Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 premiere recap

Spoiler Alert! If you have not seen the premiere of season 10 read no further unless you choose to.

Lets jump right to it….Richard survives!!! Heather Brooks dies.  Events leading up to Brooks death and Richards survival are as follows:At the start of the show Owen calls for a board meeting to close the ER for the day but before they could close the ER, ambulances are arriving with a bunch of injured firefighters.  Bailey is asking for Richard and no one knows where he is.  Bailey assigns Dr. Ross the mission of finding Richard which he isn’t happy about.  Ross runs into Dr. Yang and asked her if he knew where Richard was.  She replies no, the last time she seen him was in the O.R. and then he went to check on the generators.  Ross had no idea where the generator was and dumped the tasked on Brooks.  With a slight smirk on his fave he goes and makes some scans for Derek.  Brooks make her way to the generator and noticed Richard lying on the floor, electrocuted.  Forgetting the check the seen, Brooks is too electrocuted and hits her head against one of the generators.

While back in the ER, Derek is still requesting Brooks and tells Ross to go find her.  Owen and April are treating the captain firefighter, Lenny.  Needing to take Lenny into the O.R. for surgery, Owen asked Bailey to run the ER.  Bailey with her hands tied is requesting for Richard to oversee the ER, but no one knows where he is. Ross is find the generator room and walks in.  He noticed Brooks lying on the floor and he sees Richard on the floor across from him.  Brooks is suffering from massive head trauma and Richard has cardiogenic shock. He flat lines 4 times before Cristina is able to stabilize his heart with a balloon pump.

Richard’s lab are in and everything is normal but his lactate level is at 2. Bailey has Alex run the test again and his lactate level had jump to 6.  Bailey knowing something is wrong suggest opening him up and Cristina rules against it.  They get into a feud and bring in Owen to talk about the situation.  Owen asked who Richard has down as his medical power of attorney and looking through his files they find that he has listed Meredith after the death of his wife.  Meredith decides to have the test ran again and if the lactate level is above a 6 then Bailey will perform surgery otherwise they would hold off on surgery.  The test comes back with Richard’s lactate level at 9.  Bailey performs surgery on Richard and what do you know…. Here comes Jackson’s mom, Richard’s girlfriend.  She is furious with Bailey and demands her to close him immediately.  She closes him up.

Meanwhile, Brooks continues to bleed out and Derek has to cut her skull open even more than he expected.  Brooks starts to flat line and Derek begins compressions.  With as much effort as Derek put into trying to save Brooks life, there was nothing he could have done more to help.  Ross, angry with himself, runs from the O.R.  Derek breaks the sad news to Brooks mother when she arrives.

Meredith asked for a wheelchair and makes her way to check on Richard.  She and Bailey talk and Bailey is convinced there is something wrong and letting it get worse is worse.  Meredith books an O.R. and Richard is taken back into surgery.  Bailey was right, “When you know, you know.” Richard is recovering and unconscious. He lives!!!

As for the relationships, Cristina and Owen sleeps together not once but twice! The second time, Cristina cries to Owen, “Just because I was the one who said it was time, doesn’t mean this is easy for me.”  Callie packed her things and took Sofia with her and are staying at Derek’s and Meredith’s place.  Arizona is a hot mess and goes crazy looking for them.  Alex and Jo, trying to get sexually intimate keeps getting interrupted.  Better luck next week.  Jackson turns down April and tells her to either marry Matthew or don’t, but none of this has to do with him but only her.  April brings Matthew into the chapel and proposes to him.  “I want to be your wife!” she says but “I want you! I want to marry you! So will you marry me?” He accepts and sweeps her off her feet.

What are your thoughts regarding the premiere of season 10? Was it what you thought it would be?

Tune in next Thursday to catch what happens next!


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