The Walking Dead – “Infected” 4×02 recap

In this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” the days without an accident continues to stay at zero.  They have lost more lives this episode than they have in the pass few months.  An unknown illness has begun spreading among the people within the prison.  To make matters worse, someone has been feeding the zombies, which explains the huge build up of walkers to concentrate in one area.  The opening scene of the episode starts at night with someone holding a flashlight at a walker and feeding it a rat.  Who and why is this person feeding the walkers?  Is he or she helping the Governor to weaken the people within the prison?  The only person I can suspect at this time is Bob.  He’s new. He was found by himself in the woods by Daryl.  He caused the “raining walkers” to occur in last week’s episode.  But he was saved by Zach, so it might not be him because maybe his loyalty has changed.  If someone risked their lives to save yours wouldn’t you feel indebted to them?

The next scene caused me to feel so much suspense.  I was anticipating and literally thinking, she’s going to dies.  It was as if I was watching a horror movie and I was just waiting for something bad to happen.  I mean, after Karen and Tyreese departed, Karen makes her way to the shower area alone and her flashlight was barely working.  She gets there, poured the water in the sink to wash her face and click clack.  She heard a noise from behind her.  Knowing that Patrick had died and turned in last week’s episode got me feeling like he was going to jump out from behind the curtains and take down Karen.  Karen checks behind the curtain but there was nothing there.  She leaves and goes back to her cell in block D.

Patrick, now a walker, gets up and follows Karen to block D.  Patrick entered into block D shortly after Karen had just laid down and closed her eyes.  Patrick stops and stands right outside her cell but doesn’t go in.  He was redirected by a cough.  Patrick walked into the next cell and fed.  Nerdy Patrick is a smart walker.  He went straight for the neck making it nearly impossible for the man to make any type of noise, but why didn’t he struggle or try to fight off Patrick?

Farmer Rick is up and taking care of his daughter.  He wakes up Carl at 6am to go feed the pigs.  Rick and Carl have a conversation.  Carl asked him when he can have his gun back but Rick doesn’t answer.  Gun shots are fired from within the prison.  Rick tells Carl to stay outside with Maggie in the tower.

Michonne was also up early ready to head out in search of the Governor but she doesn’t get too far.  She turns back as soon as she heard the gun shots.  Carl opens the gate for Michonne and two walkers were able to get in.  Michonne gets off her horse to fight off the walkers but she is taken down by the walkers.  Carl runs for the gun and shoot one of the walkers in the head.  Michonne kicks the other walker off her and sprained her ankle.  Maggie comes out and shoots the walker.

In cell block D, they are fighting off and killing the walkers.  Carol attends to someone who has been bitten. She plans to amputate is arm but when she turns him, she sees that his neck has been bitten as well.  She has no choice to but kill him.  She brings in her daughters to say goodbye.  One of the daughter said she will be the one to kill him but she couldn’t do it.  I don’t blame her.  Once the fight is over, Rick, Daryl and Glenn found Patrick and others in the cell with no bites.  They along with Hershel, Dr. S and Bob examined the walkers without a bite and come to the conclusion their is some kind of illness going around.  Is it the swine flu?  Violet, the pig, was sick and died.  The people may have been eating sick pigs without knowing it.

Rick goes out to check on Carl.  Carl sees Rick and runs towards him.  Rick tried to stop him from getting too close but Carl hugs him.  Carl apologized to his father for using the gun.  He tells his father he didn’t want to but he needed to help Michonne.  Michonne validated his story.  Rick tells them Patrick died from some kind of flu that is spreading very rapidly and they shouldn’t get to close.

The council have a meeting and decide they need to control the spread of the illness.  They decide to quarantine the people who may have been exposed.  Karen and Tyreese walked pass the council meeting.  Karen is coughing and Hershel tells her they need to keep her separated.  Karen doesn’t argue.  She informs them of someone else who hasn’t been feeling well either.

After the council meeting, Carol goes out to look for the girls.  She finds them by the fence staring out at the walkers.  She tells the little girl, Lizzie, she’s weak for not being able to kill her father.  Seriously?  Carol was a little harsh.  I understand it was a must to kill her father but it was her father.  Not every kid is going to be as tough as Carl.  Lizzie’s sister tells Carol, Lizzie isn’t weak, she’s just messed up.

Rick makes his way out to help Daryl dig the grave.  Daryl tells Rick he was glad to have him in there.  Rick replies saying he wasn’t much help without his gun.  Daryl thinks otherwise and begins to tell Rick that if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t be where they are and that he’s earn the time off that he needs to take away from his gun.  Daryl then ask Rick if he’s going to help them figure out what’s going on.  Rick is afraid he’ll make the same mistakes he made in the past and go crazy again.  Daryl tells him, he doesn’t see them as mistakes because when shit goes wrong he’s there.

Maggie comes running from the fence yelling for Rick and Daryl.  The walkers have piled up and is pushing their way through the fence.  They get to the fence and start poking away at the walkers.  But there’s just too many of them.  Sasha continues to make her way down and noticed some dead rats.  She yells, “Are you seeing this?  Is someone feeding these things?”  But there’s no time to stop and ask questions.  The fence is about to give.  Rick stares out to the farm and tells Daryl to get the truck.  Daryl drives out and Rick is in the back is cutting the pigs and feeding them to the walkers.  They were able to lure the walkers away so that Maggie and the others can stabilize the fence.  How much longer can the fence hold?

Beth is caring for Michonne and Judith.  Michonne seems cold and detached when Judith begin to cry.  Beth takes Judith and begins to sing to her.  Judith throws up on Beth and Beth goes to Michonne asking her to take Beth for a few seconds while she goes clean herself.  At first Michonne resists but then takes Judith from Beth.  Michonne doesn’t immediately hold Judith.  She distanced herself from the Judith as if she was holding her in mid air.  But it didn’t take long for Michonne to take Judith into her arms.  Michonne breaks down and cries.  I love character building and this is only a glimpse of many more life stories to come.  Did Michonne have a child of her own that she had to let go of?

Rick is tearing down the pig pen.  Carl approaches and tells his father Carol has been teaching the kids how to use weapons during story time.  Carl argues his position for Carol because he believes the kids need to learn how to defend themselves.  Rick tells Carl, he’s glad Carl told him and that he’s not going to tell the kid’s parents and or stop it.  He gives Carl his gun back and strap on his own.  Rick burns the pig pen and throws in his shirt into the burning fire.

Tyreese makes his way to see Karen.  Karen is no where to be found.  Tyreese then noticed a trail of blood.  He follows it and it leads him outdoors.  He opens the door and noticed to bodies that have been burned.  One of those body is definitely Karen because of her bracelet.

Next week’s episode should not disappoint!  Based on the previews we know that Sasha gets sick and the block holding all the sick people is filled with walkers.  Also, we have no idea who burned the bodies.  Could the person who is feeding the walkers be the same person who burned the bodies?  Who do you think is feeding the walker and burned the bodies?  Have we been introduced to this character?  So many questions and possibilities!

Let me know what your thoughts are.


One thought on “The Walking Dead – “Infected” 4×02 recap

  1. I’m really excited by the prospect of the burned bodies. As well as whoever is feeding the zombies with rats. I have a feeling The Governor is involved somehow. He certainly isn’t dead!

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