Elementary 2×04 recap

In this episode, Sherlock is practically reliving his very first case.  Only, this time, Sherlock is physically involved and not just solving the case by exchanging letters.  By the way, did any of you know Sherlock boxed?

At the gym, Sherlock received a phone call from someone he calls Mistress.  He tells Mistress to call 911 and ask for Captain Gregson.  He and Watson make their way over to the crime scene.  Its a nice change to see Sherlock in a sweater and sweat pants.

At the crime scene, Mistress Felicia, a dominatrix, is informing Captain Gregson of her story.  She tells Captain Gregson the dead man is a new client who called her around 10:30pm saying he will leave the door unlocked.  She gets there and finds a body on the floor.  Captain Gregson asked if she found him like that.  She said no.  She took off his mask and realized he was dead and that’s when she called Sherlock.  The victim was in a full on latex suit.

Detective Bell identified the victim as Titus Delancey, the CEO of a financial corporation.  Detective Bell then takes Mistress Felicia into the other room to take down her statement.

Sherlock examined the victim’s body and suggested their was some assistance with putting on the latex suit.  He then points out the blue line around the victim’s lip.  Watson puts her doctor skills to use and suggest nitroglycerin overdose.  Sherlock doesn’t think it is a possible overdose.  He further inspects the scene and comes across a cup of bourbon.  He pours a little of the bourbon on the table, set it on fire to prove the victim was poison with nitroglycerin.

Detective Bell spoke with Titus Delancey’s wife.  She and her two sons are making their way back from their family vacation home in Bedford.  She is certain that Titus never took part in any kind of recreation activities.  This gives Sherlock good reasoning to believe that the suspect must have brought it and put it on Titus.  And given the shininess of the latex it must have been recently bought new.  Sherlock was able to come up with two shop that sale those kind of latex suit and there is only one shop that carries sizes bigger than a large.  The victim’s XXL suit was bought at a shop known as the Pleasure Parlor.

Sherlock, Watson and Detective Bell arrive at Pleasure Parlor and question the cashier about possibly accessing their records of latex suits sold within the passed month. The cashier was being stubborn until Detective Bell flashed his badge for all the customers to see. The cashier then, lets Detective Bell, Sherlock and Watson know that the only XXL suit purchased within the last month was last night at around 9:30pm. The cashier also informs Detective Bell that the man who purchased the suit was buying it for someone else because he was a size medium at the most.  The person who had purchased it paid in cash but had used the ATM machine within the store. Detective Bell was able to pull off images of the person making a withdraw from the ATM camera.

Captain Gregson and Detective Bell has brought in Mr. Jeffrey for questioning.  Detective Bell placed Mr. Jeffrey at the Pleasure Parlor withdrawing money from the ATM at around 9:30pm.  Mr. Jeffrey agrees to having put Titus, his boss, in the latex suit.  He explains to Gregson and Bell that he Titus were supposed to have dinner last night, but when he arrived Titus was already on the floor dead.  Mr. Jeffrey swears he thought Titus had a heart attack and died, he had no idea Titus was poisoned until the morning news came on.  Mr. Jeffrey further explained that Titus had announced his retirement a few weeks ago and was to receive a lump sum of 125 million.  But according to a moral clause the company has in place, Titus could lose all 125 million.  Therefore, greedy Mr. Jeffrey bought the latex suit, put it on Titus and called the dominatrix.

Bell just got off the phone with the lab.  The lab confirms the nitroglycerin in the glass but no nitroglycerin was found in the bottle of bourbon.  Watson concludes the killer was there when the drinks were poured.  Mr. Jeffrey can’t be the killer because he was at work until 8pm and according to time of death, Titus died around 8pm.

Sherlock and Watson make their way to Mrs. Delancey’s home along with Gregson and Bell.  Mrs. Delancey informs them of her and her two sons whereabouts last night.  She explains to them the nanny had the day off and so she and her sons spent some time together.  The nanny walks in and is introduced as Ann Barker.  Sherlock extends his hand out and shakes Ann’s hand.  Sherlock requested a moment outside with Watson.

Sherlock asked Watson to recall a case involving a 15 year old girl, Abigail Spencer, who was involved in murdering her father, which also involved nitroglycerin overdose.  Sherlock followed this case closely as he at the time was too 15 years old.  Abigail, eventually, was acquitted, although many believed she had indeed murdered her father.  After being acquitted, Abigail Spencer left and was no where to be found.  Sherlock informs Watson that he believes the nanny, Ann Barker is Abigail Spencer.

Ann Barker is taken in for questioning.  She doesn’t deny having changed her name from Abigail Spencer to Ann Barker.  When asked if she found it a bit coincidental that her father was killed using nitroglycerin and Titus too was killed with nitroglycerin, she replied she didn’t do it.  19 years no one has been able to recognize her since going through plastic surgery, how was Sherlock able to recognize her?  Sherlock says he was able to recognize her voice from the media coverage.  There isn’t enough evidence to accuse her of the murder of Titus and was released.

Sherlock believes she didn’t kill Titus.  He does believe whoever did, found out Ann Barker was Abigail Spencer and is trying to frame her for the murder.  Therefore, whoever killed Titus knew Ann.

Watson approach Sherlock and asked him how she knew about Ann Barker’s tattoo.  Watson doesn’t believe he was telling the truth when he told Ann she recognized her voice.  She begins to explain that when he shook Ann’s hand he was fixated on her tattoo.  She thought maybe he had recognized it from a picture taken from her trail but she realized, Abigail didn’t have a tattoo then.  How did Sherlock recognize it?

Sherlock begins to tell the story of his first case.  By the time Sherlock was 15 years old he was fascinated by murders and all things criminal.  Although the media lost interest in the Abigail Spencer case, he didn’t.  He wrote to her asking about her life and her father’s death.  They began to exchange letters to one another and in one of the letter she had mentioned wanting to get a tattoo of a Phoenix on her wrist as a symbol of her rebirth.  Watson asked how come she didn’t recognize his name and he replied he wrote to her under a different name, Shawn Holmes.  He further informed Watson that through her writing she revealed things that could have tied her to the murder of her father and he promised to keep their letters confidential. Sherlock believed that although she had killed her father she was not a killer and posed no threat to anyone else.

Sherlock visits Ann. Sherlock knocked on the door and identified himself as Sherlock Holmes but then proceeded to tell Ann she knew him by a different name, Shawn Holmes. Ann lets him in. She doesn’t understand why he didn’t just tell her that before. Sherlock was unsure on how he would explain their relationships to his colleagues.

They never thought they would meet each other. She used to look forward to his letters as did he. Then she stopped writing and Sherlock doesn’t blame her. She needed to “leave Abigail behind so that Phoenix rise.” Pointing to her tattoo.

The reason for his visit is to tell Ann he doesn’t believe she killed Titus. He does believe that whoever knew of her true identity is trying to frame her. He asked her if she knew of anyone that might know of her past. If anything strange had happened within the last month, had anyone began to take an interest in her. She can’t recall anyone taking an interest in her but she remembers being followed by a car which she had taken down the license plate number. Sherlock asked for the plate number.

They ran the plate number and found out it belonged to a private investigator, who was hired by mrs. Delancey’s. Mrs. Delancey’s had hired a PI to try and dig up some dirt on Titus because the only way she can get more money from Titus when he does is if she can prove he was unfaithful. She found nothing.

Mrs. Delancey and her attorney


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