Scandalous Power

OMG!!! If you have yet to watch the season 3 premiere of Scandal, you are in for a treat! I highly encourage you to watch it before reading any recap including mine.  That was your only warning because I am about to jump into what I thought was a jaw dropping premiere.

If you recall from the finale of season 2, we learn that Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) name has been leaked as the President’s mistress and that Rowan (Joe Morton) is her father! Jumping in to the premiere of season 3…I don’t even know where to start!  I am at a lost of words for how good the show was and how excited I am that we will see more of Rowan.  I think Joe Morton plays his character so well! My goodness, have you ever seen anyone belittle Olivia the way her father did?  I haven’t.  Right off the bat, he’s just in her face, constantly reminding her, “you have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have.”  Rowan is there to fix the problem by flying Olivia off to an island for 8 months with a new identity and then move her again to another place.  Olivia gets on the plane and calls Cyrus (Jeff Perry).

Olivia blames Cyrus and tells him she’s on a plane and disappears.  She blames Cyrus for leaking her name.  Cyrus does everything in his power to convince her to stay and not run.  “I am a monster, but I am your monster!” Cyrus says. “I will put it down and I will bury it, I just need you to get off the plane.”

She gets off the plane and demands to be taken to her office.  Before she rolls up the window, he father says, “The White House will destroy you.”  “That’s what mom used to say about you.” she replied.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, Cyrus is trying to convince the Vice President, Sally (Kate Burton) to take the place of the President during the press conference while they figure out a plan.  Cyrus is soon kicked out of the Oval Office.  The President, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), and Sally have a conversation alone.  He tells her the truth and she agrees to help step in for Fitz until he has figured out what to do.

Olivia makes it back to the office.  While struggling on the phone and failing to keep her clients, her gladiators are in the other room trying to figure out a way to help her.

Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Cryus tries to figure out who leaked Olivia’s name.  Cyrus first approached James (Dan Bucatinsky) to get some inside scoop as to where the news reporter may have gotten her information.  “Molloys,” James tell Cyrus. “What’s so special about Molloys?”  “Secret Service drinks there.”  Mellie approaches Hal and tells him she needs to find out who told the news reporter.  Flashbacks of Hal at Molloys talking to the news reporter but never giving a name.

The news goes viral with a video someone recording identifying Fitz coming out of the apartment building which Olivia lives in.

What is Cyrus’ next move?  I can’t believe he started a kill folder on Olivia! What is he thinking?

Harrison (Columbus Short) calls Cyrus and tells him that the mistress can’t be Liv! “For all our sake, it can’t be Liv! It can’t be Liv!” Cyrus replies, “I don’t know you. Don’t call me again.”

Back in Cyrus’ office, they bring in Olivia’s kill folder and all her secrets come out about how she slept with multiple older men in politics, but most importantly information about her mother.

Olivia receives a phone call.  She meets with her father and she demands to know where Jake (Scott Foley).  “No one refuses an order in my business,” is her father’s replies.  He tells her to get on the plane because she is running out of options.  Angered, she yells, “I am never out of options!”

The mysterious black folder is opened and Olivia makes a phone call.  To who we have no idea.  She makes her way to the car and there’s not one but multiple cars.  All the car exits with us not knowing which one Olivia is in.

Olivia has made her way to this secret room and as she enters we see Fitz.  They argue.  Fitz is angry!  She just used the only way that Fitz can ever help her.  Little to Fitz knowledge, she has invited Mellie to their meeting.  They try to come up with a game plan.  Fitz suggest, “We tell the truth.  We’re looking for a way out.  Why aren’t we looking for a way through?  Why don’t we just stand up and tell the truth?  Mellie and I face the press. Say yes. I cheated.  I slept with Olivia Pope.  I had an affair.”

Liv goes into her thinking mode.  In a few second, she comes with this master plan to tell the truth.  “It works! The truth works.”

But nooooo. It doesn’t work for Mellie.  Mellie begins to recollect every moment that Fitz and Liv every slept together.  No she is not okay with that plan because “that is not you making a mistake.  That is not you cheating on me. That is you……sigh….

“That is me being in love with another woman,” Fitz says.

The room goes quiet until Mellie opens her mouth and threatens to expose all of Fitz.

“How many times? How many times did Fitz and I sleep together?  How many times would you be okay with?” Liv asked.  Mellie answered 2.  First time was at the inauguration and the second was when Fitz recovered from the gun shot.  Liv, Fitz and Mellie agrees to this plan.  Of course Mellie has no intention of going through with it.

Liv and Fitz finally alone again and Fitz asked her how she is doing.  Being the tough girl that Liv is she lies to herself that she is fine.  Fitz takes her into his arms and hold onto her.

Fitz and Sally talk.  He tells her that he is holding a press conference to tell the truth and that Mellie will be by his side because of their kids.  He explains to Sally that after his speech their will be a big window.  He wants her to use that opportunity to condemn him and make herself the center of the party.  “Use the moment to raise” he tells her.

Mellie speaks to Cyrus and tells her they need to do something fast because Fitz is going to hold a press conference in the next few hours.  And of course Cyrus is pissed that they all went behind his back and had a secret meeting.  Mellie tells Cyrus that she has a plan but she needs it to come form the outside.

The gladiators meet to see if they are going to go through the plan and help Liv.  We then see Harrison handing a disc to Cyrus.  Cyrus hands the disc to James and he plays the video.  The video shows a woman, Jeannine Locke, calling Fitz hot.  Two high official confirm Locke as the mistress, having had a brief fling.

Liv furious, barged into the room and shouted, What did you do!

Fitz angry.  Trying to find a way to amend and tell the press it wasn’t Jeannine.  Mellie refuses.  Says that she will not stand with him at the press conference and that she got the idea of leaking Jeannine’s name from Fitz.  After Fitz had leaked Olivia’s name.  But it looks like her great idea just back fired.

Fitz says to Mellie after having listened to her rant, “No. Step one was me coming to Blair house and laying my head on your lap like I gave a damn about your forgiveness.  This is a war Mellie.  You and I are at war.  What happened today is just one battle of many.  And lets be clear, the reason I leaked Liv’s name is because as long as you had her name at your arsenal of weapon, Olivia was at your mercy. Now she’s free.”

Pope and Associates have a new client, Jeannine Locke.

Rowan has Charlie (George Newbern) bring in Cyrus.  Rowan reveals the details about operation Remington.  A classified mission that Fitz flew with Jake.

Final thoughts on the show….Who is really in power?  Fitz? Liv? Cyrus? or Rowan?  Right now, it looks like Rowan has all the power.  But check back for more on what I have to say.  Until then, watch the promo video below for next week’s episode.


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