Elementary 2×03 recap

Sometime it seems as if work becomes your life and you can’t find the time to get out and have some fun outside of work.  This is the life of Sherlock.  This was the story of Watson until she decided to get out there and meet new people.

I enjoy watching the life of Sherlock because I find his work interesting.  In fact, I find Elementary getting more and more exciting to watch.  But I agree with what Watson had to say to Sherlock at the end of the show,  “I think it’s sad that you’ve given up.  I think you have a lot to share, if you cared too.  You shouldn’t be the only one who knows you.” Last week’s episode, Sherlock was solving a murder case involving P vs NP a millinuem prize problem.  This week was a man out on the run after leaking classified information, who is believed to have more classified information waiting to be leaked.  Usually Sherlock doesn’t go after people who hasn’t cause a murder, but sure enough this man, Ezra Kleinfelter, commits murder to stay in hiding.  Kleinfelter definitely gave Sherlock a run for his money.

Sherlock and Watson was presented with this job opportunity when a man by the name of Mr. Mueller stopped by their house to request the help of Sherlock and Watson.  Mr. Mueller would like for Sherlock and Watson to find Kleinfelter.  When they do, they are to give up Kleinfelter to Mr. Mueller and his people.  Mr. Mueller and his people believe there are people out to kill him and they plan to provide Kleinfelter a safe haven.

Sherlock immediately accepts.  As Mr. Mueller exits Sherlock says he will be in touch as soon as they find Kleinfelter. Watson is a bit confused as to why they have taken the job.  Sherlock explains “he wanted to put Mr. Mueller or whatever his name is at ease.”  They follow this Mr. Mueller and soon later find out Mr. Mueller real name is Elliot Honeycutt.  Honeycutt is currently VP of corporate counter intelligence at Redding Enterprises.  The same place that Kleinfelter was employed before hiding.  Sherlock and Watson come to the conclusion that Honeycutt doesn’t want to bring Kleinfelter to justice, they want to eliminate him.

Sherlock and Watson further look into Kleinfelter and notice when someone leaks a story, it’s usually leaked to multiple people at the same time, but Kleinfelter only shared it with one particular person, Celia Carroll.

Sherlock and Watson pay a visit to Celia at her work place at which she is about to give an interview.  Before the interview Sherlock assures Celia their interest in this matter is private.  Celia begins to tell Sherlock and Watson, what she has told everyone else, that she hasn’t heard and doesn’t know where Kleinfelter is.  Sherlock asked Celia if Kleinfelter had a romantic interest in her and she replied she doesn’t think so because it never came up when they met.  Celia becomes defensive and crosses her arms in front of her and say, “I already told you I don’t know where he is. I’m not looking to help anybody find Ezra.”  Of course, at this point her body language gave everything away.  She is still in contact with Kleinfelter and therefore, Sherlock has plans to examine movements.

Sherlock and Watson is on a stakeout.  For hours, they waited outside at a coffee shop.  Watson used this time to create her profile on TrueRomantix, a dating website her free has gotten her a 6 month subscription to.  Sherlock, on the other hand, watched Celia’s every movement for the pass 4 interviews as she is about to give her 5th.

Watson asked Sherlock, “do you think we’re cut off from the world?” “We’re not cut off from the world.  We’re engaged in creating one that is actually worth living in.” Sherlock replies.  Watson tells Sherlock about her profile and said she would like Sherlock to be nice with she was to bring someone’s back to the house.  Sherlock says that’s no problem because she won’t bring anyone by.  He, then, goes and talk about Irene Adler, or should I say Moriarty.

Finally, as Celia is leaving she talks the to security guard at the door.  Celia lowers her bag and picks up a different bag that is identical to her bag.  Sherlock is certain this is their form of communicating to each other.  Shortly after, Celia exits the building the guard uses his phone to contact Kleinfelter.  Sherlock, positive that, that phone will lead them to Kleinfelter, pick pockets the guard.  All you have to do is establish trust and eye contact and you can pick pocket anything.

