The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere recap

“The Walking Dead” premiere title, “30 days without an accident” suggest that things have been going well.  From the looks of things at first glance, things are better off than expected.  There’s a farm, a garden, a council and a slow build up of what seems like a little civilization.  And no one has died in the last 30 days.

Here’s how it all went down…The episode starts off with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) splashing a handful of water on his face. He goes out to the garden, grabs a small hoe and if you can imagine it, he’s gardening, while listening to some country gospel to drown out the noise.  As he’s gardening, he stumbles upon a buried hand gun.  He picks it up, stares out at the walkers, dismantle the hand gun, tosses it in the wheel barrow and continues to gardens.  Carl (Chandler Riggs) comes out to join his father, as he finishes up.

Daryl (Norman Reedus) walks up to Carol (Melissa McBride) as she’s cooking and they  begin to talk.  She wants to show him something and asked newcomer Patrick, a kid, to help take over for a bit.  Patrick is pretty nerdy with glasses and all, especially telling Daryl, how impress he is at Daryl bringing in the deer and saying it would be an honor to shake his hand.  Daryl licks his fingers and shakes the kid’s hand.  Daryl and Carol take a walk and she points out to him the build up of walkers overnight.

Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) are supposed to go on a food and supply run with Daryl and some others.  Glenn tells Maggie she doesn’t have to go, so she stays.  Odd, he would ask her to stay.  Daryl and the others pack up the car and are about to head out, until newcomer Bob asked to go.  He wants to start earning his keep, but Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) isn’t too sure he can work in a team.  She eventually agrees to let him come on the run.

At the garden, Hershel (Scott Wilson) is teaching Rick how to plant crops.  He hears a whistle in the distance and looks.  Michonne (Danai Gurira) has returned on horseback.  Carl and Rick opened the gate for her and they are happy to see she’s still alive.  She doesn’t return empty handed.  She got a few comic books for Carl to read and a clipper for Rick.  She says to Rick, “your face is losing the war.”  He laughs.

Daryl and the others drive up to the gate but stops to see Michonne.  She tells Daryl, she didn’t find him.  I can only assume she means the Governor.  She wants to go out about 70 miles to a city known as Macon in search of the Governor.  Before she do, she joins in on the supply run.  Daryl wants to go check out the big spot he found the other day.  And Rick is going to check the snares to see if they caught anything before the walkers get to it. Daryl and the others make their way out.

Rick tells Carl he’s going to check the snares alone.  Before Rick can leave, Hershel approaches him.  Telling Rick he’s going to need some overalls and a bigger ass to look the part if he wants to farm.  Hershel got jokes!  But the real reason was the council wanted Hershel to speak to Rick about going outside the gates.  They want him to carry his gun along with his knife.  Rick takes his gun and goes out to check on the snares.

Rick runs into a helpless boar and notice a walker walking towards the boar.  He hides behind the tree and as the walker drops down to feed on the boar, he slowly starts to make his way back but doesn’t get far.  He steps on a twig and the walker turns around, but doesn’t chase him.  The walker calls out for help.  Rick is shocked.  Can this be happening?  Walkers don’t talk.  So either, she is still alive and is dressed like a walker or walkers can now talk?  Rick cautiously makes his way towards her and sure enough she’s not a walker.  She’s trying to get some food for her and her husband. Where is her husband?

Rick hands her some food wrapped up in foil.  She asked him if he had a camp nearby and if they can come back with him.  Rick replies he will have to meet him and ask them 3 questions.  He checks her for weapons and then tells her if she tries anything she’s going to be the one that loses.  They begin to make their way back to her camp.  They talk and talk until they arrive at her campsite.

She runs to what seems like a bag but is her husband.  Rick takes his eyes off her for just a second and she comes attacking him with a machete.  Rick quickly dodges and pulls out his gun as she falls to the ground.  She begins to explain to him that she knew she could get him to their camp site sooner than taking the boar.  He husband needed to feed on fresh flesh.  She hasn’t been able to let her husband go.  She tells Rick to let her turn so she can be with her husband.  Rick tries to stop her but she already has her mind made up.  She stabs herself and then asked Rick what were the 3 questions he wanted to ask.  The questions were “how many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed?  Why?” She replied that her husband killed all the walkers until…I’m assuming until he turned.  The only person she has killed is herself and he wants to know why.  She says because “you don’t get to come back.”

On the supply run, Daryl and the others run into a falling building type problem.  They enter the store and they’re looking around for the things they need.   Glenn stops to look at a book of boy names.  Is Glenn and Maggie expecting?  Attention changes to newcomer Bob, who isn’t looking for items they need.  Water is dripping from the ceiling as he looks at a bottle of wine.  He’s thinking about taking the wine back with him but he then he changed his mind.  He places it back on the shelf but it collapse and the entire shelf comes falling down.  But that wasn’t the only thing falling. 

A helicopter had fallen on the rooftop of the building and is on the brink of falling completely through.  The loud noise from the falling shelf drew all of the walkers attention. The walkers start making their way to the helicopter and the roof starts collapsing.  While inside, Daryl and the others are trying to get Bob out from under the shelf.  And KABOOM!  A walker has fallen through and is caught on some rope in mid air.  All of a sudden it’s raining walkers from the rooftop.  Daryl and the others fight off the walkers and need to get out of their fast.  Bob is still stuck under the shelf.  Glenn is almost bitten but was able to grab a his gun to shoot off the walker.  

A walker is army crawling towards Bob. Bob is helpless.  Everyone is busy fighting off walkers to save themselves.  Bob stiff arms the walker and begins to peel off the scalp of the walker and soon Daryl pulls the walker away and stomp on the head.  Zach, Beth’s boyfriend, runs over and helped Daryl get Bob out.  They pull Bob out and as they walk away Zach and grabbed at the ankle by a walker and is bitten.  I was like save him! Chop off his leg, but it was too late. The walker has already gotten to neck.  Daryl and the others get away. 

Back at the prison, Carl sneaks into story time.  Carol reads a book to the kids but as soon as there’s no other adults in the room besides her, she pulls out a box of knives.  Today her lesson is teaching the kids how to hold a knife and slash.  Patrick all of a sudden isn’t feeling too well and asked to leave before he barfs.  Carl comes out from hiding and Carol tells him not to tell his father.  Carl walks away. 

Daryl and the others are back.  Glenn goes to speak with Maggie.  She tells him she’s not pregnant, but they could be.  Glenn doesn’t want to bring a new life into this world of theirs.  Daryl tells Beth about Zach and she changes the days without an accident to 0.  Rick and Hershel talk about the lady he encountered out in the woods and Hershel tells Rick, he tried and there was nothing he could do because she was too far gone.  Most of the people goes to sleep but Patrick is still up,not feeling well.  He makes his way to the showers, turns on some water and rinses himself.  He falls to the floor.  Blood had gushed out from his mouth and he’s lying there dead.  Eyes open and the end. 

Next week we can expect a decrease in numbers and walkers within the prison gates.  I’m curious to see how long it will take for them to get back to “30 days without an accident”. 

Let me know what your thoughts were on the premiere.



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