Elementary Recap 2×02

Solve X and get a million dollars and fame.  Solve X and hack almost anything imaginable.  Don’t solve X and find the person who can solve for X.

P versus NP is 1 of 7 Millennium Prize Problems.  It is the math problem with the solution that leads to the person responsible for the murders.

To start the show, a man is robbed at gun point.  The robber takes off and enters into a driveway. BANG! … BANG! BANG!  The robber just became the eye witness of a murder.  The murderer steps outside and the robber makes his plead, but BANG! BANG!  He is shot.

Sherlock arrives at the crime seen at which Detective Bell did not ask for any assistance.  Either way, Bell brings Sherlock up to speed.  He introduces Sherlock to the victim, Felix Soto, a math tutor.

“I was under the impression that two man have been shot,” Sherlock asked Bell.

Two men were shot.  Felix and the other being the robber, Benny Charles, who has been taken to the hospital and is undergoing surgery.

Sherlock and Bell continue to chat.  Bell mentions that a neighbor heard Felix had been arguing with a man a few days ago.  Making the suspect a male.  Sherlock is sniffing the wall and realizes a chemical has been used on the wall.  Sherlock searches for a black light and sure enough the black light was disguised as a regular lamp light.  Bell pulls the shades to darken the room.  Sherlock turns on the black light and boom.  Math! It’s like reading in another language.

Meanwhile, Watson made a visit to the cemetery to pay her respects to Mr. Castoro, the day after his birthday. She runs into his son, Joey, and they go grab coffee. They talk and catch up and Joey asked Watson to become an investor in his bar he wants to purchase. Watson feeling some guilt asked how much do you need?

Unsure as to why and what the math written on the wall was about Sherlock brings in a consultant to help him solve the problem. Watson returns home to the consultant without a shirt staring at number and variables. Watson goes into the kitchen where Sherlock is and they talk. Watson asked Sherlock for an advance on her salary, $5000 to be exact, for the son of an old friend to help him out with his business. Sherlock doesn’t give an answer. The consultant soon figures out that it’s an unsolved problem. P versus NP. The equations and problems written are problems to solve one of the seven millennium prize problem. The consultant believes that the guy who wrote out all those numbers and variables was a genius and was very close to solving P versus NP. Sherlock then points out there were two guys who worked on the problem because there two different sets of writing. Maybe his partner wanted all the money to himself and killed Felix. The consultant then help direct Sherlock an Watson to Tanya Barrett

Sherlock and Watson visits Tanya Barrett and asked her a couple of questions. Tanya had written an article on P versus NP. She shared some of her published work with Sherlock an as he looks over the book he comes across a photo of the same handwriting that the other set of writing belong to. He asked Tanya if she knew whose work the photo belong to. “Cyril Mauer,” Tanya replied. They leave and Sherlock calls Detective Bell to tell him they have a strong suspect. Detective Bell is relieved because he just found out there was another victim killed by the same gun the same night that Felix was killed, Cyril Mauer. Sherlock is at a lost of words.

Sherlock an Watson are with the dead bodies looking over evidence and drawing conclusions on who could have done it. They find dog hair and assume that the killer owns a dog, a Boston Terrier.

Watson then changes the subject to the advancement. Sherlock asked who the man is and what his connection is to the man who died 3 years ago under her care. He tells her that he knows she lied to him when she said she was going to a doctors appointment but instead she went to visit her former patient’s grave. He wants to make sure that the son isn’t taking advantage of her because if the guilt she feels.

Watson begins to recall the time she knew Mr. Can’t pro and his family. She talked about the surgery and how it was a simple procedure to remove his right adrenal gland which had a tumor inside of it. She nicked his Vena Cava. Not knowing how he began to bleed out immediately. She was sued by Mrs. Castoro. While in court Watson had to listen to Mrs. Castoro say a lot of horrible things about her. Their son Joey, 17 then, wrote her a letter saying he didn’t blame her and he has forgiving her. Sherlock being Sherlock asked “Is this the first time he’s asked you for money?” Watson recalls a time when he needed a car to get back and forth became college and home. Phone rings.

Sherlock and Watson are at Cyril’s apartment with Detective Bell. Detective Bell found a bug, suggesting someone has been listening in on him. Sherlock looking around then says “they might have been watching him as well.” Sherlock makes his way across the street, stops a taxi and climb to the rooftop of the taxi to observe a camera that has been pointed directly at Cyril’s apartment. Sherlock pulls off the signal jumper that is used to steal the footage off that camera and transfer it to a remote location. Good thing is that they can track where the signal is sent to.

They make their way to Roe Encryption and speak with Mr. Roe. They question him about his products and tell Mr. Roe that the signals from the device was being sent to his company. Mr. Roe says he knows nothing about it or of Cyril. But when they mention that Cyril was killed the truth comes out. In Mr. Roe’s office, he confess to having been keeping tabs on Cyril and he authorized it. Mr. Roe was tracking him because of his work on P versus NP. Not because solving X is worth a million but because the solution will have a massive real world implication and with the right software you can hack into any software. Once again, Mr. Roe directs them to Tanya Barrett.

They call Tanya in and interrogate her. They pull out all the evidence found against her because all evidence point to her as the murderer. But she had a alibi. She had been at a bar during the time of the killing and the bar footage confirms it.

Sherlock, puzzled and feels like he is going around in a circle trying to solve the case. But besides the case, Sherlock tells Watson that he has decided to not loan but give Watson the money. Instead he gives he over $20,000 in cash. He tells her to consider it as a buyout, an end to their relationship.

Back to solving the case, they meet with Tanya once more to maybe see if there is anyone who might want to frame her and she tells them of her last boyfriend. They bring him in for questioning but he knows nothing, but that’s not what the evidence says. While talking to the boyfriend, Benny Charles has woken up. They go talk to him to get a statement and he tells them it was a she that shot him. He begins to describe her and Sherlock shows him a picture. Benny identify that Tanya was the shooter.

Sherlock and Watson begin to look at the details more closely and realize that the tab Tanya had paid on the day of the murder was not very expensive. That the only time of day to get drinks that cheap would be during happy hour. Then it dawned on them. X has been solved!

Tanya had solved N versus NP and couldn’t risk Felix and Cyril to solve it and report it. So because she had solved it she was able to hack and change the time on the footage to give her an alibi. She is taken into custody.

Although the show was good and it cause Sherlock to stumble a bit I can’t help but fall in love with how Sherlock and Watson’s relationship continues to grow!

Let me know what you think of the show.


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