Scandal 3×02 recap

The way Scandal chooses to reveal the lives and truth about the characters on this show is amazing!  I can’t get enough of Scandal!  With each episodes the story and characters develop and that’s what I love to see.  And still, the question remains, who has the power to make things shift in their favor?  Liv? Fitz? Rowan or should I say Eli?

Here’s what happen and then you can choose where the power lies…The show takes us back 5 years ago when Liv and her father would have dinner every Sunday.  The agreement is Liv has dinner with her father every Sunday and he pays off her law school loans.  At this Sunday dinner, her father, Eli Pope, apologizes for making the mistake of sending her away when her mother died.  He begins to talk about work, only this kind of work involved mammoth and fossils.  Liv is completely unaware of all her father’s doing.  After dinner, Liv calls Edison (Norm Lewis) to talk about how her father is trying to makes things work out between the two of them.  Before their conversation ends, Edison asked Liv for an answer to his proposal, and she tells him she’s not ready.  I do think she did at one point love him, just afraid of getting hurt.  The phone call ends and she gets mugged by two guys.  Huck comes and saves her life.

Not knowing how Huck was able to fight off those men, Liv is curious and asked Huck where he learned how to do that.  He jokes and say maybe he took karate in high school.  She tells him, “you can tell me.  You can trust me.”  Putting his trust in her, he tells her he was a trained assassin and worked for B-613 ran by a man known as Command at a paper company call ACME Limited only it wasn’t a paper company and it’s really called Wonderland.  Assuming he’s crazy and mentally ill, she asked him if he is supposed to be taking any medication.  She then makes her way to her father’s house for dinner.  She brings up the story that Huck told her and she asked her father to look into his story, not knowing he is Command.  So much for trust.  She basically went behind Huck’s back.

The next following Sunday Huck is no longer at the station.  At dinner, Liv asked her father if his friend was able to look into Huck’s story and B-613.  He tells her that he had his friend who works for the FBI look into B-613 and there’s no such things.  He continues to feed her a bunch of lies about how a man of Huck’s description was recently arrested the other day.  He gives her a description of the man: paranoid schizophrenia, attacking commuters, in and out of jail… Liv doesn’t believe that man is Huck because it doesn’t sound like him.  Her father said “well it was.” Liv continues to bug her father about the man and BAM! The real Eli comes out.  Trusting her gut, she begins to dig and search for the truth.

She goes to meet David Rosen (Joshua Malina).  She had David run the prints off her purse.  He tells her that he’s clean and there’s no record of him in their system.  She believes there has to be a mistake because someone specifically told her he was arrested.  David replies, “Someone specifically lied to you.”  Liv continues to contemplate the story Huck shared with her.  She drives and parks outside ACME Limited, which so happens to be on Wonderland Ave.  Liv frantically searches through her purse for a pen.  The pen her father gave her with the logo ACME Limited.  She finally connects the dots.

She’s late for dinner, but her father has already ordered for them.  Disturbed she places the pen on the table and asked “What’s ACME Limited?  What do you do for a living? And don’t tell me its fossils or exhibition or publishing papers, don’t lie!  What do you do for a living!?! Dad, do you teach people how to kill? Do you throw people in a hole until they go insane?  Do you work in Wonderland?  Eli replies, “you do not ask questions that you cannot handle the answer to.  You do not make judgments about the things you cannot imagine.  You don’t know me that me.  You don’t ever want to know me that way. But if you push you will know me that way.”  He demands her to pick up her menu and tell him about her day.  She stands up and leave.

Without notice, Liv arrives at her father’s door.  Puzzled he asked her why she is there and she replies it’s Sunday and she thought they were having dinner.  His face lights up with a smile and he says he didn’t prepare anything but can he whip something up for the both of them.  She lets him know, there’s someone else who will be joining them for dinner, Edison.  Eli isn’t happy to see him and or hear the news that she accepted his proposal.  This is her move and she has no idea what she has done and or what position she has put Edison in.  Liv demands her father to give Huck back to her.  Eli doesn’t flinched.  Liv gets Huck back but at what price?  She has to give up Edison.  Now we know why they didn’t work out the first time.

Present day, media coverage is all over Jeannine Locke and the President’s affair.  Liv is out on her run as Tom (Brian Letscher) hands her a phone.  She stops to take the call and it’s Fitz on the other line, but we all knew that.  He calls to tell her that when something happens she the one he wants to talk to.  She reminds him that she’s going after the White House and he shouldn’t want to talk to her because going after the White House means going after him.  Fitz totally understands everything that she has to do to get the job done and he doesn’t fight her on this.  He supports her, tells her she better not hold back and for her to go for the jugular.

Meanwhile, Cyrus and Mellie are looking for their made up “bimbo” Jeannine Locke.  How could Cyrus not think that she wouldn’t go to Olivia for help?  Anyways, they find her.  She’s on the news as Olivia holds a press conference, denying all accusations against Jeannine and that the White House is guilty of slander using anonymous sources.  They are demanding a face to put with these accusations.  Therefore, Cyrus and Mellie, tells Fitz to grow some “presidential size balls” and tell the press that he had an affair with Jeannine Locke.  Fitz throw his power around and tells Cy and Mel, they through an innocent girl under the bus and Liv is going to make it right.  That they are going to tell the press Locke is innocent and apologize to her.  Mel has no intention on doing this.  Mel tells Cy that she has some folders with documents that records the times she was out and when Locke was working late as was Fitz.  The press go crazy over this.

