Breaking Bad – Series Finale recap

WOW!!  And that is why Breaking Bad won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series.  If you have not yet seen the series finale, I highly suggest you do before reading any recap on the show.

Here is my take on the ending of a great show:

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Elementary Season 2 Premiere recap

In the premiere of season 2, Elementary, we are introduced to Mycroft Holmes (Rhys Ifans), Sherlock’s brother. There’s no doubt in my mind that I would like to see more of Mycroft in season 2.  They are like two grown up brothers who try to make each others lives miserable but in the end are still family!

Here’s what happened…

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Breaking Bad Series Finale predictions

I expect the finale to take us back to the beginning of the very first episode of season 5, “Live free or Die” as well as the beginning of episode 9, “Blood Money.”

Walt is seen at a diner grabbing breakfast on his 52nd birthday, when in fact he is only waiting for a man to make a drop.  The man enters the diner and goes to the restroom and Walt follows.  The man is there to drop off a car and a M60, machine gun, which is in the back trunk.  Walt makes his way to his old home.  He home has been vandalized and is fenced off.  Walt breaks into his home and he sees a tag on wall in big letters the name HEISENBERG.  He sees boys in his backyard skating, but they are not of any concern.  He enters into his old room, pulls out some change and uses a coin to loosen the screw off the outlet faceplate to get the ricin.  He goes back to the car and runs into his neighbor Carol, who is frightened to see him.

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Breaking Bad – Granite State recap


At the end of “Breaking Bad – Ozymandias”, Walter White left his family.  Before leaving, he made a phone call to his wife, Skyler, knowing the cops would be listening.  He made it known Skyler knew all about his dealing with selling crystal meth, but not only that, he shames her, calling her a bitch and telling her how ungrateful she is for all that he has done for them and blaming her for holding him back. He decides to retract what he said and tells Skyler, as well as the cops, she knew nothing of what he has done and it was all of his doing.  Being the smart man that Walt is, he just bought himself and Skyler some time, but exactly just how much time?  Walt then is seen entering in a red van going away somewhere. Continue reading