Breaking Bad – Series Finale recap

WOW!!  And that is why Breaking Bad won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series.  If you have not yet seen the series finale, I highly suggest you do before reading any recap on the show.

Here is my take on the ending of a great show:

“Just get me home.  Just get me home.  I’ll do the rest.” are the first words spoken by the infamous Walter White in the opening of the series finale.  Once home, he was always one step if not two steps ahead of everyone else.  This mastermind and genius, Walter White, had already planned everything out; from the use of the ricin, the M-60 machine gun, the money and the lottery ticket.

Walt makes a phone call from the pay phone pretending to be a news reporter from the New York Times looking to get an interview and photo of the Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz.  Walt managed to get an address to the Schwartz new home and he makes his way there and waits for them outside their home.  After the Schwartz get home, Walt unnoticed, enters into their home and surprises them. He makes a deal with them.  The Schwartz are to give every last penny of Walt’s $9,720,000 to his son.  To make sure, Walt makes the hand signal and two red laser light flashes and scares them.  Walt tells them that no matter what happens to me, he has hired two of the best hit man to watch over them until his son receives the money.  Once you have done your part, they will leave you alone.  We come to realize that the two “hit man” Walt hired as a scare tactic are Badger and Skinny Pete, Jesse’s friends.  If anyone can pull off that kind of lie it would be Walter White.

Walt makes his way to the coffee shop where he knew Lydia and Todd would meet up because that’s where he and Lydia met, every Tuesday at 10am. He offers an alternative to making meth without the methylamine.  Of course this isn’t the reason for his intruding our their meeting.  Walt was there to poison Lydia!

Marie calls Skyler to warn her are Walt’s return to town.  After Skyler hangs up the phone, she says “five minutes” and the camera begins to move and we see Walt standing there in the kitchen.  Skyler ask, “why are you here?”  Walt replies, It’s over, and I need a proper good bye. Not our last phone call.”  Skyler assumes that Walt is turning himself in and she is worried about her and her children’s safety.  Asking “if you’re in custody, what stops those people from coming back? Those people that you worked with?”  He replies, “they’re not coming back after tonight.”  He then reached for his wallet and pulls out the lottery ticket with the GPS coordinates to where Hank and Steve Gomez are buried.  He tells her to trade that for a deal with the prosecutor and get herself out of it.  Walt leaves their conversation saying, “Skyler, all the things that I did, you need to understand… I did it for me.  I liked it.  I was good at it and I was alive.”

He makes his way to the clubhouse, where Todd is his crew are, and parks his car right outside to the house.  He is searched and his wallet and car keys are taken.  Before getting killed, he calls Jack out on not finishing a job he was hired to do, that Jesse Pinkman is alive and is now Jack’s partner.  Jack offended that Walt called Jesse his partner, tells Todd to go bring him in.  While they wait for Jesse, Walt reaches and gets his car keys on the pool table.  Jesse walks in and Walt looks at him and tackles him down to the floor is pushes the button on his keys to trigger the M-60 machine gun in the trunk of his car.  The guns goes off shooting and kills everyone in the house, leaving Todd alive and Jack still breathing but bleeding.  Jesse strangles Todd to death.  Walt picks up a gun and shoot Jack, avenging Hank’s death.

He turns to look at Jesse and bends over to put the gun on the floor and slides it to Jesse.  Jesse picks up the gun and points it at Walt.  “Do it. You want this.” Walt says.  Jesse screams, “Say the words.  Say you want this. Nothing happens until I hear you say it.”  “I want this,” Walt says.  Jesse looks and noticed that Walt has taken a bullet and lowers his hand and drops the gun and says, “then do it yourself.”  Jesse takes off.

Walt goes into the laboratory to admire his work of art one last time.  The cops come and finds him lying on the floor dead.

If you read my predictions on Breaking Bad, I said Walt was out for revenge and reconciliation.  I felt he planned everything out, perfectly!  My predictions on how he would get things done, not so great.  But that’s the beauty of Vince Gilligan’s writing.  He does not disappoint.  Thank you for 5 wonderful seasons!!!  Job well done by all cast member.  Bryan Cranston…you are the man!!!

Let me know what your thoughts were on the series finale.


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