Arrow 2×02 recap

In last week’s recap I failed to mention the flashbacks of Oliver Queen’s life back on the island because I felt it had no importance to the episode.  This week’s episode gave me a better understanding into last week’s flashback and of Oliver.

Last week’s flashback showed Oliver smashing someone’s head in with a rock to save Shado (Celina Jade), Yao Fei’s daughter.  Oliver looks down at his bloody hands and to me that had no significant until this week’s episode.  This week’s flashback gave me a better insight into the man Oliver became and still is.  The reason why he chooses to make certain decisions when it comes to the people he loves and cares about.  And Diggle said it best, “I couldn’t separate what was going on with me and Carly and what went on with my brother.  My brother’s killer is still breathing.  And I guess I couldn’t hate him and love her at the same time.  You are not the only one having problems reconciling two sides of himself.”

Roy crashes his car trying to save a FEMA pharmaceutical truck from getting hi-jacked by the triads, but he is doesn’t succeed.  He is taken in for questioning and Laurel asked him if he knew The Hood because Roy carries one of his arrow.  Roy has no idea who The Hood is, but Roy does want to help make a difference.  He just need to find a different way to make a difference because his way is going to get him killed. Why did she not question him about the hi-jack?  I guess, priority is to catch The Hood.

Roy is released.  Laurel is not pressing charges as long as Roy doesn’t try to play hero again.  Oliver grabs Roy by the wrist to talk to him.  Roy tells him about the hi-jacks that have been going on at .  Oliver and Diggle visits the Glades Memorial.  He doesn’t get a warm welcome.  He is blamed for all that has happened within the Glades by alderman, Sebastian Blood.  As he leaves, someone within the crowd breaks one of his car window.

Felicity is now Oliver’s executive assistance.  She is not happy about it at all.  She refuses to be his assistance.  After all, she is a graduate of MIT.  She would rather keep her current job as the IT girl.  Oliver reminds her, they all need a secret identity and he as CEO cannot to go down 18 floors to meet with her to discus their side job at night.  Diggle makes a joke and say, “it could be worse, my secret identity is his black driver.”

Felicity is able to track down when the next FEMA hi-jack will take place.  Oliver shows up to stop the hi-jack but encounters some problems.  When did Wolverine team up with the triads?  It’s not really Wolverine.  China White comes out and introduces The Hood to Bronze Tiger.  Bronze Tiger has these Wolverine like claws and is able to stop every single arrow that was fired at him.  The two fight to a standstill when the cops arrive.  The Hood, or should I say Oliver, makes contact with Laurel before choosing to push of Bronze Tiger and taking off.  Oliver is shot in the leg.  He uses a couple smoke bombs and escapes.

With Laurel running the show and trying to catch The Hood, Oliver lets his feelings get in the way of trying to help save Starling City.  Laurel will not stop at anything until The Hood is caught.  This is the reason I feel last week’s flashback as well as this week’s flashback is important.  Oliver lets emotion get in the way.  Which leads Diggle to saying what he said as I have mentioned above.

Thea doesn’t want to see Roy or anyone she cares for hurt or dead.  She gives Roy two choices.  To stop trying to be a hero or to reconnect.  She hands him the arrowhead Oliver gave her when he first returned back in season 1.

Oliver has a private meeting with Blood.  Blood says Oliver is not a friend of his or of the people in the Glades.  He also tells Oliver, money cannot make things better.  Oliver offers to host a benefit where he will invite some of the elitist friends so they can tell his friends see what needs to be done to make a difference.  They shake on it and Blood apologizes for his comments and the crowds reaction towards him the other day.

The Hood pays Laurel a visit.  She wants The Hood to reveal himself.  The Hood tells her he’s not her enemy.  She then begins to tell him that she understands he a criminal and the law also applies to him.  He replies, “you didn’t always feel that way.  You used to think that I was helping the people in this city.  She tells him about the night of the earthquake, about Tommy.  She tells him she saw him.  She blames him for not saving Tommy but we all know there was nothing he could have done.  Laurel ends there conversation by saying “I will see you unmasked, prosecuted and sent to prison.”

The night of the benefit, Laurel is looking for Oliver as she attracts Blood’s attention.  Oliver is late as usual, good thing he has a reputation for showing up late.  Oliver is making his way up to the benefit in the elevator as he receives a phone call from Felicity.  She asked him what suit does he plan on wearing tonight.  Oliver chose the hood.  Blood uses this as a way to tell the people of Starling City that Oliver does not care.

The Hood makes his way to stop the triads from hi-jacking another FEMA truck and this time he didn’t come alone.  China White, Bronze Tiger and The Hood  duel it out as Diggle stops the other guys from taking off with the truck.  The Hood is able to fight off China White but is taking by Bronze Tiger.  Diggle drives right at Bronze Tiger and The Hood.  Bronze Tiger has no other option but to let go to The Hood.  China White jumps onto and takes hold on the back of the truck.

The Hood and Bronze Tiger fight it out in what seems like a warehouse with a bunch of crates.  The Hood gets slashed twice by Bronze Tiger’s claws.  The Hood finally uses his senses.  Turns and fires an arrow at Bronze Tiger.  The Hood is able to hit him with the third shot.  Bronze Tiger said that it hurts but it won’t stop him.  The Hood presses a button and Bronze Tiger is shocked by the arrow.   Diggles has crashed the truck, throwing off China White.  The Hood calls for Diggles.  Diggles doesn’t answer and so The Hood makes his way to help Diggle.  Diggle is in pretty bad shape.  China White is beating him up.  Before she can put a knife through Diggles, The Hood comes riding up in a motorcycle and shoot an arrow.  China White is stuck to a pole.

She tells The Hood he has changed.  If he hadn’t she would be dead.  She also tells him, the people will never see him as anything else but the enemy. That he will not be a hero but a criminal.  The Hood responds, “As long as the city is safe it doesn’t matter.”

Back at Oliver’s office, Oliver apologizes to Diggles for not being there for him.  He watches the news and hear what Blood has to say about him.

Oliver puts the hood back on and visits Roy.  The Hood tells Roy he needs to stop trying to play hero, but he can help by being the eyes and ears in the Glades.  Roy accepts.  He then goes to meet Thea and gave her the arrowhead back.  Telling her he chooses a life with her.

The Hood also visits Laurel.  Only this time Laural was prepared for his visit.  She pushes a panic button and a team of cops come rushing in from all sides.  Making it impossible for him to escape.

Will Oliver be revealed as The Hood in next week’s episode?  He can’t be!  If he is, I don’t think I will continue to watch the show.  Will you?  And it doesn’t look like my question was answered from last week.  Who is the mystery girl hero?  That is still a question I am eager to find out.

Let me know what you think.



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