Breaking Bad – Granite State recap

At the end of “Breaking Bad – Ozymandias”, Walter White left his family.  Before leaving, he made a phone call to his wife, Skyler, knowing the cops would be listening.  He made it known Skyler knew all about his dealing with selling crystal meth, but not only that, he shames her, calling her a bitch and telling her how ungrateful she is for all that he has done for them and blaming her for holding him back. He decides to retract what he said and tells Skyler, as well as the cops, she knew nothing of what he has done and it was all of his doing.  Being the smart man that Walt is, he just bought himself and Skyler some time, but exactly just how much time?  Walt then is seen entering in a red van going away somewhere.If Walt is the man he said he is, it doesn’t surprise me that he was holding back tears while making the phone call.  If he truly is a family man, he will find a way to rid his family of his situation and make things right.  But to make things right, we can expect that Walt will not go out without a fight because like he said it the penultimate episode, it isn’t over.

In last night’s episode “Granite State”, we learned Walt is still in town trying to get a new identity and we find out that Saul, is too, on the run.  Saul is sent to Nebraska for his fresh start at life, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the last time we see Saul.  Later on we see Walt exiting out of a propane tank, in the “Granite State” of New Hampshire with his new identity.  Walt is told that if he leaves the reservation he will get caught and be put into custody and no longer will he receive help from the man who gave Walt his new identity.  It looks like trying to care for his family back fired and Walt finds himself alone.

During the few months Walt is gone, his wife has been getting all the heat from the DEA and is paid a visit from Todd in her home.  Todd threatened Skyler to keep her mouth shout about Lydia, the black hair woman she made contact with at the car wash, one of Walt’s old associate.  After the message was received, Todd and his people leave.

Todd meets up with Lydia at a coffee shop and tells her about the message they had given Skyler, but a message wasn’t enough for Lydia.  Unhappy with the message delivered to Skyler, Lydia wants to temporarily terminate their partnership.  But Todd said the number and stuns Lydia.  With the meth at 92%, back to it’s original blue color, and up to Heisenberg level, as Lydia calls it, they are back in business.

Now back at Todd and his uncle’s place, Jesse is able to free himself from the cuffs using the paper clip from the photo and he tries to escape.  Jesse hears Todd coming and puts the cuffs back on.  Todd gives Jesse a bowl of ice cream and said that he deserved it because the last batch he cooked up was at 96%.  Jesse asked Todd if he could leave the covers off because he wants to be able to see the stars.  Todd agrees and leaves the covers off.  Jesse gets back to working on his escape.  He freed himself from the cuffs and piled up the mattress, blanket, and bucket he had.  Standing on top of the pile, he jumps and takes hold of the barred gate locking him inside.  Struggling, he made his way to the latch and unlatched the barred gate and makes a run for it.  While trying to climb over the fence he is stopped by Todd and his people.  Jesse yells out, “Go ahead! Do it! Just kill me now and get it over with because there’s no way I’m doing one more cook for you psycho fucks.”

Next scene, we see Todd walking up to Andrea’s house.  He rings the door bell and introduces himself as a friend of Jesse.  Todd gains her trust and she unchains her door.  Todd points to the SUV where Jesse is held captive and Todd shoots her from behind.  Meanwhile, Jesse is screaming from inside the car as he witness Andrea’s murder and cries out loud.  Todd’s uncle tells Jesse to “settle down, and remember there’s still a kid.”

Walt, now with a head full of hair and a beard, is visited by the man who gave him his new identity with supplies to last for the month.  Upon leaving Walt asked the man, stay awhile? I’ll pay you $10,000 to stay for two hours.  The man negotiated to $10,000 for one hour.  They decide to play cards.  As the man shuffles up the cards, Walt said to him, “One of these days when you come up here I’ll be dead. My money over there, what happens to it then? What if I asked you to give it to my family?  Would you do it?” The man replies, “What if i said yes? Would you believe me?”

Later on that night, while sleeping, Walt’s wedding ring falls off his finger and wakes him up.  I can only assume it’s from a poor diet and his cancer.  Walt, then, staring at a box of Ensure, comes up with the idea of sending money to his family.  He empties the box and packed it with about $100,000.  Walt leaves the reservation and takes the package to a bar.  He has a lady call Flynn from a pay phone and she lied saying she was Flynn’s aunt Marie.  Flynn takes the phone call in his principal’s office.  The lady hands the phone over to Walt and Walt begins to talk to Flynn.  He tells Flynn, he is sending them a package and the package is going to be addressed to his friend Lewis but it’s for him, his mother and his sister.  Flynn, upset, calls his dad an asshole and yells through the phone “I don’t want anything from you… Just leave us alone… Why are you still alive? Why don’t you just die already? Just die!”

Walt’s next move is to call the DEA from the payphone asking to speak with the man in charge of the Walter White investigation.  They asked who is calling and he said, “Walter White.”  He leaves the phone and makes his way to the bar for a drink.  The bartender flipping through the channel turns it back to a show where Walt’s old friends Gretchen and Elliot, of Grey Matter Technology, are being interviewed.  They said he had nothing to do with the creation of company and less to do with growing it and his only contribution is the company name.  But we all now that statement is a lie.  Without Walt there would be no Gray Matter Technology.

Anyways, in the final scene of the episode we see the cops pull up in front of the bar and enters through the door.  Searching for Walt , but Walt is no where to be found.  He did however leave a clue he was there, the cup of liquor he drank from.

Let me know know what your thoughts are with the latest episode of Breaking Bad. Are you heartbroken that there is only one more episode left of what has turned out to be an amazing drama series?  I hope you read my post on my thoughts of the season finale!


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