Grey’s Anatomy 10×05

Is this the beginning of the end for Grey’s Anatomy beloved couples and relationships?  Is this leading to how Cristina will eventually leave the show?  Will Meredith and Derek call it quits?  “Grey’s Anatomy” just got better and more interesting!

The alarm goes off and wakes up Callie.  Meredith and Derek have been back at work for the past 4 days and clearly don’t know how they have manage to pull of work and parenting.  Callie yells out coffee is ready.  Callie is the reason Meredith and Derek has made it through.  What will they do without her!?  Callie, Meredith and Derek are in a “relationship,” but it’s more like Callie is their full time mom and nanny.  Cristina and Jo do a quick check up on James “Jimmy” Evans (James Remar), Alex’s father.  Jimmy is quite funny and ready to be discharged.  Jo feels that Alex should at least go talk to his father.  Alex doesn’t think it’s such a good idea because the last time he saw his father’s face Alex was punching him so hard that he could have killed him.  He’s afraid that if he goes see his father he will pick up where he left off.

It looks like Cristina and Meredith are going to perform a heart liver transplant together.  Performing ground breaking surgery is something they have both wanted to do since they became surgeon.  But life happened and Meredith couldn’t scrub in.  Zola fail and need to get stitches.  The heart liver patient went into heart failure and Cristina didn’t want to wait to do the transplant.  Therefore, Cristina had Bailey scrub in.  Meredith is extremely upset!  After the surgery, Cristina and Meredith get into an argument.  Meredith blames Cristina for stealing the heart liver surgery from her.  Cristina doesn’t see it that way.  Cristina believes Meredith was unfocused and unprepared.  Cristina wasn’t about to let Meredith perform a surgery when she had Zola to think about.  Meredith responds “I understand that you believe you are God’s gift at medicine, but I am ever bit as talented and competent a surgeon as you are.”  “No you’re not.  I’m sorry but you’re not,” Cristina replies.  Cristina understands that Meredith has other priorities and that’s okay. But to Meredith she thinks Cristina is saying that she can’t be a good mother and a good surgeon at the same time.

Meredith then takes her anger out on Derek.  Meredith blames Derek for not getting her surgery.  She tried calling Derek to take care of Zola, but he didn’t answer.  How could he.  He was in surgery.  Not to mention, there were 12 of the top neural surgeons there to watch him perform surgery.  Then it comes out.  Meredith shouts at Derek, “I shouldn’t have to choose between being a good mother and a being good surgeon.”  Derek immediately responds “I never asked you to do that.”

Could this be the start of the end of Meredith and Cristina and Meredith and Derek?

Jackson plans to introduce Stephanie to to his mother, Catherine (Debbie Allen).  But before he can, his mother walks in on the both of them in the on call room.  This is one heck of a first impression but not one you want when meeting someone’s mother.  Eventually, Stephanie is able to talk to Catherine and explain that she cares for Jackson.  Catherine warms up a little to her and they have drinks together at Joe’s.  Jackson is there too.

Callie, along with Owen and April perform surgery on this patient who’s a dare devil.  This patient, she has been through so many surgery for doing reckless things.  But she doesn’t even realize that she is putting her younger sister through all of it too.  How would you feel if you were a donor baby?  Your parents only had you so that you could be your sister’s body parts.  I found it very sad.  To watch this sister have no life of her own.  Her life is to care for her older sister and be her survival kit.  Callie speaks to the sister and tells her she can say no.  She doesn’t have to donate her kidney to sister.  This helps Callie realize she can say no as well.  Before Callie can change her mind, she moves out of Derek and Meredith’s house and back into her apartment.  She kicked out Arizona.  She’s tired of taking care of everyone else.  It’s time she start to take care of herself and Sophia.  Callie puts on her headphones and turn on some music as she dance in her underwear!  This is the Callie we know!

Murphy has offered Arizona a place to stay.  Arizona has been freaking out because Murphy has been super nice to her lately and she doesn’t know why.  Did Arizona and Murphy sleep together after getting hammered?  No they didn’t.  After putting them in the cab, Murphy eventually call to check up on April and Arizona to see if they made it back okay.  Arizona didn’t pick up so she went to the apartment.  Murphy found Arizona passed out in the hallway and helped her in.  They made grill cheese as they watch Derek perform surgery.  The same surgery he performed in this week’s episode.  Arizona asked Murphy to scrub in and apparently she had forgotten and kicked her out of the OR all because Arizona thought they had slept together.

Throughout the episode Jo is trying to convince Jimmy to go into rehab and get help.  Jimmy doesn’t want it even when Jo was able to pull some strings and get him in at no cost.  Jimmy tells her he doesn’t even know her and he doesn’t want to let her down.  He’s let all the people that cared for him down.  Jo then goes and talk to Alex.  She practically begged him to go speak to his father.  Alex doesn’t want to hear about it.  But what are the odds that Alex and his father would be left in the elevator alone?  Jimmy is discharged and he gets on the elevator to leave.  Alex is riding down the elevator with him.  Jimmy has no idea who Alex is.  Sadly, Alex doesn’t open his mouth to say a word to his father.  The elevator doors open and his father leaves.  Will Jimmy come back in later episodes?  Hopefully! I would love to see Alex and his father on good terms.

Other things to note:  Richard is slowly getting better.  Owen is pretty much dating Emma.

Let me know what your thoughts on the show was and what you think we can expect.


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