Locke, back at Liv’s house with Abby (Darby Stanchfield), is watching the news and cannot believe what she is hearing.  Abby quickly is on the phone with Olivia.  They plan their move to destroy this piece of evident.  The only alibi Locke has is a bunch of instant messages she sent back and forth with Ethan, someone who worked with Locke in the White House. The only access to the instant messages is through the White House server.

Olivia walks in her office with Huck as she is hanging up the phone on Abby.  She sees her father in the room talking to Harrison and Quinn (Katie Lowes).  Liv and her father steps into her office.  Boy are they good at having an argument with only smiles!  He offers to give up Jake if Locke admits to having the affair with the President.  Liv wants to know what her father has done to Jake.  Rowan replies, “ask Huck.”  Now Liv has to decide whether or not she gives up Jake for Locke or make Locke lie to get Jake.  She doesn’t even know if Jake is alive.  Although Liv has been going to the hospital morgue to identify bodies that may be Jake, thankfully Jake’s body has not been one of them.

Liv takes her father’s advice and asked Huck what they do to the ones that disobey orders.  He tells her “they try to reprogram you.  They use the hole and darkness.  Isolation. Pain.  And if that doesn’t work that’s when they make you wish you were dead.”

Liv makes a call to Fitz.  She wants to know if Jake is alive and if he is, Fitz need to get him out of the hands of B-613.  She hangs up. Fitz make his way to Cy’s office and he asked to have Jake release.  Cy tells Fitz that because of how things were set up between B-613 and the executive branch that they don’t respond to the President.  Fitz is not their Commander in Chief. Because Cy can’t get Jake out, Fitz asked him to find out with Jake is still alive.

Back at Olivia Pope and Associates, Quinn hacking and going through Liv’s emails.  Huck walks in on her and she tells him Liv and her father used to have dinner every Sunday and all of a sudden they stop seeing each other.  Abby tracks down Ethan and threaten to expose his love of porn to the world if he doesn’t download that instant messages for her.  He agrees to do it.  The next move is to hold a press conference where Locke will talk to the world to display her character and strength.  The media covers the fact that Locke plans to go on air live.  Mellie sees this on the news and who knows what she is thinking.

Liv is called to go back to the morgue to identify a body.  Once again, it wasn’t Jake.  While Liv is out, Locke receives a messages on her phone.  Locke secretly meets with Mellie behind Liv’s back.  Mellie tells Locke, she knows Fitz didn’t sleep with her.  But Mel would like to talk about her future.  Maybe a possible settlement.  Locke makes it back to the apartment before Liv got back.

Abby is unable to get the instant messages from Ethan because Locke told him to destroy it.  Liv realizes that someone got to Locke and is trying to stall for time.  Time so that she can decide between Jake or Locke.  Fitz call Liv to let her know that Jake is alive but he couldn’t get them to release Jake.  Liv yells at him.  “There’s a reason we’re not happy.  It’s so you can be President.  It’s so nothing is beyond your control. That’s the point.  You bring him back!”  Does Liv really have all the power over Fitz?  She’s can’t keeping yelling at him like this, can she?

Liv calls her father.  She wants him to spare Jake’s life.  If he will, she will start to have Sunday dinners with him again.  He replies that he will take it under consideration.

Before the conference start, Liv speaks to Locke.  Locke tells Liv they offered her 2 million dollar tax free, “might as well profit off of it.”  Liv responds, “You don’t do this. You don’t lie because every time you do you sale a little bit of you soul. And then you have to live with those lies eating away at you month after month, year after year.”  As soon as they are to air, they are getting shut off because the President is about to go on live.  Liv is shocked.  What could Fitz possibly be planning?

Fitz and Cy are about to play “makes a deal.”  What Fitz plan to say on live television depends on Cy and what he decides to do.  Cy is given two options.  First option, is Fitz reveals Cy is the man who lied and used Locke as a coverup because all Fitz want to do is tell the world he is having an affair with Olivia Pope.  Second option, Fitz lie and tells the world he had an affair with Locke to get Jake out. I have to say Fitz is pretty gutsy and willing to risk a lot for the love of his life, Liv.  Looks like Cy chose option 2. Fitz tells the world he had an affair with Locke.  Locke can’t believe he would do that.

Quinn approaches Huck and reveals to him what she found.  An email Liv sent to her father asking him to look into a homeless guy down in the station.  After that email everything stopped.  Quinn asked if Huck could be that homeless guy.  Now this time, it’s Huck who connects the dots.  From when Charlie says he wants the deal Liv got Huck.

As Liv walk up to her car, Huck is behind her.  He has a couple of questions to ask Liv.  First question was, “why did you lie to me?” Liv says, she’s never lied to him.  Huck brings up the time she got mugged then he was taken away but was put back and they have never tried to find him again.  Huck grabs Liv and pinned her back to the car as he has his hands around her neck.  He then ask his final questions, “how high up is your father in B-613?  Is your father Command? Is your father command?”  Huck lets go to Olivia and ask her one last time if her father is Command and she says yes.

Back at her apartment, her father calls her.  He tells her to open the front door.  She opens the door and it’s Jake. He reminds her dinner at his place on Sunday at 7. But seriously, does Liv really have to have dinner with her father on Sundays now.  The decision was up to Liv, and all that must be done was for Locke to admit to affair.  Fitz admitted to the affair which is what Rowan wanted.  Fitz made a deal that would help release Jake.  I find it odd.  Is Jake being release the cause of what Fitz did or because Liv offered to have dinner on Sundays again.  I’m not sure but I’ll go with dinner on Sundays just to be safe.

What do you think?  Does Rowan have the power to get what he wants?  Let me know your thoughts are.




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