Lance.  They work together to find Mathis.

Arrow visits Roy.  He needs Roy help in finding the masked blonde chick in black leather.  Roy tells Arrow he’s met her before.  She saved him while he tried to save a girl from three guys.  Roy steals a case of champagne and sold it to a guy for information on the blonde chick.  He directs Roy to a girl name Cindy.  Roy finds Cindy and chases her up a building.  He gets knocked out and when he wakes up Black Canary questioned him.  She asked him if he’s with them.  He has no idea what she’s talking about.  He gets a text from Thea.  Black Canary reads the text and takes off.  She tells Cindy to let him go.

Arrow and Lance pay a visit to Mathis lawyer.  The lawyer gives them a place where they might be able to find Mathis.  They make their way to the “Bisque Museum”.  It’s an apartment complex.  Lance had spoken with someone at the front desk and someone matching Mathis’ description checked in a week ago into room 52 and paid in cash.  They break open the door and there is a doll holding a piece of newspaper in front of a phone.  The phone rings and Lance picked it up.  It’s Mathis on the other end of the phone.  Arrow has Felicity trace the call but Mathis has it blocked.  Lance stays on the phone and listened to the entire murder.  An hour later the police found the body.

Oliver wants details on the forensic but Felicity is unable to hack into the private lab.  It would be hard to hack a system that is offline.  Arrow and Lance break into the private lab.  Felicity is then able to access all the detail and bring up files on the screen for Arrow and Lance to see.  Looking through the files on the screen, Lance noticed something familiar.  A type of mermaid skin cream.  Mathis goes after woman who buys a certain type of skin cream.  There are only 4 stores in the city that carries this kind of skin cream, 3 of which have security cameras but one does not.  There’s no telling which store he chooses his victims from.

Felicity offered to be a bait.  She buys the mermaid skin cream from all 4 stores.  Diggle, Arrow and Lance are all on watch.  Lance strikes up a conversation with Arrow and says “she must really believe in you.”  “So did your daughter,” Arrow replies.

Lance takes a deep breath and said, “She suffered a lost.  Griefs got a way of shifting a person’s belief. But then you know all about that.  You’ve lost people too right?”  He continues to speak and opened up to Arrow about his youngest daughter Sarah.  After her daughter died he threw himself into his work and least than a month he was able to catch the Mathis.  To Lance, every girl he was trying to save, he was trying to save Sarah.

Felicity is taken by Mathis in an alley.  Thankfully he scream was heard by Arrow, Diggle and Lance.  They run in her direction.  Lance radioed for backup.  Arrow shoots Mathis in the back with his arrow.  Felicity is then able to fight him off, but banged her head on a box while falling to the ground.  Mathis continues to run.  Arrow checked on Felicity while Lance continued to run after Mathis.  Diggle came and stayed with Felicity.  Arrow ran after Lance and Mathis.  Mathis knocked down Lance, grabbed Lance’s gun and pointed it at Lance.  Before he fired, Arrow shoot the gun out of his hand and Mathis ran away.  The police arrive.  Lance tells Arrow to take off.  Lance is arrested for obstruction.

It is Moira Queen’s pretrial hearing.  The District Attorney doesn’t want a pretrial.  He is seeking the death penalty.  Oliver tells his mother they are going to fight it and she will get out of jail.  Her lawyer and friend, Jean, believes they can fight it and take it to trial.  But it doesn’t seem like Moira will want to.  She’s afraid the skeleton will come out of the closet and cause her to lose her family again.  She is finally at a good place with her kids and has made her peace with the world.

Laurel was able to pull some strings and get her father out released and the charges dropped.  Laurel isn’t happy her father is working with Arrow.  But to Lance, he knows the city needs help and isn’t too particular on how or where the helps come from as long as it’s for the good.  He asked what her excuse was for not believing in Arrow anymore, Tommy? She asked him what he would say to her if it was.  He replied “that a guy with a bow and arrow can’t save a guy with a building falling on top of him.”  Laurel knows her father is right but doesn’t want to accept it.

Lance is in the parking garage and stopped to ask a guy if he needed help.  The guy turns out to be Mathis.  Mathis uses a taser gun on Lance and throws him into the back of a van with Laurel.  Will Laurel become his next victim.

Arrow makes his way to the club to speak to Thea.  He received a text to watch the news.  The news reported that Lance and Laurel have been abducted.  Oliver suits up and is on his way to save Lance and Laurel.  Maybe saving Laurel again will change her mind about Arrow.

The text from Thea to Roy that Black Canary read, mentioned earlier, said that Laurel was kidnapped.  I can only assume Black Canary is on her way to help save Laurel.

Mathis has Lance tied up and Laurel strapped onto tubes.  Mathis is sick!  To tie Lance up so he can watch and witness his daughter’s death is disturbing.  Mathis must really want Lance to suffer.  Mathis began pouring the liquid substance into the tube.  As the substance made its way up the tube into Laurel’s mouth, Arrow dropped in and fired an arrow knocking down the tube.  Mathis takes off running.  Arrow saved Laurel once again.

Arrow chased after Mathis, but it looks like Black Canary is too after Mathis.  Mathis is Black Canary fight it out until Mathis dropped a bunch of steel pipes on her.  Before he can unmasked Black Canary, Arrow fired two arrow striking down Mathis.  He tells Mathis he’s going back to jail, but Black Canary doesn’t like that idea.  She killed Mathis by throwing a dagger through his chest.

Lance and Laurel are walking about of the building and Laurel breaks down.  She recalled the night of the quake.  Oliver had told her to stay out of the Glades but she was too stubborn to listen.  The only reason why Tommy was there was to save her and now she blames herself for Tommy’s death.  All this time she was taking it out on Arrow.  Back at Laurel’s apartment, Arrow visits Lance and Laurel.  Lance thanked Arrow for saving their lives.

Black Canary is visited by an old friend.  He has come as a messenger to tell her to go back to Ra’s Al Ghul.  Ra’s Al Ghul is one of the main bad guys in Batman.  If you recall, Malcolm Merlyn, Tommy’s dad, spent 2 years in Nanda Parbat training.  Was Malcolm trained by Ra’s Al Ghul?  Anyways Black Canary refused to go with the messenger and killed him.

What is Black Canary’s intention?  Is she good or bad?  Which side is she on?  Why does she keep tabs on Arrow?

Let me know what your thoughts are.





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