Elementary – Sherlock and Watson Duo

About to enter into it’s sophomore season is CBS crime solving drama Elementary.  Elementary is set to air its season 2 premiere on Sept. 26 10/9c. It stars actor Jonny Lee Miller and actress Lucy Liu. Here is a recap at what season 1 brought us.Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock Holmes a recovering drug addict who is a consulting detective for the NYPD.  Previously, he worked in London at the Scotland Yard until he entered drug rehabilitation in New York City. After his release from rehab, Sherlock is forced by his father to live with Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), a sober companion. She is contracted by Sherlock’s father to live with Sherlock for the next few months to make sure Sherlock does not relapse.  Sherlock, on the other hand, has other plans to keep him from relapsing and that is to stay busy by doing what he do best, investigate crime scenes.  He contacts an old associate, Captain Gregson, who has worked with him before in London to give him cases to solve.  Sherlock does not get paid to be a consulting detective for the NYPD.

Before Watson became a sober companion she was an skilled surgeon until she lost a patient and her license three years ago. She feels that as a sober companion she can continue to help others.  But we soon realize that another reason she became a sober companion as penance.

During their time together, Watson finds herself intrigued by Sherlock’s work and Sherlock finds that Watson’s medical background can be of help and they begin to solve crimes together.  Watson’s contract has ended but she doesn’t leave.  She lies to Sherlock about her contract being extended by his father.  Not only does she lie to Sherlock but she lies to herself about Sherlock needing her, when in fact she needs him just as much as he may need her.

Sherlock reveals to Watson, he has known for some time now, his father never extended her contract and that he isn’t mad she lied to him.  He offers her a job as his apprentice and she excepts.  Sherlock mentors Watson and he gives her, her very first case to work on.

An old case of Sherlock comes back to haunt him.  This allows us get a better understanding as to why he turned to drugs. Flashback to London, when he worked on a case trying to find “M” a serial killer. While working on this case he falls in love with Irene Adler, who becomes a victim of “M”.  Sherlock, heartbroken, copes with drugs and overdose which lands him in drug rehab.  Present time, Sherlock will stop at nothing to find “M” the one who killed the love of his life. Sherlock captures “M” only to find out that “M” isn’t “M”.  The man Sherlock had captured is an employee of “M” and did not murder Irene.  Irene is soon found to be alive.  Sherlock dedicates his life to protect her and tend to all of her needs.  Soon he discovers that Irene is “M”, Moriarty, and she only dated him to get a better understanding out her adversary.  Irene escapes.

Back at the police station, Watson talks to Sherlock and says to him “let her win.” Sherlock fakes an overdose on drugs, making it seems as if he had let Irene win.  Watson had figured Irene would never kill Sherlock because they fell in love with one another and knowing that Irene would come visit him, cops were waiting.  Turns out that Sherlock wasn’t the only person who could surprise Irene, Watson figured her out.

Catch Sherlock and Watson, in the premiere of season 2 airing Sept. 26 at 10/9c. Check out the promo video below.

I look forward to the new season and giving you weekly episode guides.


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