Hart of Dixie Season 3 Premiere recap

Who would’ve thought that Dr. Zoey Hart would suffer major withdrawals while back in New York?  She’s a New Yorker!  Or at least she keeps telling herself that. She definitely has the New York style of fashion down and that won’t change.  But there has been a lot of changes in the last five months.

So lets jump to it…

Zoey is a doctor at a New York hospital, something she’s always wanted.  She also has a new boyfriend, which I didn’t see coming, but she does.  It’s not Wade, George or Jonah.  It’s Joel (Josh Cooke from Dexter).  Joel’s a writer.  The both of them have plans to move into their dream apartment together, pending a meeting with the co-op board.

Well, Zoey is definitely no longer imagining people because this time it’s really Rose pounding on the door interrupting Zoey’s conversation with Joel.  Rose is upset and angry at Zoey.  Zoey missed her 16th birthday.  But most importantly, Rose doesn’t think Zoey cares because Zoey told everyone back in Bluebell that she was leaving forever in an email.  I know Zoey isn’t great at good-byes but she couldn’t even call the ones that cared about her?

Back to Joel and Zoey.  Joel suggest that maybe Zoey “should go back to Bluebell and tie up loose ends.  Make things right.  Get that very important reference letter sign.  Maybe before we start our new life, you should put the old one to bed.”  Zoey agrees and she makes her way to Bluebell.

Not much of a welcome back as she arrives into a very quiet town with no one to be spotted except Wade, drinking a beer lying on top of his car.  He’s so easy on the eye, especially with that smirk of a smile he has.  He tells her everyone’s at a the church for a town meeting.  Zoey tells Wade she’s only back for the night and that she should probably explain herself. Wade lets her off the hook and says, “no need to explain. I don’t have any regrets.”

In case you forgot or missed last season’s finale, Wade completely gave his heart to Zoey and told her that he loves her. Zoey left him saying that she would be back in three months after the summer, but nope, she didn’t come back, until now.

At the town meeting, Lavon announces that unless they can get it overturned by tomorrow Bluebell will not be hosting a Founder’s Day Parade because Fillmore is suing the city of Bluebell for making too much noise. Zoey enters the church just as they were having a silent prayer.  All the towns people watched as the doors open, hoping they would see George Tucker, but it’s Zoey.  She’s back to ruin everyone’s lives, even though she may just be back for the night.  Everyone gives her the cold shoulder excepts Lavon.

George Tucker has gone MIA since going on tour with Lily Anne.  Therefore, there’s no one to fight the legal case to keep Founder’s Day alive.  If Zoey wants to make things right with the people of Bluebell, she has to find George and get him to court so the town can celebrate Founder’s Day.  Not only will she be loved by the people of Bluebell, she will get the very important reference letter from Dr. Brick Breeland to secure the apartment.

Lucky for Zoey, no one was nice enough to her to offer her a place a stay that she had to stay at a motel.  The same motel at which George just so happens to be staying at.  Unable to talk to George, Zoey asked Lemon for help.  Lemon wants Founder’s Day to exist so she makes her way to the motel and talks to George.

George tells Lemon, that he wanted to settle down and do it with Tansy.  But Tansy heard the little song on the radio that he wrote about all the pain that Zoey cause him and to Tansy, his song only confirmed the suspicions she had about the two of them.  Lemon and her ways was able to talk George out of his funk and get him to clean up and to fight for the people of Bluebell and get Founder’s Day back.  Doesn’t look like George has lost his touch because he won and Founder’s Day Parade is back on.

Rose tell the people that it was Zoey who found George and the people are thankful.  Brick signs the reference letter and Zoey is on her way catch her flight.  But before she can, she runs into Earl, Wade’s father.  Earl cut his finger and now has this thing on his arm.  Zoey think it’s a trick of Wade’s to get her to miss her flight, which it wasn’t.  She checks his arm and sure enough she’s going to miss her flight.

Wade arrives at the clinic and tell him that his father has blood poisoning in his blood. It has travel up his arm and is going towards his heart and that she has already treated him with antibiotics.  Zoey suggest to Wade that he should go to a hospital but Earl resisted.  Saying that if he’s going to die then it’s going to be with his son and future daughter in law.  Zoey then says that she will stay and watch over him for the night and Wade can leave but his father pulling out his tricks gets him to stay.  Nothing happens between the two of them and Earl is fine.

Joel surprises everyone including Zoey by coming to Bluebell.  She introduces Joel to her former “neighbor” Wade.  Looks like Zoey has yet to tell Joel about all her former “neighbors.”  I wonder if Joel will still be by her side once he finds out.  My thoughts are he probably won’t because Zoey has to end up with Wade or George.  I don’t see it any other way.

Zoey and Joel decide to stay in town for the Founder’s Day Parade and catch a flight later that night.  Lemon and all her crazy ideas goes and tell Zoey that she and Wade has been dating each other since her absent and they are very happy together.  Of course, Lemon is lying to Zoey because she has been sleeping with Meatball, but anyways Lemon sure is smart.  Anyone who watched could see that Zoey was a bit jealous.

Lavon and Zoey have a final conversation and somehow Lavon got her to thinking that maybe she is meant to stay in Bluebell.  Back at her motel, she is able to convince Joel to stay and possibly make Bluebell their new home.

That’s pretty much everything that happened.  Lavon and Annabeth are still together, but Lavon’s little cousin Lynly is driving Annabeth nuts.  And towards the end of the show we see Lynly walking up to the bar and sits next to George and tell him she wants to leave and go do something fun at his place.

Let me know what your thoughts was on the season premiere.


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