Sherlock was able to get the phone and access it’s information but the phone had to be destroyed immediately.  Hector, the security guard, is involved in a group who calls themselves “Everyone” on a website known as “Jamaica Quay.”  It is a gathering place for identity thieves, intellectual property pirates, and cyber activists.  “Everyone” is involved in getting Kleinfelter to safety.

While Sherlock stays up all night trying to get them anonymous people on “Jamaica Quay” to reveal themselves, Watson heads to bed.  Hours later she is woken up by Sherlock’s turtle.  This is Sherlock’s way to being more considerate.  I just have it strange.  Anyways, he brings Watson up to date on his finding.  Sherlock believes Vanessa Hiskie, is hiding Kleinfelter.

They make their way to Vanessa’s apartment only to find out that Vanessa has been murdered.  NYPD arrive to the scene.  There is some skin fragments under Vanessa’s fingernail, which Sherlock is confident will be the suspects DNA.  Sherlock and Watson tell Captain Gregson Vanessa has been housing Kleinfelter.  Although there is no concrete evidence to support their claim they believe the DNA will match Kleinfelter.  Problem is their are only fingerprints of Kleinfelter in the system and no DNA to match it to.

Watson notice one of the officer dusting for prints on a book.  Kleinfelter’s favorite author.  The book was found in a box along with other stuffs such as maps, travel guides and an unopened box of crackers.  Why would Vanessa leave a book in a box when all her other books are on her bookshelf?  This suggest that Vanessa had a guest over.  Watson begin to say that Kleinfelter didn’t have the help of everyone until after 2 days on the run and so he must have been hiding somewhere else before staying with Vanessa.  Which will suggest the few items in the box to belong to Kleinfelter.  Captain Gregson decided to put word out that Kleinfelter is a person of interest and a homicide.

Back at the house, Watson is looking through profiles on the dating site.  She decides to get in touch with a man by the name of Jeff Heinz.  Meanwhile, she’s receiving unwanted phone calls about different ad posting she has put up but hasn’t.  A pizza delivery man shows up to the door with twenty plus pizzas which Sherlock and Watson didn’t order.  Sherlock pays the man and apologizes.  All functional electronic devices within their home has been hacked to and shut down.  Sherlock believes this is because he didn’t destroy the phone fast enough and when Hector realizes his phone was missing they must have traced it to this location.

They make their way to the police station and asked Detective Bell if he was able to pull of any prints.  Detective Bell said they were only able to get partial prints. Sherlock asked to examine the box because he believes Kleinfelter has gone back to where he was first hiding and the box will lead them there.  They go over all the stuff in the box and then Sherlock begins to notice the kind of material on the box of cracker and that the crackers are stale.  He then flips the box around and notice the logo on the box O.C.D, the Office of Civil Defense, a place that maintain emergency bunkers.  Kleinfelter must be hiding in those bunkers but O.C.D closed down years ago.

Sherlock and Watson now make their way to visit a man by the name of Milton.  Milton’s research make him the best geographer of New York.  Milton looks through his files and finds a list of 41 O.C.D bunkers and after the Cold War 40 of the bunkers were decommissioned.  Sherlock believes Kleinfelter is hiding out on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Sherlock still has no service on his cell and cannot contact Captain Gregson to give him the information he just learned.  Sherlock stops an NYPD officer on his bike and gives him the message to give to Captain Gregson.  Sherlock whistles for a cap but got a little more than he whistled for.  US Secret services pull up and take Sherlock and Watson into custody based on a blog, Sherlock did not create, with 4 different plans to assassinate the President.

They are taken in for questioning.  Sherlock states he has no desire to take the life of the President or any other President.  He tells agents that if they call Captain Thomas Gregson that he will help clear his name.  The agents don’t believe Sherlock and so what does Sherlock do… Make fools out of them!  I look Sherlock and his attention to details, but how does he do it? After 3 hours of questioning, Sherlock and Watson are released.

