Scandal 3×03 recap

Don’t you just love a little Scandal in your life? I mean, I love Kerry Washington’s character and the way she portrays Olivia Pope.

I can’t help but come back to the question of who holds all the power? Who is running the show? Who is in charge? And for me, this week’s episode answered these questions. Eli Pope is the man in power! Will he continue to have the power throughout this series or will we see a swift in power later on in the season?

At Pope and Associates, the Gladiators, without Huck, have taken on a new client, Mary Nesbitt.  Mary doesn’t explain to the Gladiator what her situation is.  She just hands them a huge check in the amount of $27,870 and leaves. Liv walks in.  Mary doesn’t stay to chat with Liv because she is late for a meeting at the hill. The Gladiator asked Liv where Huck was and she tells them he’s taking a “personal day.”  Abby responds, “We get personal day?” Anyways, Quinn did a little digging and finds out Mary had exactly $27,870 in her bank account two days ago and that her son is Chris Lawrence.  Chris was killed in an FBI raid 15 months ago for being a terrorist.  Liv is concern and goes out looking for Mary at the hill.

At the White House, Cyrus is demanding Fitz and Mellie to pretend they love each other.  Haven’t they been pretending this the entire time?  Cy wants Fitz and Mellie to show the world they are getting through Fitz affair by working things out. This isn’t the first time Fitz has had an affair.  They are to spend some time at Camp David while the paparazzi take a bunch of pictures to showcase their reconnecting love.

Meanwhile, there is a tour of the White House going on and a man breaks away from the tour group.  He opens a door that leads him into a hallway.  He’s walking and then is spotted by a secret service.  The man is being chased down as he’s running towards the oval office.  The man is tackled down.  He then begins to yell you, he needs to speak to the President about Operation Remington.  What is the heck is Operation Remington?  Could it have been that bad?  Fitz and Mellie are taken into custody until everything is cleared and safe.

Liv is at the Capitol looking for Mary.  She’s a bit confused as to why people are running away and no one is at their desk.  She walks into a room where she spots Mary.  Mary had strapped herself to a bomb.  Mary has every intention to detonate the bomb if she doesn’t get an answer as to why her son was killed by the FBI.  All she knows is that they are telling her, her son was a terrorist.  But a mother knows!  Mary knows down in her gut that there is something they aren’t telling her.  Mary is demanding to see her son’s file, but his file is classified.  Liv tries to calm Mary down and explain to her she’ll get an answer but the only way she’ll get a chance to see her son’s file is if she let go of the hostages.  Mary agrees.  She lets go of the hostages except for Congressman Struthers and Liv.  Liv is kind of like a hostage but more so Mary’s representative.  Liv answers all incoming negotiation calls and speaks for Mary.

Liv uses her personal cell phone to make calls to the Gladiators.  She has Harrison out as her eyes and ears on what is going on.  Quinn is to hack into FBI files to retrieve the classified files, but is struggling.  Abby goes to David for help.

Once everything has been cleared, Fitz is updated about the situation at the Capitol.  Fitz is now running the show and mood changes.  He has command all sniper to take the kill shot if they have it, not knowing that Liv is in the room.  Mary freaking out because she hears foot steps outside the door so she goes to the window to take a look outside at what is going on.  Liv calls Harrison to get an update as to what is going on.  A sniper responds with a visual but before he fires Fitz want confirmation.  Liv panic and is demanding to know what is going on and finally Harrison tells Liv the “President is running point on this.”  Liv is not happy.  Liv gets Mary away from the window and opens the blinds.  Fitz see that Liv is inside and has all the sniper stand down and to not shoot. Quick thinking on Liv’s part.  Liv knowing the President is in command, makes a phone call to Jake and has Jake call the President using their secret communication cell phone.  Fitz takes the call and speaks with Jake but doesn’t give Jake what Liv asked for.

Harrison is greeted by Laura Kenney, an FBI agent who shows him a video of Chris Lawrence portraying as a terrorist, recruiting for Al Qaeda.  Harrison calls Liv to tell her about what he just witnessed.  Liv tells Mary that she needs to prepare herself for what might be inside his file.  Harrison is walking away from all the media and sees the Laura talking to another man and getting into a US Government car.  He isn’t so convinced anymore that Chris Lawrence was a terrorist.  He phones Abby and has her have David look up Laura Kenney.  Laura Kenney is no FBI agent.  Abby calls Liv to tell her the stories don’t match up.  Liv speak with David and is able to guilt trip him into doing a little digging of his own.

