Elementary Season 2 Premiere recap

In the premiere of season 2, Elementary, we are introduced to Mycroft Holmes (Rhys Ifans), Sherlock’s brother. There’s no doubt in my mind that I would like to see more of Mycroft in season 2.  They are like two grown up brothers who try to make each others lives miserable but in the end are still family!

Here’s what happened…

At the request of an old colleague, Hopkins, Sherlock is asked to fly out to London to assist in a case regarding a mutual colleague of theirs, Lestrade.  Inspector Lestrade is convinced that Lawrence, a wealthy man, murdered his own wife.  Lestrade suspects Lawrence’s story sound too rehearse and the neighbor heard a gun shot at 8:33 but Lawrence didn’t make a report until, 8:36, given him 8 minutes to get rid of the gun.  Lestrade begins to harass Lawrence and soon is suspended pending an investigation.  Of course, Lestrade is correct but he can’t prove it.  With the help of Sherlock and Watson, they crack the case and proved Lawrence was guilty.

But for me, the real story was Mycroft Holmes.  Sherlock takes Watson to 221 B, his place.  Or as he describes it, “Stepping inside it is not unlike stepping inside my very brain.” They enter and Sherlock is shocked.  Watson says, “the inside of you brain is kind of (pause) boring.  Mycroft walks in and we learn he has taken over the place.  Sherlock and his brother see each other for the first time in what seems like years.  “Fattie,” Sherlock calls him, “this is Watson. Watson this is Fattie.”  Fattie introduced himself to Watson and says, “I’m Mycroft, Mycroft Holmes.  I’m Sherlock’s brother.  Watson stunned.  She can’t believe Sherlock has never mentioned to her that he has a brother.

To Sherlock, his and his brother’s relationship is entirely “genetics.” They love to hate each other.  I mean, Sherlock slept with Mycroft’s fiancée and in Sherlock’s defense he did it to prove that his fiancée was more into his wealth than him.  In return, Mycroft blew up Sherlock’s things in storage.  “I consider us even now, said Mycroft. Which mean I can tell you I forgive you, for everything.  Have a safe trip back to the colony and know that things are different between us now.”

Sherlock and Watson make their way back to the states.

Let me know what your thoughts are regarding the season 2 premiere of Elementary.



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