Sherlock made contact with Captain Gregson and was told that by the time they go to the bunker no one was there.  All they found was a business like card with “Everyone” logo.  Gregson believes “Everyone” was able to monitor the police dispatch and inform Kleinfelter the they were coming.

Back at the house, the door bell rings.  Watson goes to open it and it’s Jeff Heinz at the door.  He came to check in on Watson because after a few good messages back in forth he started to receive some really weird stuff from her with her address on it.  Her address is now available to everyone through her profile along with “some interesting stuff on same sex marriages.”  Watson tries to explain that she is being harassed and those things weren’t done or sent from her.  Jeff replies, he knows because it didn’t seem like she would write any of that stuff and he just wanted to come by and make sure she was okay.  He’s so thoughtful and I have to say pretty darn cute!  They set a date the next couple of days after everything settle downs.

Sherlock is able to use the generator powered by his neighbor’s wifi to get back on “Jamaica Quay.”  Sherlock chats with a few anonymous people and they tell him the Kleinfelter is gone.  Gone far away.  One of the person then begins to tell everyone to shut up because they shouldn’t be talk to Sherlock.  Slowly everyone begins to log off.

The next morning Sherlock as prepared Watson breakfast because they have nothing to do until 4:22.  Last night after Watson had gone to bed Sherlock stayed up thinking about the different options Kleinfelter have.  Option 1 is try to survive as a fugitive in the states  Option 2 is present himself to a sympathetic embassy.  Or option 3, make his way to another country, gain asylum and live out his days.

For Kleinfelter to travel publicly would be too risky, but traveling privately is not as well regulated.  Sherlock did some research into the screen name “Jormungandr”, the member who told everyone to shut up and go offline.  Eventually Sherlock was able to find the man behind the name, Darragh O’ Connor. An Irishman who sold his software for nearly a billion dollars.  Since, selling his software, he has been an advocate for “freedom of information.” With more digging, Sherlock was able to find out that Darragh’s private plane is scheduled to land in New York at 4:22 leaving for Venezuela.

4:22 arrives and a car pulls up.  Kleinfelter disguises himself as the driver and Sherlock tells Captain Gregson and his team that they want the driver.  They handcuff Kleinfelter but had to let him go.  Kleinfelter came prepared in case something was to happened.  He tells Captain Gregson, if they arrest him 14 innocent men and women will die.  Kleinfelter shows proof of one of the intelligent asset working for Redding Enterprises.  If they won’t let Kleinfelter get on plane and leave all 14 of those name will be released to the public.  Before he gets on the plane, Watson grabs his wrist and says, “it doesn’t matter where you go.  You know you kill Vanessa Hiskie and we’ll prove it.”

The plane takes off and Watson reveals she has stole his watch.  They should be able to pull off some DNA from his watch to pinned the murder of Vanessa on him and he won’t be granted asylum.  Sherlock is shocked because he hasn’t taught Watson this move yet.  Watson looked it up herself and said all it is, is “eye contact and controlling the put of focus.”  Detective Bell brings up a good point that even if they were able to get Kleinfelter back for the murder of Vanessa 14 people will still die.  Sherlock doesn’t believe it will end that way because he plans on getting those 14 names.

Sherlock visit Honeycutt in his office and tells him about Kleinfelter and what he has planned.  Sherlock ask Honeycutt for the names of the 14 individual whose lives are in danger.  Honeycutt eventually releases the names to the government and Kleinfelter is back in the states, arrested for the murder of Vanessa.

Watson goes out for the evening and Sherlock stays inside.  And here’s where it gets really good!  Sherlock is found reading a letter.  A letter I thought he had written to Irene Adler when they were together, talking about love and having a connection with another person.  Watson walks in and they talk.  Watson goes upstairs and Sherlock continues to read the letter.  It is soon revealed the Jamie Moriarty had written that letter to Sherlock and hopes Sherlock will write her soon.

What can this mean?  Will Moriarty show up in one of the later episodes?  I really do hope Sherlock will find someone that will make him as happy as he was when he was with Irene.

Let me know you think.





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