Hart of Dixie – “Take This Job and Shove It” 3×03 recap

Open wide! Joel has become the only patient of Zoey and she’s going nuts. Currently, she isn’t allowed to practice medicine but it’s not stopping her from helping the people of Bluebell.

Zoey has developed this three step plan to get Brick to come to the realization that she can possibly open her own practice.  Brick would then have no choice but to take her back. Joel comes up the with crazy idea that Zoey should open up her own practice.  She tells him she doesn’t want to open her own practice.  She wants to go back to that [Brick’s] practice.Joel runs into brick at the drug store and he isn’t the greatest person when it comes to using his words.  You would think a writer would carefully choose his words.  Their conversation doesn’t go too well.  Joel uses the word “her practice” and gets Brick all riled up.  “Her practice?” Brick said.  Joel tries to rephrase his statement but too late.  Brick continues his rant about building his practice for the last 25 year and she isn’t going to take it from him.  He tells Joel that he knows Zoey has been “schmoozing” his patients.  Joel defends Zoey and says she isn’t trying to steal his patient because if she wanted to she could have done so already.  This gave Brick the impression that Zoey wanted to open her own practice.

Joel makes his way to find Zoey and sits her down.  He brings up the conversation of maybe she should open her own practice.  Zoey is confused because they just had this conversation.  Joel must have told her about his conversation with Brick.  They make their way to Brick’s practice with some baked goods.  Zoey apologized and tried to explain to Brick that she doesn’t want to open up her own practice.  Brick wasn’t letting up.  Zoey then takes back her apologizes and threatened to open her own practice.  Thankfully, lawyer George is there to clear up their contract agreement.

According to their contract there is a 20 miles, 1 year non compete clause preventing Zoey from opening her own practice.  If she does Brick and sue her for up to $350,000.  Zoey takes it a bit personally, thinking this was George’s way of getting back at her.  He explains it isn’t personally, just the law.

Zoey heads to the Rammer Jammer and talks to Wade about the situation.  Wade tells her to wait it out for 6 months and open up her own practice.  She tells Wade she isn’t going to last 6 days.  But it looks like she’s going to have to try because Brick has hired the only town’s private investigator, Frank.

Brick can’t keep tabs on Zoey himself because he is a doctor but Lavon has asked Brick to help him get Bluebell to be the home of a minor baseball team.  According to Facebook, Brick was old college buddies with Cameron Lynch, the owner of the team.  Lavon has asked Brick to invite her to town, but Brick doesn’t want to.  He is not friends with Cameron and has been trying to unfriend her before Facebook existed.  Lavon isn’t taken back, he asked Brick to close his eye and picture the opening day.  Brick agreed to make the call to Cameron.

We soon learn Cameron had and probably still do have feelings for Brick.  But Brick definitely doesn’t feel the same way.  He can’t stand her and or can’t continue to laugh at her jokes when they’re not funny.  Lavon insist Brick to continue to charm her until George can meet them with the plan to have the team call Bluebell their new home, otherwise Fillmore will be the new home for the team.

Meanwhile, Lemon is being overruled by the Belles.  Cricket, the leader of the Belles, and Lemon aren’t seeing eye to eye.  This makes Lemon host a private meeting with some of the Belles to overthrow Cricket and her silent partners.  Somehow word got to Cricket about this meeting.  Cricket and her silent partners come walking in and Cricket pulls out the by-laws of the Belles.  Cricket accused Lemon of treason and tells her if she wants to remain a Belle she must face the sanctions of rebellion.  Lemon must clean off the graffiti on the wall and scrub off the dried gum on the concrete cement.  But by the 23rd gum, Lemon came to the realization she doesn’t need to do this and or be apart of this organization.  Lemon and Annabeth quit being a Belle.  With 10 extra hours a week, what will they do now?

George has been trying to prepare Lynly for her LSAT, but she is very distracted.  She wants George but George isn’t about to make another mistake with her.  Lynly is lying in his bed half naked and George is not happy.  He tells her to put on her clothes.  She needs assistance zipping up her dress.  George helps but gets his thumb caught on the zipper.  In pain, he has no one else to call but Zoey.  He can’t call Brick because Brick is with Lavon.  If Lavon sees this and finds out George is the “egg man” who knows what he will do to George.  George calls Zoey and asked for medical help.

Zoey packed her medicine case and put it in a bag so Frank won’t be able to tell what’s inside it.  She calls for Wade to help get Frank off her tail.  Zoey makes it to George’s place without Frank following her.  She sees the situation and treats it.  Frank finds Brick and informs him, he has lost track of Zoey.  Brick leaves Lavon with Cameron and she tells Lavon she has places to be and will be unfriending him on Facebook.

Joel and Wade come up with a diversion to keep Brick from finding Zoey.  Joel is such a bad actor that to pretend he’s in pain he must be in pain.  Wade punched Joel in the stomach and Joel goes in to see Brick long enough for Zoey to finished treating George.

Zoey asked George how she can go around the non compete clause.  George explains to her there are no loop holes.  She left Brick without any warning.  How is Brick supposed to react?  With open arms?  I don’t think I would either.  George further explains that when Brick’s last partner, Zoey’s biological father, died and Brick never really forgave him for that.  Zoey then realized what she had to do.

She goes to Brick, bringing him a check for $350,000, but tells Brick he should wait 10-15 years before cashing in that check.  She then, tells Brick that when she left to go work in New York, she didn’t think she was going to miss working in Bluebell.  At her father’s practice with a guy who will eventually become her mentor, someone who was family.  She apologized for abandoning him and for being the cause of his bad mood.  Before she can walk out the door, Brick says to her “it’s not your fault.  It’s everything.”  He went off to marry Shelby and came back alone.  Zoey wasn’t there and Magnolia left.  His world was falling apart. Being overworked didn’t help.  Brick then offers Zoey a job as an associate, who will work for him and work her way up.  Zoey accepted.

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