Hart of Dixie 3×02 recap

Joel just might have what it takes to make it in Blue Bell.  With the help of Zoey, they just might make it together.  Something I’m not happy with yet but hopefully I’ll come around.  I’m still a fan rooting for “Zade”.

Here’s what happened…Lemon and Wade are completely nuts for staging their fake relationship.  Even from the moment Lemon set it up on last week’s episode everything began to fall apart if it wasn’t already. The entire town of Blue Bell knows that Wade and Lemon are together but aren’t sure why they are together.  No one ever thought they would end up together.

At the Rammer Jammer, Dash is doing an exclusive interview on the new couple of Blue Bell.  Asking them when they felt the spark and what attracted them to each other.  Not really sure how to tell their story, they speak for one another.  On the other side, Wanda is hitting her glass, wanting them to kiss.  Lemon refuses but everyone within Rammer Jammer wants to see the couple kiss, so they kiss.

Wade is wants to get out of this mess they have caused and Lemon has her step by step plan.  First step is to admit they have been having problems.  Then they stage a fight and end their fake relationship.  Finally, everyone just moves on with their lives.

But when Wade sees Zoey with Joel, their fake relationship is back on the table and Lemon is on the same page.  She sees this as an opportunity to get over Meatball because Meatball refuses to sleep around with Lemon if she is dating his best friend Wade.  At least, that’s what she thinks for now.

Zoey is a bit distracted, with Wade dating Lemon an all, she forgets to look out for Joel.  Joel sits on a fire ant rock and puts his butt on fire.  Not literally but his butt is burning.  Brick tends to Joel while Zoey is still busy trying to figure out how to prove Lemon and Wade’s fake relationship.

Lavon and Annabeth, at the request of Zoey, throw a party for Joel.  What was supposed to be a small dinner between the 4 of them turns out to be a Blue Bell gathering, at the request of Lemon.  Lemon had found out that Annabeth had ordered a cheesecake.  According to Lemon, the only time Annabeth orders cheesecake is when she is having a dinner party.

Lemon tells Annabeth that she met Carter Covington, eligible bachelor #9, and would like to invite him to the dinner party.  Annabeth a bit confused because she think Lemon and Wade are dating.  Lemon then says they are having problems, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Meanwhile, Lavon and George are out on a mission to find the guy that slept with Lynly.  That’s right, George had a one night stand with Lynly.  But who can blame him.  He’s single and heartbroken, but knows that sleeping with Lynly was a mistake.  An even bigger mistake when he finds out that Lynly is Lavon’s little cousin.  Lavon doesn’t know it was George who slept with Lynly, but we’ll see how long that last.

At the dinner party, everything completely blows up in Lemon’s face.  The secret guy she’s been sleeping with is revealed.  “Lemonade” (Lemon and Wade) is exposed as a fake couple.  She loses a chance at dating Carter Covington of the Birmingham Covington. Who says that?  Anyways, Meatball shows up to the party and that’s when all the truth comes out.

I feel bad for Lemon.  Her life is falling apart, but good thing she has friends.  Wade tells her it’s Carter’s lost if he doesn’t want to date her and gives her a kiss on the cheeks.  Lynly is now a student of George, as she “plans to study” for the LSAT.

At the end of the night, Zoey finds herself in front of Wade’s house.  She admits to him that seeing him with someone else freaked her out more than she had thought it would and that it probably isn’t all that fun for him to see her with Joel.  She would like them to find a way to get passed that and move on because Blue Bell is a small town.  Wade response is priceless!!!  “You’ve got a big ass mosquito on your neck.” Zoey slaps herself.  Wade is too funny!!

Let me know what you think.


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