Grey’s Anatomy 10×4 Recap

There’s nothing like celebrating the 200th episode of Grey’s Anatomy than with a party.  The doctors are all dressed to impress, hoping to raise some money for the hospital. It’s a nice change to get away from the white coat and blue scrubs.  With a little charm and sparkle and a whole lot of flirting it looks they might get the job done, but something have to give to make it all happen.

But professionally, who can take a board of doctors seriously if they throw a gala that seems to be something that is more of a Vegas circus show?  Not many.  Nonetheless, what looked like a total disaster turns out to be a success.

Owen and Jackson arrive at the gala.  Owen expresses his concern about the party and Jackson reminds Owen, he grew up in this kind of world and he knows what to do. Doors open and surprise!  Owen’s fear becomes a reality.  Acrobatic performers, flamethrowers, magicians and clowns are the entertainment for the evening.

While in the middle of this chaos, it’s the doctors job to charm the potential donors. Make them like you enough to be willing to write a huge check. Meredith and Cristina turns on their sparkly eye and flirt with the gentlemen of the evening. Derek charms them his juggling skills and by showing off his newborn son. Owen tells his jokes. Jackson has his good looks. The winner at grabbing the potential donor’s attention goes to Callie. She’s such a liar! Telling people her wife died is an all time low for her.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, three junkie comes in without any identification. One of the junkie says to Alex, “Hey Sinatra” and causes Alex to become reserved and antsy. Webber is still stubborn as heck and denies treatment that will make him better. Another patient of Bailey is super rude and has cancer that is no longer operable. Shane and Stephanie has been put in charge of the trauma room and was told to call for help when needed, if they were in over their heads. But as a resident who would give up the opportunity to run the show especially after taking orders upon orders for the last year? I wouldn’t. I would use that time to prove that I’m a doctor. That’s exactly what Shane and Stephanie did. I can’t say the same for Leah as she was running around for others.

At the party, Jackson learns there isn’t any ice and he makes April run to get some cooling blankets. April makes her way back to the hospital and grabs some cooling blankets and she runs into a sobbing Arizona who lied and pretended she was okay. April heads back to the party. Owen meets a lady named Emma who he thinks is a potential donor but it turns out she was another doctor from another hospital. But that doesn’t matter because there is definitely something there between the two of them. Cristina did tell Owen they should date other people and Emma is pretty so why shouldn’t Owen give it a try.

Cristina sees Owen talking to Emma at the bar and she excuses herself to go get a drink when she really only wanted to interrupt Owen’s conversation with a beautiful woman.  Jealous much?  I think so.  Same thing goes for Owen.  When he saw Cristina talking it up and flirting with a potential donor, he was at a lost of words, but he rebounded well.

Bailey’s patient demands Bailey to find another way and do her job and get the cancer out because he is not ready to die.  Webber knocks Bailey down as she tries to put an oxygen mask on his face.  Bailey just about had enough, but she never gives up.  She is so smart!  Why not make a man who wants to die and a man who isn’t ready to die room together?  That’s exactly what Bailey did.  Webber talks some sense into his new roommate and tells him he doesn’t want to die here.  Somehow by talking to him, Webber feels this sense of needing or wanting to stay alive and so be begins to breathe through a breathing device that will help him live.

April isn’t enjoying herself at the party steals some champagne and takes it back to the hospital and shares it with Arizona.  They get drunk, talk and share feelings.  They eventually take a cab home.

Jackson goes on stage to give his speech to thank the donors for coming out and all of a sudden on the the acrobatic performer is falling.  The event planner notice the performer falling runs to try and prevent it but instead both are injured.  The performer stands up and shouts I’m ok, but as soon as she steps forward her shin bone completely breaks through her skin and falls to the floor.  Potential donors are freaked out and the doctors go to work.  Ambulances are on their way.  Callie snaps the bone back in.  Cristina receives a phone call from Stephanie to tell her that Shane is cutting through a patient’s chest in the middle of the ER.  Cristina tells her to get an OR ready and she’ll be there soon.

The doctors perform at their best because surgery is what they know, not charming donors.  Jackson with one last hope was able to rally a few of the donors together.  He takes them to the hospital to watch Owen and Callie perform surgery.  Jackson tells the donors, “Now we showed you guys a circus tonight, but this, this is the real show.  This is what we do here.  We are going to get this woman back on her feet.  Now before you leave this evening I would ask that you please consider helping us get back on ours.”  Who can say no to that?  He was able to get some donors to write a check.

The real story of this episode is Alex.  I’m so glad that we are finally starting to learn about the past of another character than of just Meredith.  The junkie that came in and called Alex Sinatra could possibly be his father, which is why Alex hasn’t been himself all evening.  Alex is about to draw some blood and Jo walks in on him.  He tells her he’s about to draw some blood because he think his father is here.  Sure enough, the junkie is his father!

Shane kissed Stephanie and Jackson walks in.  She chases after Jackson and she explains herself to him.  Things are okay between the two of them.  They kiss and make up.

Cristina finally gets a huge check from the donor she’s been flirting with all day.  To his surprise, he thought he was going to get some.  Cristina laughs and walks away with his check.  She makes her way to find Owen and asked him to go to Joe’s, but in comes Emma.  Cristina excuses herself.  They say good night to each other.

Derek and Meredith are competing against each other at everything.  Since, parental leave they are both bored out of their minds not knowing what to do.  They finally get their hands dirty and decide to stay at the hospital and work.

For me, this episode is a turning point for the show.  I’m excited to see what the rest of this season has in stored for us.  Let me know what your thoughts are.


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