David goes and meet with Cyrus.  Cyrus tries to brush David off as if he doesn’t matter.  But any great lawyer knows you never go into battle unprepared.  David begins to name a few name off a list he was able to gather about the FBI raid.  David is great!  He is able to get Cyrus to show him the file.

Liv receives a phone call from the President.  The President explains to Liv that Chris Lawrence was CIA.  He was able to infiltrate the Al Qaeda network and was able to bring in other CIA members in as fake recruits.  “Chris Lawrence was an American Hero, perhaps one of the greatest hero our nation will ever have.”  But his mother can’t know that classified information because the 57 men and women he recruit has to be seen as “enemy of the United States” to stay alive.  “Chris Lawrence was killed by the FBI because they did not know his true loyalties.  And that was a terrible mistake…”

To hear this and know that you can’t tell the mother of an American Hero the true reason why her son was killed is heartbreaking.  And to top it off, Liv lies to Mary.  Liv tells Mary her son was a terrorist.  Mary breaks down into tears and Liv tries to comfort her.  Liv reminds her that she is still representing her and that she will find her the best defense lawyer and she will get through it.  They then make their way out the door.  Mary pushes Liv out and closes the door shut.  Liv shouts for Mary to open the door but the team standing outside the door grabs Liv and take her away from the door.  The bomb goes off.Fitz is worried.  Don’t worry, Liv is okay.

While the bomb crisis was going on Cy receives Peter Foster’s file, the man who tried to speak to the President about Operation Remington.  This alarms Cy to make a call to Rowan (Eli/Liv’s dad).  Rowan pays Foster a visit.  Throws down an envelop filled with cash.  Rowan has been paying Foster to keep his mouth shut about Operation Remington.  But it doesn’t look like Foster wants to stay quiet anymore.

Huck is completely in distraught. The one person he trusted and believed in lied to him or at least wasn’t completely honest. Huck is pretty much out for vengeance! I can’t even begin to imagine the thoughts running through his mind after finding out that Command is Liv’s father. What do you do with this kind of information? To Huck, Liv practically saved his life but her father took everything he loved and cared for away from him.Since finding out Eli is Command of B-613, Huck has been obsessed with Eli. Watching his every move to plan the perfect revenge. Huck followed Eli from his home to a vendor on the street. Coming up from behind, Huck pulls out his gun attached to a silencer. Is Huck really go into shoot Eli out in public? No. Eli receives a phone call and Huck pulls away, walking right pass him.

Huck followed Eli to Foster’s home.  As Eli exits Foster’s mobile home, Huck is standing there with his gun pointed right at Eli.  Eli calls Huck a rusty soldier based off his failed performance in the morning.  How did Eli know Huck was following him? I guess, Eli knows everything as he is Rowan and Command.  Eli isn’t even afraid of Huck as he’s pointing the gun right at his head.  It’s as if Eli knew Huck wasn’t going to kill him.  Eli tells Huck he left him a present inside.  Huck goes inside and kills Foster.

Liv makes her way back to her office and runs into Huck.  He isn’t there to kill her he says.  He’s all killed out for the day.  This makes Liv worry.  She’s afraid Huck has killed her father.  Huck tells her no.  He didn’t kill her father.  He explains to her that even after all this time her father still owns him and still controls him.

Liv then makes her way back home to Jake!  Just kidding.  Jake is staying at her house for the time being.  But Liv doesn’t wait she jumps the gone and asked him “why are you here?”  Jake thought she was referring to him staying at her place.  She rephrases her question and asked him “How are you here?”  Jake is confused by her question.  Liv’s phone rings and it’s Eli Pope.  She lets it ring.  She explains to Jake that they just don’t let you go and there’s a reason why you’re here.  Jake really don’t know what she’s talking about and continues to tell her he doesn’t know.  Another phone begins to ring and it’s Fitz.  Liv doesn’t pick up either calls.  Eventually, Liv calms down and sits on the couch and tells Jake, “No body walks away from him.  He controls everything.”  Jake sits next to her and tells her that while in the hole “I just kept picturing your face.  Your face saved me.”  Liv tells Jake that if he’s still alive it’s because he’s still useful to her father and that her father owns him and he will find a way to use him against her.  Jake doesn’t think that’s possible. But Liv tells Jake “don’t feel bad about it.  He still owns me too.”  Eli tries Liv’s house phone and still no answer.  This doesn’t make Command/Rowan/Eli happy.

I’m excited to see what Operation Remington is all about.  But I think I’m more exciting to see how this love triangle unfolds.

Let me know what you thought about the show.


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