Arrow – Season 2 premiere recap

The show starts off with Oliver back on the island of Lian Yu running through the woods. Diggle and Felicity are on a plane to find Oliver. Once they spot the island, Diggle and Felicity parachute out of the plane and onto the island.

Felicity may be an intelligent IT woman but being out in the woods probably isn’t her strong suit. She steps on a landmine and is told not to move. Diggle tries to disarm it but is told he can’t. Oliver up in the tree comes to the rescue! Oliver shoots his bow and swings towards Felicity and grabs her as they both fly to the ground while the landmine goes off.

They make their way to the plane wreck, the place where Oliver stayed for part of his time at Lian Yu.  Oliver knows why Diggle and Felicity are there.  He tells them that he can’t go back to Starling City.  That he failed and the glades have been destroyed.  But mostly the reason he can’t go back or won’t go back is Tommy’s death.

“This isn’t about you being a vigilante, it’s about you being Oliver Queen” Diggle says.  I love how he makes Oliver see things in a different perspective!  Diggle also reminds him , his mother has her trial coming up soon and Thea’s out on her own and his family needs him.

Felicity, interject and says, “So does the family business.”  Queen Consolidated took a lot of bad hits from the press after the undertaking which left the business vulnerable to be bought out.  Persuasion at it’s best!  Oliver returns back to Starling City to protect his family and the family business.  Oliver has other people he loves and care for to think about.  Will he put on the hood? That remains to be seen.

First order of business, Oliver checks in on Thea.  Thea is the new owner of club Verdant.  Oliver asked Thea if she has gone to visit their mother and she said no.  Taking Oliver’s attention the the TV, the press is reporting about his return to Starling City.

The mayor of Starling City host a fundraiser and while in the middle of his speech, he is interrupted.  “You have failed this city Mr. Mayor!”  a voice yells out.  Gunshots are fired and the Mayor is killed.  A gunman points at the District Attorney (DA) and Laurel jumps in and fights him off, but behind her is another man pointing his hand gun right at Laurel.  He tells her “we are “the hoods” and what was taken from us we will take back”, at least that’s what they call themselves.  Laurel is now working of the DA and her father has been demoted to an officer.  Oliver walks in on the crime scene to check in on Laurel.

They take a walk and talk about what has happened.  She tells him she made a mistake by sleeping with him.  He relieves how he feels about having taken her sister on the trip and wishing he can go back.

Although the mayor of the city died, the only thing important enough to stay on the news is “Oliver Queen has returned.”  This does not make “the hoods” happy and they decide to go after the Queen family.

Oliver has a meeting with Isabel Rochev, the lady who wants to take over Queen Consolidated.  She and Oliver each own 45% of the business and the outstanding 10% will be up for grabs in two days.  Oliver plans to buy all the stocks before she can.  She brings up a good point by saying “with what money?”  “The hoods” barge in on the meeting fires.  Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity escape.

Felicity is upset that Oliver didn’t stop “the hoods.”  But I agree with Oliver.  Of course he could have taken them out but he would have risk exposing himself to Isabel and her people.  Here comes Diggle.  Diggle says to Oliver we’re “wondering whether or not you avoided taking those hoods on?” Oliver replies he “didn’t come back to be the vigilante.  There’s a put of being the hood that neither one of you is considering.  The body kills.”  Felicity angry, says “so what?  Since when do you care?”  Since Tommy, Diggle answered.  Felicity tells, Oliver it doesn’t have to be that way.  Oliver responds, “When I put on the hood it’s kill or be killed.”

He goes to visit his mom to get advice about how to save the family business.  His mother tells him, “you don’t have to do it yourself.  This is a family business.”  Oliver doesn’t think that Thea wants anything to do with the family business.  “I wasn’t talking about Thea,” she says.  The who is she talking about?

Back at the club, “the hoods” are there looking for Oliver.  Roy, Thea’s boyfriend, tackles one of the gunman down and the gunman loses his prosthetic hand.  Another gunman grabs Thea and takes her away.

Oliver learns of this and he makes his way down to the basement of the club.  They cross reference to look for a man with a prosthetic hand.  Felicity was able to pull up the guy and his phone records.  He made calls to a local church in the glades.  Oliver ask for the address as he suits up.  The real Hood is back!

At the church, the four gunmans are deciding what to do with Thea.  She makes her plead and tell them it wasn’t her mother who destroyed the Glades.  One of the gunman points the gun at Thea and Oliver shoots the gun out of his hand.  Oliver knocks down 3 of the 4 gunman and chases after the 4th gunman holding onto Thea.  “Let he go!” Oliver says.  Oliver shoots and hits the guy and as he is falling over rail, Oliver grabs him.  Oliver ties up the four “hoods” and gives them to officer Lance to bring into custody.

Oliver goes and visit Tommy.  But it looks like Laurel had the same idea.  They tell each other that although they can’t be together they can be friends because they need each other.  Thea goes and visit her mother.  Oliver saves the family business!  How?  With the help of family! Walter Steele, Chief Financial Officer of Starling National Bank bought the outstanding 10% when they were released.  But before the show ended, Roy tries to take down three guys who were bothering this lady.  Roy is getting beat up and all of sudden, this blonde woman saves him.

Who is this new Starling City hero?  Hopefully we find out next episode.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the premiere.


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