Breaking Bad Series Finale predictions

I expect the finale to take us back to the beginning of the very first episode of season 5, “Live free or Die” as well as the beginning of episode 9, “Blood Money.”

Walt is seen at a diner grabbing breakfast on his 52nd birthday, when in fact he is only waiting for a man to make a drop.  The man enters the diner and goes to the restroom and Walt follows.  The man is there to drop off a car and a M60, machine gun, which is in the back trunk.  Walt makes his way to his old home.  He home has been vandalized and is fenced off.  Walt breaks into his home and he sees a tag on wall in big letters the name HEISENBERG.  He sees boys in his backyard skating, but they are not of any concern.  He enters into his old room, pulls out some change and uses a coin to loosen the screw off the outlet faceplate to get the ricin.  He goes back to the car and runs into his neighbor Carol, who is frightened to see him.

What happens next, I don’t know not for sure, but here are my predictions.Walt is out for revenge and reconciliation.  As much as he wants to get his family back he must take care of business first.  Walt will probably make contact with Todd asking about Jesse.  Learning that Jesse is still alive warms his heart.  He can save Jesse and Jesse can save him.  As much as they hate each other, they hate Todd and his crew more.  They need each other to get out alive.

Once that is taken care of he faces his family and the cops.  Jesse returns to take care of Brock, the little boy.  Walt offers to give up the location on Hank and to turn himself in.  Under the condition he gets to see his family.  Walt doesn’t give up the money but he is able to provide proof that it was Todd and his crew that killed Hank.  They are the people the cops want and Walt also gives up Lydia and her people.  The cops get a bigger fish with the help of Walt.

Bryan Cranston (Walt) was quoted saying that the series finale to Breaking Bad is “Perfect.”  I don’t know what would be more perfect than Walt getting his way.  His family free of all charges and he never being convicted of any crimes.  Therefore, for this show to end, Walt must die. I see no other way the series finale can end but with the death of Walt.

I am super excited to see what the series finale has in stored for us.  Although it will be bittersweet having the show end, Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, has given us 5 great season of TV drama and entertainment.

Let me know what you think of my predictions.  But make sure to tune in on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9P.M. ET on AMC.  It’s going to be an epic series finale we do not want to miss.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Series Finale predictions

  1. Nice predictions!

    I agree that Walt will die. Doesn’t he have to? The series is founded on the premise that he will not live for very long. And we saw a glimpse of what Walt living “normal” would be. It doesn’t work. He’s too far in. The only way out is death.

    I agree that IF Jesse gets out alive, he will runaway with Brock. I REALLY hope so. He would love that kid in a way that only Andrea did. It would be a wonderful redemption for him and it would redirect Jesse’s life in a purposeful and beautiful way.

    Not sure that the police will be involved though. I think his phone call to the DEA in Albuquerque from New Hampshire effectively lead them in a different direction. Anything he does from this point forward – in true Walt fashion- will be rogue.

    • Thanks! I totally agree that he did redirect the cops to look for him in New Hampshire but I think he has to encounter a run in with the DEA to make a deal for his family.

      We’ll have to wait and see what happens. I hope the best ending for Jesse.

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